Perkz tweet on possible G2 roster changes

Perkz tweet on possible G2 roster changes

so fucking sad not only because we lost but because we might never play as 5 again and it's just so sad

Very sad to see these guys possibly breaking up. I've been following their videos and stuff for a while and they really do seem like the best of friends all around, even with language barriers.

This could also be talking about G2's move to NA, which would also completely break up the roster due to import rules.

edit: Ocelote's reply:

Regardless of how the future looks, this team has achieved greatness and the western world is proud of you.

Head up. You'll be back soon.

edit 2: Trick's tweet:

Feel really sad and sorry maybe its my last game in eu team thank you guys for cheer us and sorry didnt make group out stage

I just hope Perkz stays on G2 with him being my favourite player

G2 to NA pretty much confirmed

the western world is proud of you

This just makes me feel like G2 is definitely going to NA.

No one talks about 'the East' because EU and NA interact far more than any team in the East. We share forums, social media platforms and a common language.

The first person he went to after the final game was Trick, they were hugging for a good couple of seconds... might not mean anything but Trick leaving would be my guess

tbh, Perkz and somewhat Zven are the ones with the most brand value, mithy coming close, but considering age, mithy and perkz are just worth more.

Mithy could join coaching staff and be sub.

Franchise player like Perkz > bot lane synergy. I am sure TSM would keep Bjergsen too instead of DL + Biofrost.

G2 Odoamne/Jankos :>

G2 definitely won't retain a lot of European fans if they move, they'll probably become the most despised team. The whole "Western" narrative is pretty bs in the first place, you don't see anyone talking about the "East" in LoL either.

Also because the East doesn't need any region other than Korea to be the best. For the West "my region imploded again, might as well see if the other Western teams get something done" happens at every major tournament.

Man it would suck seeing a team which won EU 4 times just leave the league ...

If Riot actually allows G2 to go to NA, Riot can just fuck off into the sun. I hope they realize how much damage they would do to the EU scene and how quickly it could die off - similarly to how there's little to no EU scene in Overwatch after C9 was announced as the London representative with a Korean team.

Riot created that rule to protect NA (and EU). Chinese organisations were planning on sending 5 players to NA to stomp CS, qualify for LCS and go to worlds.

Korea had the same plan to do that in EU. Samsung Red at least did (Huni mid)

Same. Since 1 is black and 1 is asian, maybe we could call them Rush Hour?

LMQ literally did. They went to worlds in 2014, even though they'd have been a mediocre team in LPL.

Im a die hard G2 fan, but if they go to NA I think I will throw up

Might just stop watching competitive LoL if that happens.

Back when China wanted to buy Korean teams, Riot created import limits so that China couldn't do that in order to protect Korea. But now they don't have a problem with the org which is the 4x consecutive EU champion going to NA? No problem with destroying the Fnatic vs G2 narrative, which was EU's largest story line this year, and Europe's 2nd most popular team going away? That would be bullshit. If that were to happen, there is pretty much no reason to watch EU anymore because Riot clearly doesn't give a shit. Instead of building up the region and giving orgs a reason to stay, they just let the most sucessful orgs move away without caring. There would be zero reason to believe that Riot will ever improve the region if they don't think it's worth to keep around a top org like G2.

I think that's different though. Zven and Mithy explicitly left Origen together, they are a package deal. I mean Biofrost is great and I like him, but I doubt that TSM couldn't find another support for Doublelift...

Or just roster changes (Expect and Trick? out) and staying in EU? Or just Zven / Mithy to NA?

At the same time, if Riot refuses to let G2 join NALCS just because they want them in EU it's likely going to irreparably damage G2's relationship with them and could lead to G2 just droppping league as a whole. "We're good enough to keep EU afloat, but not to make real money with our peer league?" isn't a message they want G2 (or other EU investors) getting.

Riot EU is a joke. Im not even sure they make any decisions by themselves, just follow the orders they receive from main hq.

Yeah they could probably get Aphromoo. I wonder what that duo looks like.

As players, certainly Perkz>Mithy, but when you consider the synergy on botlane it's Mithy + Zven >>>> Perkz + Zven

so sad if g2 go in na,it will be a complete failure for riot eu and lcs eu

my bet is Trick and Expect back to KR , tbh they are imports who have been heavily underperforming especially Trick so i don't see a reason why they'd like to stay/G2 keeping them

jankos and perkz on the same team.. imagine the banter

Why they shouldnt? It would be unfair for G2 to be declined just because they are from EU.

G2 definitely won't retain a lot of European fans if they move,

Oh, yes they will, especially if they start winning. In the beginning people will still treat them like EU team, so it'll be basically whole year of trashtalking and spicy memes, EU team crushing NALCS, that'll be the narrative.

And at the end of a year EULCS will be dead and probably officially deleted, and all EU fans will become "Western" fans anyway, so....

If Riot is really accepting G2 to NALCS... Well it is Riot so I'm not suprised anymore.

I think Perkz and Zven wants to go to NA or Trick and Expect going back to Korea

I can rest easy now, the cliffhanger has been resolved.

I mean, I'd be really glad for trick if he was picked up by a korean team and this whole "G2 to NA" turned out to be extravagant speculation.

It'd be good for his future and he'd be more comfortable communicating in his own language. There would be some cool storylines at worlds when he faces Perkz/Zven in future too.

I really hope G2 stays in Europe though.

I think it's because they're moving to NA and can only take imports

Trick has his off games but he is a good player. His seju carried vs RNG.

I feel like it was more them trying to console him tbh as he was the most emotional on stage by far

Just switch to another e-sport at that point. At least in CS:GO or Dota 2, our region doesn't get treated like shit. Accepting G2 for NA means that Riot thinks EU is nothing more than a farm league for NA, where all our top players and orgs are supposed to go to NA when they're good enough.

You guys need to chill with the speculations. Contracts are running out and he can't know if they will extend contracts or maybe trick/expect don't wanna stay and go back to Korea. Doesn't mean G2 to NA is a sure thing or Zven/Mithy leaving as well. Maybe they will stay together anyway

Yeah I think this a significant part of it for me. I root for NA teams, but if the NA team doesn't do well I naturally then root for the EU team. It's not a consideration for me, it's just rooting for the next Western team on the list, a part of the world that I interact with a lot and has a lot of cultural connections to me.

I don't think the Eastern regions do that.

They made great use of second week EU buff, they were just unlucky to be in that group.

Which is funny cause it has pretty much always been eu producing results for the west

I dont think G2 will go to NA, but maybe some of the players go for the sweet NA money

Santorin?Are you out of your mind?Going from the best team in EU to having Santorin in your roster?

I think the thing with LMQ that made me not resent them is that they felt like they tried really hard to integrate as an NA team. All the players were learning english and had a lot of fan engagement. People loved to hear from XWX and Vasilii. They had a crazy playstyle that was fun to watch. They were a Chinese team in spirit but one that felt like they actually gave a fuck and weren't just trying to game the system.

Because it's Riot saying fuck EU honestly. It'd be like TSM moving to EU.

One way Riot says fuck EU, the other way Riot says fuck G2 - there's no win-win scenario here

Hm, if I were a player I definitely wouldn't pass the opportunity to go to NA, think about the benefits coming in 2018 for players and teams, franchising, higher salaries, player brand build-up etc etc, EU wouldn't be able to compete with these unless Riot decides to fix it

Zven is danish maybe they can talk Riot into thinking Denmark is part of NA because there is already so many danes in NA LCS.

So, you'd rather them say fuck G2?

RIOT: Well Ocelote, you've done everything you've needed to do in order to earn one of the coveted NALCS franchise spots. You've built a great e-sports brand. You've treated your players well. You've invested into the community. You're an awesome content creator. All that being said, EU fanboys feel like they own you, so piss off.

Holy shit the definition of a super team

So much this pls :)

Just make it like the current EU 2 group system, except one group is the western conference (NA locale) and one group is the eastern conference (EU locale). They play in their local studios, but playoffs takes the top teams from each group and they can have a different locale each year.

its not extravagant speculation, Jacob wolf reported that G2 is in their 2nd phase of becoming a confirmed franchised org in NA

nah that got cut short by import rule changes

I love Perkz, Zven and Mithy, those are one of my fav players from EU, I need them to stick together please.

So he should rather stay in EU and lose money until the point that supporting the LoL team wouldn't be an option anymore? It's a bit less black and white than just building the best roster.

Indeed. Individual players going to NA or Koreans going back home is so much more likely than the whole team going to NA.

Samsung wanted to have a team in EU with Huni potentionally being on the team as he was a Samsung trainee.

Never forget the thread where Fnatic announced Huni and Reignover and everyone lost their goddamn minds about taking shitty Korean imports over EU players

we called them superteams back then..

I respected that they went through the full process. They came and qualified through challengers, fought through the split, overcame internal adversity and earned their spot. None of this buying out a spot garbage we see nowadays.

It was hearthbreaking to see them hugging and comforting eachother after win vs FB. Definitely more than just a team.

But that will be so hard tho. Will EU player move to NA or will NA players move to NA? And what about the fans? If the LCS will take place in NA EU need to travel to America to watch their teams play live which is quite expensive and the same for NA fans if the LCS takes place in EU.

What you gonna do with the jersey though? I gotta know what's gonna happen to that jersey!

Mithy is their shotcaller, has amazing synergy with Zven, helps with pick and ban. I think G2 would want to keep all 3 of the EU core, simply because it's the best they can ever get, implying they stay in EU.

They were the original 2 as well.

If they sellout to NA i hope he does not.

Those hugs after the game with Perkz were suspicious. I think 3 of the members hugged Perkz specifically as to say goodbye.

I hope they don't move to NA. It would be hard for EU to replace the best EU Team.

Here's video update from Ocelote if someone is interested

rIoT eU iS iNdEpEnDeNt tHeY aRe mAkInG tHeIr oWn cHoIcE

Perkz looked like he was crying dude.

He became the face of G2, Ocelote will work something out.

With the state of EULCS, I can see NALCS and EULCS eventually merging to simply form the "LCS", serving both NA and EU teams. That might in fact be the best solution.

G2 RO could be good. Or G2 Maxlore if MSF get scavenged by NA teams.

Also, EU junglers are nothing special, unless they get Maxlore, Jankos or a really good import changing Trick would not make any sense now after they played with him for 2 years. Expect is more likely but again, if it's not Vizicsacsi, Odoamne, Alphari or a great import, it is totally unneeded.

True, he should stay in EU.

Perkz IS more valuable than Zven for G2. He is with team since EU CS and won first split with G2 even without Zven (who was in Origen at that time).

Expect didn't perform at worlds, but they needed him to even make it to worlds. He did so much for them during the regular split.

There will be only 10 NALCS teams what means not all 2017 NA LCS teams will make it what means their players will be free agents.

same I m wearing their jersey right now but if they move im done

Unlucky to have a 4th team unable to take a single game from anyone.

Same story if FW / EDG don't win anything in Week 2, it can crush the "3rd" team hopes really hard

Exactly what Riot wants XD

No, it would be more like G2 saying fuck EU. Of course Riot wants to accept the best candidates for their franchising.

My bet would be trick goes. Import and just doesn't perform internationally. Expect too maybe. He seemed pretty out of it.

Denmark is the 51st state just ask TSM the best all NA roster NALCS has ever seen!

Huni was on Samsungs C team. It's actually how Fnatic discovered him, they scrimmed Fnatic and when they were rebuilding for s5 Yellow said he wanted Huni

I don't think that's entirely on Riot. Teams can make players stream for brand build-up or do more side content/advertising involving the players. Look at all the random talk shows, house tours, blogs, etc NA players have. Then look at all the ones EU has.

well. they will only retain two players.

LMQ almost did...

I'll never forget the hyppe when LMQ beat OMG in their first game, there was so much NA pride after that. Obviously it turned out that game was just a fluke and OMG were still a much better side but still!


Reddit has demanded they kick the Koreans after every major tournament (except MSI after playoffs) anyways. Maybe they could even get a free third import welcome bonus.

Well, I can't speak for EU fans but I can for NA fans as I am one. When LMQ played in NA we loved them, they were different and hype and they had a cool storyline. If G2 plays in NA we'll welcome them with open arms and I know for sure that they'll grow a decent sized NA fanbase.

and it would be without imports.

Always nice to see.

But I doubt it heavily, Odoamne has been on H2k for...3 years? Longer?

For Riot as a whole. Riot is still in charge of the EU team and therefore EU LCS.

Im looking forward to the shitstorm Riot has coming to them if G2 moves to NA, it will be glorious.

I just hope Perkz, Zven and Mithy stay together. Expect is ok not great either but Trick seems like a liability for long. Drafts have been questionable also. Shot calling seems to be off sometimes which results in a lot of missed opportunists even when they had leads early they just wait and farm and don't use that advantage. If H2K leaves LCS the best thing would be to get Odoamne and Jankos in G2. I feel like Expect had flashes of greatness but very rarely his TP have huge impact.

If they go to NA, I very much doubt I would cheer for them and probably end up not watching league at all.

I'd be really glad for trick if he was picked up by a korean team

Would be nice, but incredibly unlikely unless it's by a challenger team or very very bottom of LCK team. Two years ago sure, but he's been mediocre since.