Pit bulls are adorable too

Pit bulls are adorable too

He looks like Chad Michael Murray being told bad news on One Tree Hill.

My friend has a pitbull, she's a couple years old. 100 pounds of rippling muscle and she doesn't do much exercise, every time I go to visit she mauls me to death with kisses

Lmao wtf why is this so accurate

Looks like one of these girls that put bigger-eyes-and-perfect-skin-filters on their selfies.. adorable pup 😍

He looks like a nintendog, if nintendogs had pitbulls, I just wanna brush him till he sparkles! :D

Yeah but there are breeder lines out there that are absolute freaks of size and strength. Some look like low level bosses for Monster Hunter.

Shhhh......we'll show our age. Ahem, Chad Michael who?

He looks like Jiren

A 100lb female pit bull? Is she 100% pit?

Average weight of females is 30–50 lb according to Wikipedia

Jan Micheal Vincent

This sweet thing is actually a staffy cross pug iirc. Her owner posts lots of adorable photos and videos on the Facebook “Cool Dog Group”

Greyhounds would like a word with you. As would my Chihuahua/Bat hybrid.

there's already the dog nose and ears on that one

Just dropped down a google vortex. Went to see who he was, the sidebar listed his wives, looked to see who Sarah Roemer was, because the name sounded familiar, and just learned that Blake Lively wasn't in Disturbia. Time for bed.

some people in the world just love an excuse to add an extra chip on their shoulder. and buying a pit bull is the perfect excuse.

these people are easy to tell apart because of the "aw look at my dog, btw its a pill bull if you didn't know, isn't he just so cute! yes pit bulls are very sweet, which is what my dog is... a pit bull" mentality of their posts.

Not to disrespect owners of pit bulls that love their dog and don't need to remind the world it is in fact a pit bull ofc.

my puppy was specially bred too. He has +5 derp and +8 belly rubs.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Are... are you an alien?

This might be the cutest little alien looking face I’ve ever seen

This JANuary it’s time to Michael down your Vincents

Yeah, I knew a lady who had a cat that had been specialty-bred for size and strength. Thing looked like a small panther. Sweetest thing, but had a pretty big prey drive. Took to hunting down the groundhogs around my dad's property.

OK, can we not refer to a breed as the color and definitely not the color of their noses. It's like saying a black nose lab mixed with a yellow nose lab. It's just a chocolate lab (or whatever color the dog ended up being) but the breed is still just lab

Edit: look it up. The breed club does not recognize the color of the noses or referring to the dogs based on the color of their noses

Calling a dog a blue nose or red nose is just a backyard breeder tactic to sell their dogs. It's still just a pit, just a blue/grey or red although any color is permitted except merle according to the breed standards.

If anyone's curious

I love this comment so much. Brings back so many good memories

I see more pit bulls than any other breed so apparently you're not the only one who thinks that.

He'll defeat you only with his stare

Nope. Sorry.

My Facebook is full of that shit...40 posts of a pit licking some kid and the caption, "oooohh my pitbull is sooo dangerous! Ya right he's the sweetest! That's why they're called nurse dogs!" Blah blah blah. As someone who got 23 stitches in my face from a "sweet angel nurse dog pitbull", this mentality pisses me off to no end.

Pitbulls are the most alien looking dogs of all the dogs.

His name is my name, too

They are indeed, except when they get their ears chopped by their barbaric owners that want them to fit the stupidest standards humanity could come up with

Every alien says that but that doesn't necessarily means they aren't.

I recognised this dog immediately from CDG. Isn’t her name Blue? I can’t remember. Either way, I have more photos of this dog saved to my phone than I care to admit. She’s a gosh darn cutie.

Your dog

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of the breeds that is referred to colloquially as a pitbull. Great dogs, I used to have one.

I wish nintendogs had pitbulls. Nintendogs was racist.

But now I do want to go play Nintendogs. I wonder where my old DS is...

Most of the pitties you're seeing comments about are probably because:

There are tons of pits in the shelters. All types of people like to adopt dogs that need homes, but typically people who are more concerned with creating a family for a homeless dog than showcasing a certain breed. Those dog owners go to a breeder. It is a lot harder for pits to get adopted out because of all the stigma that has been created by the media pushing the "aggressive dog" stereotype.

The stereotype is exactly that: a stereotype. I don't think it's a "chip on the owner's shoulder" to want to fight that reputation. Pibble owners are already fighting an uphill battle to be able to live wherever they want with their loving family dogs. If they then can show an image or two to say, "stop judging this dog by it's appearance," wouldn't it make sense to use that platform to help break the stereotype?

Definitely my biased thoughts as I'm in this fight, too. But I wanted to offer some perspective on the other side of your argument.

What a fucking circlejerk

Or some people have different preferences and find them cute? Same with pugs? Chinese cresteds and xolos? I think they can be cute. Sometimes I think they aren't when it's clear they've been bred with mastiffs and other breeds to look ridiculous.

She has since passed, but we found ours when she was a puppy. The shelters here don't adopt out pit bulls, so they informed us she would be euthanized. We took her in, trained her, tried to find her a home and ended up just having to keep her. She was very cute and very sweet. I didn't think we were any cooler for it? https://imgur.com/a/cjyAQ

But the tripod she is cuddling there? I get cool point for that one lol

They think it makes them look like badass tough guys

It’s almost like people have different tastes.

Then there's the Whippets.

I got attacked by a pit mix as a kid too. I also had an aggressive beagle who bit 3 people. I currently own a staffy and she has no bite history at all even when she lived in an abusive environment. Some dogs bite and some dogs don’t. Having worked with big groups of dogs I don’t notice any real difference as far as who will bite. In fact the only dogs who did bite were a golden retriever, a stupid smart Australian Shepherdish mix, and a boerboel (huge muscular athletic mastiff dog. Bit me on the arm). Not a single pit and there were plenty of them there. Some dogs bite and some dogs don’t. There really isn’t more to read into it than that.

Have my upvote. It's indeed just a fashion term. The worst is that people fall for it too.

And backyard breeders asking twice as much for a pup with a blue coat than a brindle one is something that happens too. And the same people fall for it.

different breeds of pit bulls, both mine are over 60lbs

different breeds of pit bulls,

It is. They chop the ears and tail to make them less of target points. It's disgusting. I love the fact that my dog ends up hitting his face with his tail when he's excited and turning around. Its adorable and I always feel so bad for him.

I've never met a pitbull that wasn't overly sweet.

He says he thinks she's half rednose and half bluenose Pitt. But she feels like a half ton pickup when she comes to "greet" me

Most people probably don't understand why someone would think you are cute. Does that mean you are ugly or is it subjective maybe?

We all alin when compared to pupper

To counter: My dog Macaroni My dog Macaroni

To counter: My dog Macaroni

PLEASE don't clip the ears!

I am also in some of the same dog groups as the owner, but she has said that blueberry is a purebred kc registered Staffordshire Bull Terrier and not a pug mix multiple times in those groups.

Because they are gorgeous, extremely sweet dogs. I also adore pitties!


My boy is about 85lbs and he's half blue nose and half brindal (spI?). The rest of the litter is about two inches shorter than him and at least ten pounds lighter. Sometimes you just get a generic anomaly.

is about 85lbs and he's half blue nose and half brindal (spI?). The rest of the litter is about two inches shorter than him and at least ten pounds lighter. Sometimes you just get a generic anomaly.

What do you mean ”too” is somebody disagreeing with you

Brindle and blue nose are colors not breeds

Whenever I go out, the people always shout

It’s because they breed mastiff breeds into them

I literally just scrolled down one! After reading about a different perspective of Jiren's character.

A lot of people don't know that American Bully and American Pit Bull Terrier are different breeds. Most of the dogs people call "blue nose pits" are American Bullies. They are robust, broad-chested, muscular dogs with hearts of gold. I have a female that weighs just over 70 lbs, which isn't uncommon for her breed!

Edit: Some info on the breed difference

That’s exactly it. They breed mutts, not pit bulls. They cross breed American Pit Bull Terriers with Cane Corsos, American Bulldogs, and Mastiffs. That dog is no longer a Pit Bull - it’s a BYB mutt.

My mum has one (as well as two huskies). Such am awesome dog. I got H1N1 a decade ago when that went around. Never left my side the whole time I was sick. He would leave for food and the bathroom and the come and lay back in bed with me.

Last time I went to visit her my toddler mauled that poor old dog every chance she got. He never minded. She's pretty gentle with animals and Buddha was often her target as he's old so he doesn't get around as much as the others do. She was constantly bugging him. He never complained.

Ah so everyone just claims their’s is a Staffy to get around the law?

From my experience their short snout makes for good kisses. The blocky head is also a favorite of mine

And they're not even cute

Of course, that's your opinion. I don't really think any dog is ugly.

This JANuary, get ready to MICHAEL down your VINCENTS!

John Jacob Jinglegiemer Schmidt!

Thank you! Although I'd go even further to discourage folks from even using the term 'Pitbull' as it's a generic name given to about 5-6 totally different race/breed of dog and can be so uninformative it becomes harmful.

I thought that was for fighting.

Staffies definitely do not get up to 100 lbs. These giant bully breeds are mixed with American bulldogs and dogos

Not everywhere. The UK has a ban on Pitbulls but the Staffy is a very common breed.

Like the episode where his mother went off the cooking school in Italy and he gifted her a wad of lira which at that point hadn't been the Italian currency for years... Lol.

My brother works for a vet clinic. He said there’s this strange phenomenon now where people try to overcompensate for the stereotypes against pit bulls so now there are even more of them in the local shelters. 🙄

That isn't a pitbull - Looks like an Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pitbull puppies are very cute. One of the cutest puppy breeds, if not the cutest (between them and doodles for me).

I know I’ll be downvoted for this, but they don’t always age the cutest. As adults, they are amazingly loyal and personable goofballs but they are not always the most beautiful of dogs.

Edit: on the adult side, I’m partial to Shepherds, Akitas and Goldens, in the looks department. For “cute” adults, I’d have to go with Shih Tzus, French bulldogs and Corgis. Adult Pitbulls and Greyhounds (though great breeds) are lower in the looks-totum pole in my view.

Photoshopped? Looks like a snap chat filter

Welcome to the club! We have coffins to the right and Wherthers Original to the left.

It's called grandstanding.

Yesss! She's Blue! I came here to say that too

I ask the same about pugs. Humans have bred them to be genetically broken. And they look shit.

They’re all good boys and girls, AnonLord.

The anti-bully circle jerk is strong on reddit

These breeders won’t release DNA test results... it’s weird

Na na na na na na na

So why do I adore them as an admittedly girly female?

Yooo I can’t unsee this now

But how many Jan Micheal Vincents are too many Jan Micheal Vincents?

all dogs are beautiful

this is what taking one for the team looks like

/sub/aww has a marked history of attracting a lot of breed-specific hate from /sub/all.

Mostly alot of "that dog will eat your face/baby" or "it will turn on you in your sleep".

Or the tail.

imma upvote you, cause i think pits are the mos beautiful here is my beautiful boy Posey

It's to the point where I'm not sure if every single dog owner I know on social media has a pitbull, or pitbull owners are just the only ones who feel the need to address the fact that they own a pitbull every other day.

Only thing I remember him from was a sketch on Robot Chicken. They had him paired with Hilary Duff on a Lizzie McGuire-style remake of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Hey! I’m 19 and I get it!

my mom made me watch it with her

No, Pit Bull can be narrowed down to two breeds - three if you’re being generous.

The American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier are really the only two Pit Bull breeds which should be considered such.

History lesson beginning....

The term Pit Bull comes from well... the American Pit Bull Terrier a dog derivative of the now defunct Bull-and-Terrier breed. The American Pit Bull Terrier as a Breed came around in the mid 19th century and was recognized by the United Kennel Club. In the early 20th century the American Kennel Club refused entry to the American Pit Bull Terrier based on its dog fighting past - they liked the dogs but not the reputation they had.

So what they did was took a few American Pit Bull Terriers and registered them under a new name, and a more “show” based standard. The name they chose was the Staffordshire Terrier. This changed I believe in the mid 1960’s to the American Staffordshire Terrier as not to be mixed up with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier - that “third breed” I mentioned earlier, if one was inclined to be generous.

The UKC does not recognize the AmStaff and the AKC does not recognize the APBT. Though you can dual register your AKC AmStaff as a UKC APBT - You can not dual register any other breed as APBT like that.

This isn’t to be mixed up with the term “Bully Breed” which is what you’re describing - a grouping of breeds which share similar (stocky, muscular, blocky) appearances and characteristics.

For instance an American Staffordshire Terrier considered a Pit Bull and a Bully Breed. The Bull Terrier is a Bully Breed but not a Pit Bull. Another breed often called a Pit Bull disingenuously is the Cane Corso - that’s a Bully Breed, but once again not a Pit Bull.

We need to drop the bad habit of calling everything a Pit Bull and apply appropriately the Bully Breed tag instead.

I didn't think greyhounds were cute until I owned one. Changes everything

But every human says that too. Does that mean we're actually aliens?

She could be a staffy or an American bulldog maybe? Or mixed. Both of those breeds can get close to 100 lbs or even more than 100 lbs. Pit bull terriers are usually 30-60 lbs, sometimes a little more, but not 100 lbs.

It’s okay you’ll get another bundle of head n chest bullie doggo

This dog is so beautiful, I thought you were using a filter when I first scrolled down to it! XD 10/10

What a cutie 💖

He’s going to grow up to be a BEAST!!! So cute and stocky. Makes me miss my brindle. 😢


Pit bulls kill children. At a rate higher than any other breed.