Philadelphia Fusion vs. Houston Outlaws / OWL 2018 Stage 1 - Week 1 / Post-Match Discussion

Philadelphia Fusion vs. Houston Outlaws / OWL 2018 Stage 1 - Week 1 / Post-Match DiscussionOWL 2018 STAGE 1

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Philadelphia Fusion 3-2 Houston Outlaws

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This series was cast by Uber and Mr. X.

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ROSTERS Fusion vs Outlaws Carpe Clockwork Eqo LiNkzr ShaDowBurn JAKE HOTBA Mendokusaii Poko coolmatt Fragi SPREE Boombox Muma Dayfly Boink Joemeister Bani neptuNo Rawkus MAP 1/4: Dorado

Winner: Philadelphia Fusion

Fusion Escort Outlaws 3 Checkpoints 2 0m Distance 78.92m 29s Time left 0s MAP 2/4: Horizon Lunar Colony

Winner: Houston Outlaws

Fusion Assault Outlaws 1 Checkpoints 1 92.3% Progress 92.3% 0s Time left 308s MAP 3/4: Oasis

Winner: Philadelphia Fusion

Fusion Control Outlaws 100% Round 1 0% 100% Round 2 0% MAP 4/4: Eichenwalde

Winner: Houston Outlaws

Fusion Hybrid Outlaws 3 Checkpoints 3 0% Progress 33.3% 0s Time left 50s TIEBREAKER: Lijiang Tower

Winner: Philadelphia Fusion

Fusion Control Outlaws 100% Round 1 0% 100% Round 2 81%

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That tiebreaker was absolutely brutal. Houston getting their ass handed to them by a battle Mercy...


Jake Carpe is the best DPS

- Fleta probably

Screw Dynasty vs Fuel. This match was amazing. Best match of the season so far.


GoingNova boys.

i fucking love philly dude

Houston looks like they need to work on their King of the Hill strategies. Very close match in the end!





Everyone doubted Philedelphia Fusion on the panel and I can't imagine why. Carpe and Shadowburn are world class DPS couple of the best in the world and along with their tanks just showed the best overwatch I've seen. Just because they hadn't played the pre-season doesn't mean they're not ready to compete. I had a lot of fun being right about Philly today.

tbf valking mercy can be absolutely brutal with the infinite ammo and basically free 3D motion. still great to see haha

Fusion are probably the suprising good team! They had so many good plays and the Pharah man was so good!

I feel like Jake is overrated he shot an deflecting Genji( I was wrong on this) and died and couldn't keep up with Fusions Pharah

Houston need practice Control. There's something wrong there for them.

If a teammate dies to a battle mercy you know they lost

In Poko We Trust. Before we know it Joel Embiid and Carpe will be slamming girls in Philly together

This is gonna sorta racist, but I really fucking loved the idea of Philly's team immediately because they are not 12 Koreans. I mean, we're all humans, but it's never a surprise to see a team full of Koreans on top. I'm calling New York's win in the next round right now. But Philly has such an amazing team. Super diverse. Part of why I like Overwatch as a whole! The diversity. I love seeing all the different nationalities represented. This team, being so Diverse, to me, Is like... The Face of Overwatch, and I'm probably done, they are my team. Also, despite a slight communication problem between the teammates, they fucking won their first matches. Poko has a button on his desk, and it's bigger than yours.

me too. watching the OWL team win refreshes my confidence and maybe our football team won’t choke saturday

Jake was keeping them in fights trading kills back constantly for Houston on multiple of the maps. One misplay doesn’t mean a player is bad or overrated, it means they misplayed.

Yeah. They were great on the assault/payload maps sans Dorado, but I cringed so hard when they played control points. I hope that improves over the season, but on a side note, Shadowburn and Carpe are wicked, holy shit.

His Junkrat was great but on Pharah he got completely owned by Shadowburn

Everyone doubted Philedelphia Fusion on the panel and I can't imagine why.

Largely because philly didn't play in the preseason (and was one of the teams that started practicing the latest), while houston was already scary good during preseason.

They didn't really have any indication to think that philly would already have that great teamwork, especially with houston having had a seemingly huge headstart

Jake doesn't have the best luck with Pharah on Oasis.

Shadowburn and Poko dominated that match

Houston was not on top of Fusion's tanks at all during round 5. They were just able to survive way too much.

Shadowburn is too much, seriously. That man is a god.

Coolmatt's D.Va play on Eichenwalde might just be the best D.Va play I've ever seen.

Very close match! Sorry to see my boys in green lose, but the road is not yet ended!

Carpe is the size of Embiid's leg, so that will be a sight to behold.

Should have been named Philadelphia Flood because they drowned Houston on the final map.

His Junkrat is by far the best in the league, it can single handily shut down entire teams on chokepoints and especially on 2cp. Jake shut down not only Fusion but Seoul Dynasty as well. He understands that character so well, his trap predictions against Carpe’a Tracer was almost unbelievable.

His Soldier is very good but i don’t think it’s the best in the League, not while Birdring, Rascal, Hooreg, HarryHook, and Fleta are in it. And there is Tracer and Pharah, and there is a lot of players in OWL that completely outshine him on those heroes.

In Wentz Foles Shadowburn we trust.

Fucking amazing match

Holy shit my head is still spinning

Maybe not run junkrat every map on lijiang night market. Even PVP, one of the best junkrat players out there, doesn't go junkrat on night market. (He does on control center, but houston lost that one too)

i also think that everyone was buying into the Jake hype a bit too much. He has flexibility in his dps hero pool and is a great quality dps, but he isn't on the same level as some of the other names out there.

I know right?! Yesterday's Valiant/Gladiator Mercys also got kills, even Gladiators Mercy got a kill on a Mccree up close and she didn't ult

Hmmm Houston... every control map you subbed and every control map you lost. Do you see the connection?

Shadowburn’s rockets outplayed jake’s rockets. That was fun to watch. Those mid air hits.

Edit: also shawdowburn genji maaaan I would have hated to go against that.

Also not subbing Bani for Boink or Linkzr for Clockwork. Neither performed well at all, Clockwork had 0 impact on Tracer.

I get this, and I agree. Houston I think is all Western players (correct me if I'm wrong), but that also is a lack of diversity.

you said it like Carpe poked his nose whole match. :D

Was pretty surprising considering they specifically displayed a info box saying Jake and Linkzr were the #1 and #2 Pharahs in the preseason and yet Shadowburn dunked on Jake in the opening Pharah dogfights during Oasis Gardens.

I feel it could have been attributed to either Neptuno babysitting SDB more than Jake's Mercy babysat him or Jake dividing his attention too much between SDB and the ground.

"I saw one match with this player and deduce that he is a Junkrat one trick."

People's short-sightedness trigger me sometimes.

Yeah, but at least they’re living up to their brand. London Spitfire is supposed to be an EU team but they have all Koreans

Jake is definitely not a junkrat one-trick. His hero pool is crazy deep.

I am going to love watching Carpe and Shadowburn tear shit up together. Such a good duo.

That was a fantastic game! Shadowburn and Jake are both really fun players to watch.

Dying to an ulting mercy embarrassing? free flight movement and unlimited ammo+self heal.

u/IPv666 what makes it embarrassing in your opinion?

Color me impressed, Philly. Damn.

It was also pointed out many times that Houston’s KOTH play was sloppy, add that to Shadowburn having a monster of a series and Houston were bound to lose. I’m an Outlaws fan, I think they have some of the best dps in the game, but they gotta shape up that KOTH play if they wanna get these series wins.

It was tied 2-2 so they went to a Control Map (Lijiang) for the tie-breaker.

Woo, go Philly!

Maybe not but I think jake got outplayed overall. I don’t have the stats rn obviously but watching it it sure seems like his DPS wasn’t on par with philly’s. Full disclosure: I wanted Houston to win.

Man I’m so excited! I’ve been rooting for Philly since the preseason and it’s nice to see their debut game go so well! Definitely the best match of the season so far