Petition to ban WingsOfRedemption from this subreddit

Petition to ban WingsOfRedemption from this subreddit

He wants to be banned why give him that LUL

Why would that be a bad thing? He's happy, we're happy, everyone wins, no?

Petition to ban OP from starting threads in this sub?

I like seeing clips of him raging, gives me joy.

Nah, he wants to be banned. I wanna make fun of him.

You couldnt have missed the point of the clip any harder OP. Also the clip you linked isnt the one of him asking people to post him on LiveStreamFail so he gets banned.

But if we ban ChickenWings clips then I can't see him spike his controller and rage anymore.

The numbers don't even match up on his poll - the majority in here are against it but he seeded a couple hundred yes's. Ban OP.



he gains nothing from being banned but gains viewers from the sub when he is not. I dont mind either way if he is banned but clearly by the amount of times he is posted there must be people here that enjoy his content enough to watch his stream to clip it

You're playing into his hands by banning him.

What’s up with this sub and banning posts? Who cares if some is baiting to be clipped or just an asshole? This sub is about livestream fails and I’d like to see when Wings does something crazy or when Hampton Brandon get hits by a car.

Stop with this sanctimonious “holier than thou” bull shit. This is a subreddit about people accidentally showing cocks on stream. Let the upvote system gauge what is worthy of being posted and making it to the top.

Wings isn’t exactly making bank from being teased on this sub reddit.

I dont want to ban him because he wants to be banned and it's funny when he rages over stupid things.

what a idot get a brian you retard

Literally who

Yeah, viewers who want to make fun of him, which causes him to rage more, which leads to more funny clips on the sub.

Well.. you see the problem is that he is actually very stupid.

If he wasn't very stupid and he did this he would be banned. But his aim isn't to brigade his aim is to get banned from here so 4425 people (current number of people online right now) don't see his stupidity.

Tl;dr : the man is ridiculously stupid.

edit: spelling thanks to /u/nedod

Thats what he wants.

Either that or he explicitly is doing all this for drama and relevance, and he wants to cause intentional controversy knowing we'd not ban him?

fuck off