Pew, pew

Pew, pew

Can't people just play what games they like on the platform most convenient to what they desire?

No fuck fun

Look at you, only 5 years too late for the bandwagon.

Fps my dude

I play pc but this is just cancer



Pick one.

It’s a 1-sided war actually. I only see pc users attack console users.

I don't get the point of this war

60 FPS? Is it year 1993? 144 FPS is what its about now.


Can get Pretty much annoying and that’s coming from a pc gamer.

I agree, and this is coming from a PC gamer.

The comment section is a train wreck, don't bother scrolling down there.

I only see the other way around, matter of perspective maybe? To me I think PC is better than console on almost every occasion but any pc gamer who acts like an ass because of it is no true pc gamer in my mind.

this is the correct answer.

it's because Nintendo doesn't try to be the best, or the fastest. they're just fun.

If you have the money you don’t have to pick one :’)

That's a bizarre logic. Being a PC gamer means you game on PC, it's unrelated to your personality.

Weeeelll you can get somewhat stable 60fps with a 1080ti

I see a lot of everyone attacking everyone else. Except Nintendo people. I haven't seen them attack anyone.

Oh cool someone is desperate for attention and wants to brag about a VIDEO GAME system his mom bought for him.

I have a 1080ti, and pick both ;)

That... doesn't work. If you want GTX, the top card would be 1080ti, if you want Titan, that's Titan V, doesn't support SLI, isn't GTX but a single card beats a single 1080ti.

Basically, if you want two, you use 1080tis.

I am a Pc gamer. Just bought a Ps4 aswell. Play whatever the fuck you like.

Humblebundle has console and mobile bundles though. Just not as common as PC bundles.

Probably viewership bias. If you only come here, you only see one view. Go onto youtube and search 'why "X" is better than PC'. There are plenty of things to pull from. Go to any of the non pc subs, and mention that you liked it on PC, and watch the downvotes and "PC Elitist" comments fly in.

/sub/gamingcirclejerk is over there, mate ( 一_一)☞

Well I don't know much about Compton but if we assume that a lot people from Compton are criminals, you still can't say that someone from Compton who is not a criminal "is not from Compton".

I like how due to crypto mining the $3000 meme is just slightly more accurate but still completely and utterly wrong. Yet still, now is more correct to say it than ever before.

But how am I supposed to show these noobz my superiority when they’re playing with joysticks?

I love/hate all of my platforms for different reasons. The Switch for still being in 1996 when it comes to an acceptable online infrastructure. But the games on it are great. PS4 for having to pay $50 a year, i never really cared for incredibly high resolutions or framerates so 1080p/30fps is just fine for me. It has alot of killer exclusives aswell. My PC for having all my games in one place on one platform without having to buy "remasters", but its such a ducking hassle to fix some tiny issue sometimes. I just want to play, not go through 15 pages and 1 hour of troubleshooting and problem solving in the game files because something decided to not work.

This hatred against other platforms is idiotic. Why would you care what platforms other people enjoy spending their time on, you know. Or do they just get off from telling people they spent more money on their hobby. I will never know.

I find it annoying when my friend bashes on consoles, like of course your pc is more powerful, you've spent over £1500 on it. I moved to pc a few months ago, and I prefer it, but my PS4 had plenty of good things about it too.