Petition to give Ana a pillow spray, allowing her to spray it under the head of victims whenever they're slept

Petition to give Ana a pillow spray, allowing her to spray it under the head of victims whenever they're slept

It might be a pretty stupid bm if you pull off a really lucky sleep dart, but it would be hilarious in some situations. Please, Blizzard.

Alright, seeing how there are some mixed reviews, let me clarify: Humor. This is a joke meant to make people laugh. While I would be really happy if this was added into the game, I don't expect it to be.

Candy, relaxation, and now pillows? Soon, Overwatch will just be a grandma's house simulator!

She needs an emote where she has a plate of freshly-baked cookies for maximum grandma effect.

And a voice line saying "last time I saw you you were so big"

Ask and you shall receive.
Can always use the ZZZ spray till we get a pillow

"You're so skinny, have you eaten today?"

Most of the time I just use the "Need someone to tuck you in?" Voice line

"It sure would be nice to have some grandchildren running around the house... I'm not getting any younger, you know."

This should be banter she has with Pharah lol

I also use that voice line when people spam "I need Healing!"

Widowmaker has no shame

If someone could get a screenshot of this spray next to a sleep darted enemy, that would be dope.

Fuck you guys I miss my grandma

Then junkrat shouts "fire in the hole!"

That Tracer in the killfeed does though.

In our hearts

Most in-game grandmas tend to miss you, I bet. You 2 twitchy.

Ana: Child, when are you going to give me some grandchildren? What about that nice boy in skates? He seems nice?

Pharah: Mom. I'm gay.

There actually is a voice interaction that sometimes plays when you sleep dart an ulting Pharah:

"Justice rains from abo-auugh"

"I think 'Justice' could use a little nap"

Something almost as good?

Don't forget the fiver she'll put in your pocket whispering not to tell mom and dad.

mada mada

People like to spam that while hiding around corners...

They make a cream for that.

I dont get it, where is the petition?

Ana: Dear, we live in the year 2076. You should be able to figure out a way around that. Why don't you ask Tracer if she can help you?

Tracer wriggles her brow at Pharah from across the room

I can only imagine the godly feeling that comes from hitting a sleep dart on console. It must be divine

Junkrat does, at least.

It's only when it gets really irritating. Like when they're standing right in front of me and spam it.

"Yes, I can see you"

First thing I thought was you were implying my grandma was my dealer.

That'd be dope

The interactions between heroes are some of my favourite things about Overwatch.

If they make a spray like this it will be even harder not to break controllers

"Have you been eating, honey? Here, snuggle up in this blanket while I cook up a five course meal."

Or that Mc Cree in a recent game, who seemed to really want armour, but somehow he always managed to dodge it.

The cute sprays especially.

"Aww, look at my cute Lucio spray!"

(Noose spray)

"Wha, that's no-"

(Pillow spray)

"Well, fine, I'll just play basketball the-"

(Reinhardt smashes the ball out of the way and uses his laughing emote)

Now I wanna see an Ana potg where she sprays that on the ground, then hits a pharah in the air with the sleep dart causing her daughter to fall to the ground perfectly for the spray.

As an Ana main on PS4, I can tell you it's a very satisfying thing to do. Especially when you hit that cocky flanker that took you for a "easy kill". LOOKS LIKE THE TABLES HAVE TURNED MOTHERFUCKERS

On console too, ouch.


Alternatively, she also says "bedtime habibiti"

I mean, yeah, I love this spray. But we need more grandma bm sprays.

Having played many hours as Torb, I can relate.

That Ana's scope placement confused me for a second.

(ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

dont know what would be more infuriating a mei saying hello right before you get an icicle to the face or this

The world could always use more grandmas

This is a funny one.

Honestly it's not anything special. Maybe because I typically play projectile but I find sleep darts easy to hit.

Ni hao!

Did you mean

See, this is my problem with sprays right now. We can bind 4 different sprays now but only one gets to be in the world at a time, this means that we wouldn't be able to combo a pillow spray plus her own Zzz... spray together since the other would vanish, that is unless you're playing No Limits with another Ana.

Or on top of other peoples sprays as if you wanted to suffocate them....

Didn't realize this was the grandparent olympics

Symmetra spray warning "Carwash Ahead". Junkrat spray saying "You're MINE" with a spot you can place a trap. Sombra's spray saying "This pack is hacked" or something to place around a hacked health pack. Torbjorn spray saying "Please don't touch" to place around turret.


You could say our mobile app isn't good enough.

Once I started cooking for myself I never understood how my grandma did the whole 1 main dish with like 5 sides thing every night, until I went back home to visit and realized 90% of the time its all instant mashed potatoes, microwave mac and cheese and canned vegetables lmao. Still delicious though, love you grandma

I wish. I'd love to get blazed with grandma and talk about the 40's.

[schadenfreude intensifies]

Really shouldn't use heroes like that.

That's literally so small I don't think it's even possible to read it on my phone rn!

All she need are these

I don't have work tomorrow... I'll see what I can do. I do have a clip sleeping Pharah out of the air on Lijiang and seeing her plummet to her death.

Some jumping sheep would be good too

I've noticed this trend a lot with this Subreddit

There's always a "petition" for something to happen. But no actual petition.

Personally, it sounds rather needy, but I get the meaning behind it anyway.

At this point, I just believe people replaced the world "Recommend" or the phrase "It would be fun/could if..." with petition since it just immediately convey's the message

"Hit me with some armor"


There's always a "petition" for something to happen. But no actual petition

A petition doesn't have to be a formal list that people are signing their names to, it can also just mean a request to some form of authority. So in this case the person is saying that they are petitioning Blizzard to do this, even if there isn't a formal petition to sign.

They could change the wording, but I think it's ok and certainly a lot better than an actual petition. Online petitions are meaningless and it expects a lot from people to actually go to the effort of signing them if it was for something as silly as this.

Technically they could just adopt but in that context she was probably asking for a biological one.

Can't single people adopt either way?

In a fan fiction a while back I saw something about bone-marrow babies. It was Pharmercy.

If you look at the remaining game time in the screenshot, that was my first game. So 5 minutes maybe? That was my first picturesque one.

Edit: According to XboxDVR it was captured at 23:52:18 GMT, which was 12 minutes ago. :)

Agreed. After they unduly nerfed the crouch speed BM needs a buff.

I blazed with my grandma and talked about the 60's and how she nailed Duane amd Gregg Allman. Shit you don't want to talk about with your grandma.

[German] [Funny]

Pick one.

"Sleeping a rein isn't that hard, and he wok- .....oh.

BM needs a buff

/sub/overwatch always tackling the real issues

Another quality petition

There is "z"s coming from the sleeping heroes anyways.

Reply to it and hit "quote parent" to see what it says

FYI: Ana can't headshot, her gun does 60 damage regardless of where you hit.

As for what to do, it's all situational. But you should only really wake someone if you're capable of killing them or driving them out of the fight. Otherwise, let them get their beauty sleep. They're gonna need it when they wake up to a 1v6.

Edit: Ana does 80 per shot still, my mistake.

Symmetra has autism.

That'd be dope

I see what you did there.

only supports can see who's who through walls! if you do a "hello" it's pretty clear who and where you are for everyone else though

When young Captain Amari says it, however...she winks.

I was more talking about temporarily gaining the required parts.

It's 60 on PTR. 80 live

basically you just upvote it to "sign"

clearly not fool proof but it works.

Will a highlight do? Ana PotGs are near impossible. :(

Update: can sleep Pharahs but landing them on a spray is near impossible in a team fight.

Say Bacon

"You've gotten so big since I last saw you!"

Grandmas are people too. They were once young and horny, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

So the question is, did you have this screenshot sitting in your folders and waited for a convenient time to release it to the Internet, or did you spend the past hour trying to do exactly this?

Implying it isn't already

Strategically placed scope.

If its a squishy, shoot, nade, melee, shoot. You should be able to kill them before they can respond, if its a tank just leave them for your teammates

OMG. Dude seriously my grandma always has these, but I never see them anywhere else. It's crazy. Where do they get them?

"For you."

She said it was inside me all along and freaked out when I opened my self up to check...

No dignity!

Homemade stuff, but aint no one got time for that every night

My grandfather met my step-grandma when Gregg Allman was smoking weed at my gramps house. Granny was with the band apparently. Small word.


That's because you're using mobile app. Use desktop, the clearly superior option.

And I'll start another petition where if you set up a sleep darted enemy with the pillow under the enemies head and with the "tuck you in" voice line, that it guarantees it'll show up as the potg every single time. At least for the duration of April Fools Day in Arcade anyway.

Omg, Now I want a spray with the Z's coming out of a pillow.