Pines insane prediction on Ilios lighthouse

Pines insane prediction on Ilios lighthouse
Pines insane prediction on Ilios lighthouse

That roll around the corner into the headshot was absolutely disgusting. Definitely one of my favorite highlights so far.

This man was on the bench???!?

And we've still got fl0w3r ready to play in a few months. Crazy dps lineup!

During APEX, particularly on Gibraltar, they ran Pine on Widow with a mercy damage boost + zenyatta (this was before Mercy was a meta pick I think so a bit unusual).

This is Pine hitting headshots. Can you imagine Pine 1-tapping people with body shots? It was filthy.

In slo mo:

He's not eligible to play this season as his birthday is after the cutoff. He will play Contenders this year and join in OWL season 2.

Pine has an insane widow as well

I don't know how anyone is going to beat him

I think he was waiting to see if Tracer would recall

No we need more 6 man dead eyes in gold because more kills = better, obviously.

Fleta on Seoul Dynasty is able to keep up with him.

These benches are done ahead of time, i don't think they can change it once you've done it, nobody knew he was gonna pop off this much.

I love these god-tier plays! These crazy moments make the OWL league so much better, imo.

"Oh, cool a Widow montage... Aren't these videos supposed to piece all the headshots together instead of just shoving them out one after the other without even dying between them?!"

Seoul Dynasty vs New York Excelsior on FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018 7:00 PM EST

I've been skeptical about OWL, but it turns out that if you can actually get the talent pool to condense to a limited number of teams you actually get insane levels of play. It's been a ton of fun so far.

Eh, I feel like it was done on purpose.

I knew of Pine from back in TF2 where he was a monster sniper, and I was already expecting him to pop off (although maybe not quite that much) so I find it hard to believe his coach, who has seen him play a lot more, wouldn't know he's at that level.

I'd say it's more of a mind game thing. Bring him out for one showmatch, demonstrate what he's capable of, then sub him back out and win without him for the last map. Sends a very clear message, "Push us and we're going to have to unchain Pine from the don't want that do you?"

That’s exactly what it was. If you notice the second he sees tracer blink out of existence, he does an immediate 180 and throws a flash

Doesn't make sense to bring out your star players for easy matchups, it's good to give your less skilled players experience on stage and you can keep any strats you're going to run with the primary a secret for bigger threats.

Honestly don’t know how this is possible

God damn he plays Widow like shes a McCree with a scope...

I love how he paused and thought for half a second before doubling back to hide in the bush.

Really? That explains why they didn’t bring Seagull back for Dallas last night then.

Well you know what they say, April showers Spring May fl0w3rs

It's in April, cant remember the exact date but it's exactly half way through the season. Fl0w3r's birthday is in May.

There's four players who are currently ineligible due to age who will turn 18 before the cut off: Sinatraa(Shock), Super (Shock), Snillo (Fusion) and SPACE (Valiant)

Pine as McCree Full Highlights vs Boston Uprising

Holy shit what even is this. The tracer kill in the first minute here just as good as the one in the original video here.

That’s an incredibly weird system. Why have subs in the first place if you can’t sub them in at will?

It also helps that the best players of the world prior to OWL got in. There are still some insane players not in yet, such as AKM, Knoxx, Haksal, Sayaplayer, Kaiser (especially Kaiser, he is still the best Reinhardt in the world, no one in OWL even comes close to his Rein) , and more. South Korea especially still has massive amount of talent still not in, but some of their best teams got in OWL.

They just benched him again!

look up the hometowns of the players on the NY Yankees. It's the city the team represents, not where all the players are from.

Just in case the next 10 seconds ends up being POTG. Gotta look good.

That shit shattered my entire universe.

As a Boston fan, it was painful. But goddamn that man is good

My man

Yeah, source.

Again, i'm not sure if they can change once they have requested a change, but they need to do it ahead of time.

It's a trick to keep your tempo up, watch some of the top 500 guys like AimbotCalvin do it all the time

That will be a match to watch. Is one scheduled?

I think he meant the actual spray can spray. Not spraying with the gun lol.

Ah, TIL. When is the midseason recruitment cutoff date exactly?

"I don't care how good at Widow he is, I'm not going to sit here and watch over 10 minutes of Widow gameplay right now."

-Me, being wrong, 11 minutes ago.

1 play from pine in 1 day is worth 1000 highlights across months from /sub/overwatch pre-OWL.

Tick. Innocuous action to do relieve boredom, trigger pressure or habitual setting or slight mix of previous plus other things

The roll into a headshot?

I think he's talking about the end of the clip above.

Shattering his universe is less likely to have a video.

Maybe not physically taxing, but it’s definitely mentally taxing. Constantly communicating with your team, constantly keeping track of opponent cooldowns, constantly making in-the-moment decisions...constantly focusing.

Trying to play at they level they’re at must be exhausting. I know I start to turn into a vegetable after like five games.


They already played against each other during the preseason. There will be playing again on January 26. Seoul Dynasty is such a beast of a team, but NYXL now added JJonak as he’s old enough to play.

They are generated with 4 random words from a long list, so unfortunately looks like PBJT counts as 1 word

But...why not just keep him full time and let him fuck shit up all the time rather than if you start to lose?

they are just randomly generated words to create a unique link

I don't see what's wrong with heroes being more viable on some maps and weaker on others

They didn't think pine was gonna pop off on hitscan? He is one of the best widow makers in the game. That's just hard to believe. I think they just didn't want the rest of the league to scope out his positioning and what not too early in the season. They were favored to win the series so they probably wanted to keep him away for as long as possible, might have scheduled him for a game 3 appearance as a precautionary measure.

Pine is the human aimbots get their inspiration from.

How do you think someone could cheat in a LAN with hundreds of thousands watching, with Blizzard staff literally standing right behind you watching your screen, where they thoroughly check all your hardware beforehand?

They could definitely get away with cheating in an online tournament, but in a LAN?


This > the usual highlights on the front page of this sub

He randomly sprays so much.

We need the slowmo

McCree, Widow, they're all the same to him.

Please tell me, that that URL is RNG based

Yeah I'm not huge on this system. It explains why they didn't play Seagul and other players at the time but it's a strange rule to have.

Subs should be able to be made after each map. I think it would keep the lineups and game fresher. If someone isn't doing so well one day you should be able to sub them out after their match.

Hearing that headshot ping is so so satisfying

Such power must be what those animes refer to when they say they're going to use "THAT"

TY! Will be watching. I almost bought a Seoul Widow skin after watching Fleta yesterday. Then tonight was considering a Excelsior Mcree. I'm a trendy fanboy I guess.

Ride or die for Haksal. I'd even support Boston if they got him next season. But hoping RA just stick together and get another Seoul spot or Busan or something!

It's not really an ace in the hole if you can't bring him out reactively.

This makes me wet

How many players on Pittsburgh Steelers are from Pittsburgh, or PA for that matter?

A pro player is always going to have better highlights than your average redditor to be fair

This is the kind of shit I would consider aimbot. When you reach skills equal to a fucking aimbot, you know you're pretty good at the game.

I mean these are the best players in the world man. Also, the tracer clearly blinked away as you can see. He probably heard her blink, remembered the approximate location she was (behind him about 2 seconds prior) heard her recall and basically pre threw a stun grenade to the last location she was.

Then he saw tracer blink away, and knew there was a health back in the next room over. He rolled and aimed towards the health pack and fired.

Some of it may have been luck, but almost all of it was skill and situational awareness. Not cheating