Philadelphia prosecutor says no to contract renewal with ICE

Philadelphia prosecutor says no to contract renewal with ICE

Krasner is like the fucking Harvey Dent of Philadelphia. He is a damn hero.

Let Trump try to defund Philly.

People of Philly are already fed up of this bozo for how he handled the Eagles celebration, they won't be happier if he moves to defund their city. I would imagine most of America would rather back Philly than this clown.

That’s my guy... JK is about his shit when it comes to this so he better back the end of ICE.

Trump can't defund shit. The courts already ruled on this matter.

Not the best example

I live in the Philly suburbs the amount of trump love at here is pretty gross but I was in Philly the other day driving past the ice protest and they were getting nothing but love down there

His supporters are far fewer in numbers than you would think, they're just outspoken. Especially in Delco

Foggy Nelson from Daredevil eventually becomes a district attorney

Help me out here - Struggling to think of another pop culture reference for eponymous heroic DA characters that beats Harvey Dent before the Joker corrupted him in The Dark Knight. In the future I'll just compare them all to Larry Krasner himself.

Yeah I'm in Delco and the 2017 election was an extremely pleasant surprise with adding to democratic seats . Also with the new map Delco will be blue no matter what as we are now part of the Philly District the entire State I think we'll be going blue in 18 just because of the gerrymandering redistricting the fact that fetterman will be the lieutenant governor is extremely exciting

Oh my fucking god, Lauren.

Yes indeed we do

South Philly gal who votes in your district - we got you fam

2 days

Ya philly! I'm very proud.

That can refuse to award small grants. Nothing a major city would be concerned with.