Pine is a legend...

Pine is a legend...

Holy fucking Pine. What do you even do against a pro team who has a player like Pine?

He played 4D chess against the Tracer

Best McCree I've ever seen. Absolutely amazing.

I think sub choices are locked in beforehand

That was dope tho for real.

By being Seoul Dynasty and not only having Fleta on your team but god tier supports and tanks. Watch the preseason NYXL vs Seoul Dynasty. Sometimes Pine can shut down Fleta, such as Junkertown, Where Pine styled on Fleta, but other times, like on Illios, Fleta completely shut down Pine. Every time Pine popped his head up for a split second Fleta took it out.

They are unfortunately.

Massively stupid decision by Blizzard, because subs should be based on strategical decisions RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW when the match is going on. Sure, I can understand that you need to wait for next map to make a substitution, and that once a sub has been made, one will need to play out that map.

But as it is right now, Blizzard are depriving the teams of better choices. Teams should be able to look at a match as it unfolds, and then decide to make the change when they need to, not a week or a month before or however long it is...


So there's been some misunderstandings going on here and there it seems, because the information I got was that these substitutions had to be decided upon long in advance, but: IDDQD to the rescue:

Seems starting lineup needs to be given to Blizzard at least an hour ahead of match, but subs can happen during match, apparently.

Which, I have to say, is very interesting, considering the decisions of some teams so far...

Edit 2:

Custa of Dallas Fuel explains in more detail:

Annnnnd pine get subbed out for 4th map

Unfortunately, you cannot compare the two in this context. Pine's performance was in a pro match. Calvin has not played on the same level yet. Until he does, all we can do is consider Calvin's immense potential. If he joins OWL Season 2, and pops off the same way, then sure. Then we can say these things. But not until then.

He just carried the whole map!

no-one was sleeping on pine, everyone who watched apex or even pre-season knows how good he is.

He has an insane widow as well

Problem woth 3-4 people diving McCree is he might die, but so will your backline, because SBB was playing stellar as well. That, combined with Mercy rez, makes it pretty tricky.

Pine as McCree Full Highlights vs Boston Uprising

The 6 bullets meant to kill 6 people all along i guess. Crazily good :)

Made me chuckle, that Tracer kill on Ilios was just amazing.


pine > flow3r on widow and mccree. that's literally the whole reason they brought pine onto lw blue back in the day. flow3r is an amazing hitscan player and arguably the best dps/player in general in the world but his true talent lies in his flexibility over anything else. pine, on the other hand, is a bit more specialized and it shows.

Dude is nuts