Phil Murphy has been elected as New Jersey's 56th governor

Phil Murphy has been elected as New Jersey's 56th governor

Fuck Chris Christie

I almost didn't bother voting, but then my brother-in-law posted to Facebook about how proud he was to vote for Guadagno so he didn't have sanctuary city blood on his hands and it was like.... fuck, I have to at least go cancel out his vote.

Better be seeing weed legalized within the first 100 days then.

EDIT: also u/Mike_BrownDeservedIt, how you like that you racist piece of shit.

Now we hold him to the highest standards we can, as someone who voted for him, I will be watching him closely and suggest you do the same.

Oh, he's banned.

So when can I get high legally. What's the timetable here

Spiteful citizenship is the best kind of citizenship

I think Christie hurt Guadango's campaign/s

Not looking forward to higher property taxes to be frank... hopefully marijuana legalization and taxation will offset the need to increase our property tax rate...

Edit: I did not vote for him, but I sincerely hope he’s the best governor our great state has ever had.

This is how it should be imo. We should all always be critical of those we vote into office, in all positions. It's scary when people start idolizing elected officials and subscribe to echo chamber subreddits where they worship those people without any criticism whatsoever.

"Politicians are a lot like diapers, they should be changed frequently and for the same reasons"

I mean for the record I voted for Christie years ago, now I just as soon wouldn't vote him governor of a porta potty. As Robin Williams said

Dilly Dilly!!

Lol Holy shit that was fast. Fuck off Kim, and fuck off Chris Christie you petty bridge closing criminal piece of shit.

I think the pope is catholic

Thank you for your service & sacrifice.


You da MVP

Time to deliver on Marijuana legalization. People talk about the tax money but what I really want to see is the relief on our legal system. We waste so many resources on a failed drug war. No more cops busting people for under 50 grams, no more wasted court time enforcing restrictions on a plant, etc.

Hey I just want to say that I like your attitude, and if more people were like you I think things would be better in the world of politics

fuck, I have to at least go cancel out his vote.

You the real MVP.

WTF, that's way too long, I'm sparking this blunt up now

I wish more people were like you

crazy from the exit polls,

Republican Lt. Gov. Guadagno gets 14% of Latino vote -- Christie got 51% of Latino vote in 2013.

They've actually largely kept up with costs of living abd inflation. Problem is, wages havent.

Wow, he actively browses /sub/ice_poseidon . It's not possible to do that and not be a fucking idiot.

That was me with my uncle, I was content staying at home since I had classes most of the day but then this man just had to go and post about how he’s so “excited to #MAGA at the polls!”. Went straight to vote after that.

Wait what? How do we know already

a subreddit about an autistic streamer with an even more autistic fan base

Northam won VA. Tonight is a good night for democrats.

For an actual answer: Exit polling showed such huge leads (combined with the expected results of this election from pre-election polling) that they felt comfortable calling it.

Most results are not in across the state and will not be for hours.

Every major affiliate has called it. He basically wiped the floor with her. She got her ass handed

I'm sure that was entirely due to her race baiting, anti immigrant attack ads

I could care less about Democrats winning. I just want a proper governor, I don't play party affiliations.

So like does this mean I can spark up a blunt right now

Yep. My dad voted at 9PM out of spite for Christie.

Who knew putting out ads calling Hispanic imigrants rapists could hurt your chances in a state with a large Hispanic and immigrant population?

Dilly Dilly!

You should have gone to the polls regardless! For every loud vote you disagree with, there are countless quiet ones!

Here's a video of him arguing and being belligerent with a journalist, with his wife looking like a Hallowe'en witch in the bottom right corner.

What a sanctimonious piece of shit.

Not a marijuana destination? That's like the only economic silver lining until NY legalizes it.

Jesus Christ, gift horses and mouths and all.

I watched those attack ads on both sides and they were all terrible as usual. But Guadagno had the worst one with the anti-Murphy ad suggesting his support of sanctuary sites or immigration-friendly policies was the same as condoning the heinous actions of a handful of illegal immigrants. I hate that fear mongering, leap of logic bullshit.

She also had the best slogan ("Kim Guadagno....she's better.") It led to weeks of stupid jokes between my wife and me. Shit cracked me up. Wtf...what a mediocre bar.

"Kim Guadagno, she's a solid 5!" "Kim Guadagno, her kids will probably vote for her. "

As much as I'd like to be happy, I still have this nagging feeling that anyone that wants to be Governor of NJ is woefully inept at performing the duties required of a Governor.

Thanks to whoever reported the post. We don't always see every comment on every post so we need to see user reports.

And people, don't report something just because you disagree with it.

That user name, Jesus Christ...

Have property taxes ever gone down?

He already suffers a fate worse than death

He posts regularly about Ice Poseidon

Not anymore


Because it only takes about a minute to count all the votes there.

Lets celebrate with a joint

As a gun owner here in NJ, I'm so glad Murphy won. Guns aren't the be-all end-all of my political identity.

I think colorado and oregon had it legal within months but actual vendors took a bit longer to set up.

Don't waste the brain cells bothering to learn about him.

Kim had no chance. Murphy is going to be heavily scrutinized though in his first term with so many dealing with the pains of high taxes. And I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see legalized marijuana. I met with my dem assembly persons a few months ago and they said there is a lot of mounting pressure from the public that they don't want NJ to become a marijuana destination. e. Apparently marijuana related auto fatalities have been up sharply in Colorado too. I'm all for it, but the culture needs to grow the fuck up and people need to show that they can be responsible, especially with driving.

edit2: since im getting some very inappropriate PMs here is the article that was buried. It claims that there is no black and white correlation but there was an uptick in THC detection after the accidents

The 2013-16 period saw a 40 percent increase in the number of all drivers involved in fatal crashes in Colorado, from 627 to 880, according to the NHTSA data. Those who tested positive for alcohol in fatal crashes from 2013 to 2015 — figures for 2016 were not available — grew 17 percent, from 129 to 151. By contrast, the number of drivers who tested positive for marijuana use jumped 145 percent — from 47 in 2013 to 115 in 2016. During that time, the prevalence of testing drivers for marijuana use did not change appreciably, federal fatal-crash data show.

In 2016, of the 115 drivers in fatal wrecks who tested positive for marijuana use, 71 were found to have Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, in their blood, indicating use within hours, according to state data. Of those, 63 percent were over 5 nanograms per milliliter, the state’s limit for driving.

nah... he's a paranoid dude with enough guns to arm an entire militia.

I don't talk politics with him. lol

I'll give him some credit, he's totally fine about the gay thing, but good god I can't imagine what his reaction would be if his brother hadn't married a gay white Christian.

A sub dedicated to a guy who live streams a few hours of his everyday life. It's pretty much interactive reality tv trash.

This is critical.

I mean, you still can. But it's not legal yet

Thanks for getting rid of the swill.

We live in a two party system and the Republicans no longer have competent people. By saying you want a competent politian you're saying you want a Democrat because you don't have a choice. I want a system that allows more then two choices.

its exactly that. it's the what's upppppppp commerical all over again. i feel sorry you don't like it cuz you may be hearing it more and more. i am

In CO, the police departments were instructed not to pursue weed related crimes like the day after, if I’m not mistaken. But it’s been a while, and be smoked a lot since then!

Property taxes are administered at a municipal level. And all these municipalities refuse consolidation and refuse to limit their shared services.

$15 an hour minimum wage is gonna be great

loses job

That's a national phenomenon (read: problem) which sucks worse. You cannot stimulate the economy if everyone is afraid to buy.

Who's calling it? I didnt see anyone reporting as of 8:05

Wait, what is that sub about?

NYT only shows sussex county for some reason lol idk why

These jokes were funny the first 39 times. Now they're just tedious.

These jokes were funny the first 39 times. Now they're just tedious.

Bingo. NJ has 678 school districts, all with their own boards and superintendents. In contrast, MD has 15 school districts.

More thing in NJ need to be done at the county level instead of town.

From what I've gathered from being on reddit -- Ice Poseidon is the name of a guy that plays videogames on the streaming website twitch or steam. Kids and I guess some adults watch him play videogames. he is really, really popular

He started streaming his life, eating lunch, walking around places that people like to walk around at, etc. Just living his life, making massive amounts of money by literally just being himself.

So yeah, he films his life and people (kids I think) watch it.

edit: I think I've seen it described as "if 4chan watched 4chan stream, it would be Ice Poseidon and his fanbase"

is afraid unable to buy

Murphy says yes

That dude has /sub/incels written all over him.

lmao I wish you were making this up

As a Californian I couldn't be prouder.

Is this a thing now? Is it a reference to something? I dont get it. I've only seen it in that terrible Bud Light comercial.

I think cats meow

Wtf is ice Poseidon. I don’t get it.

His history is absolutely terrible.

Oh, come on.

Man, it'll be quite the sight when we see all those New Yorkers taking the PATH to Hoboken to purchase high-quality weed. Five years ago, if you would have told me that NJ would legalize before NY, I would have thought you were crazy. Can't wait for my first trip to my local dispensary.

Man I've seen that sub all over and I never recognize shit or get the joke. I get inside humor but seriously none of that shit seems funny when people explain it to me.

No! He promised me! What kind of politician just makes an empty promise like that! /s

He is another wall street scumbag, but since he said the right thing about weed, everyone is excited.

Just another guy owned by the corporations, pretending to be the change the nation needs, politics as usual.

I voted for Guadagno, but I wish Mr. Murphy luck as our Governor. I hope he will be better than the trainwreck that was Christie, who really disgraced the state and ruined Guadagno's chances.

Oh the old they're all the same shit. That thing assholes said before voting for trump

Was scared it'd be another Trump situation where voters get cocky and let the Republicans snatch it away. We did good

Check the username, friend.

Massachusetts legalized a year or two ago and the legislation is still stalling on dispensaries. You can legally have, smoke, grow for personal use- but technically you need to acquire it by magical means.

In the end MA is going to end up losing out if Vermont, Maine or Rhode Island fast tracks it. Connecticut cashed in big time with casinos and more than ten years later we're just seeing the first groundbreakings.

Nobody knew!

Have and consume cannabis? Probably the first 100 days of the new administration. Purchase cannabis legally? A year after that would be the earliest reasonable hope, but probably more like two after the bill is signed.

You're right! I felt bad for not going to the polls, just needed that extra push. Although from now on, every election gets my attention; even the local ones will get a vote from me.

This is the best perspective. I'm proud of you.

Hasn't done that since 1987

Fair enough. Also, fuck Chris Christie.

Honest question: why are you voting for Republicans if you care about your union?

Changing your mind just shows you're using it. Good on you for thinking critically.

April 20, 2018!!! Make it happen, Murphy!

CNN just called it

is the NYT page behind or something? I'm seeing Guadagno ahead as of 8:10

That's pretty fucking rude. I didn't vote for her but she's had a long standing career in NJ and the only tarnish on her record is unfortunately working for Christie

OK, so NYT is just showing completed official counts vs. post-poll projections going to Murphy.

I dig it.