Perfect ad placement

Perfect ad placement

Greenville, S.C.?

Yea. It's the Starbucks on East north street. Where the fresh market used to be.

Edit. Reddit is weird, a picture that's 3 years old.

I'll take premises liability for $200,000 Alex.

As someone who's city streets are all numbered, that's a really confusing address

In 500 feet make a right turn to head east on West Left Street.

I have this horrible predicament in the town I live in. There is a place with amazing coffee, good internet, but the seating isn’t great... it’s also pretty pricey.

Two blocks down the street is a Starbucks. It has the best internet in town, the seating is great, the coffee sucks (but refills are free).

Starbucks has me by the balls.

someone gets injured hopping the fences and sues the company whose ad told them to.

This only includes iced coffee, cold brew, iced teas, maybe hot tea, and hot coffee. Not valid for refreshers, espresso drinks, and frappuchinos.

Source: Am Barista

Instructions unclear, got stuck in tree

WHAT IN THE FUCK, free refills? Where?

...every Starbucks...

If you have a gift card or the Starbucks app, and stay in-store, then you get free refills. If you don’t have a gift card or the app, then refills cost 50¢.

Was just in Greenville for a concert last are not wrong. Even with GPS I got turned around several times because of that.

Here in Texas it's possible to go north on I-35 West. I'm sure it's not exclusive to us but still.

Edit: Ok conclusion, US roads are 4th dimensional. Can we hear from other countries- are your roads weird too?

Relevant username.

And either the person loses the case on the basis that this is clearly a joke, or the insurance covers it.

Help me out here, what does that mean?

I'm one of those assholes that enjoys organic, shade-grown, free-trade, goat-dropping-picked coffees from all over the world and I think Starbucks is perfectly serviceable.

The biggest thing they have going for them is consistency, but the coffee is pretty strong and most* stores I've been to (or worked in, once upon a time) were staffed by genuine people that did their best to provide a good experience.

lmao at the person trying to get a free large Latte or frap refill

I-95 in CT runs East and West but is North and South.

I'm not a coffee pro but I enjoy it...and I think Starbucks is pretty good. Do I not know good coffee or something? I feel like an idiot for liking bucks.

Just a little tidbit because it kinda seems on topic, Odd numbered highways should run North and South, and Even numbered highways should run East and West.

And free advertising for the company that had someone jumping the fence for their coffee.

285 runs AROUND Atlanta.

Typically, 3 digit highways are bypasses or extensions of other highways. For example, in Ohio you have I-70, and I-270, I-71 and I-271, I-80 and I-480.

Alright, I'll say it. I've worked for several coffee shops, I brew my own coffee in an assortment of different ways at home and spend money to get really good beans and I grind them myself. I've had coffee in the finest cafes of Europe, the more innovative roasters of Washington, and everything in between all over the US. Starbucks coffee is still better than 90% of the coffee available in the US and not that bad when compared to the rest of the world's offerings.

Instruction unclear, fence drank my coffee and jumped over me

Our coffee is so good. You'll risk injury to have a cup.


the coffee sucks

No it doesnt. Why do people always say this? I get you can't account for taste but the coffee does not suck. Its pretty damn good. The coffee at the Exxon off the interstate sucks.

Apologies. Yeah, in the USA at least. I’m from England and don’t remember free refills anywhere.

Not every Starbucks, not in Europe

Dunkin Shmoenuts try's this near me. Hangs a banner on their property right next to Starbucks drive through stating that it's half price ten feet away.

Starbucks still does twice the business. Their drive through is always busy. Could be because the the DD grumbles at you at drive through and Starbucks employees are genuinely happy to help you.

But... 50 feet and a fence. That fence is worth like 300 feet for my calculations...

recognized it immediately lmao love Greenville

Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts for that matter, aren't necessarily better but they are consistent. So when you travel all the time you'll always get the same coffee wherever you are. in theory anyway.

This is the truth. I roast my own grind my own then use special extraction equipment. If I buy already roasted I require a date. I drink black, and if I add cream its because the coffee sucks.

There has never been a more hipster sentence uttered ever

It's perfectly good coffee, people on the internet and elsewhere just love complaining about it. It's especially good if you ask for a drip coffee, if they're not too busy, or if they have a clover machine.

Some people just don't like the smokey flavor of it (even in the light roasts), and somehow don't think the "different people have different tastes" applies to Starbucks.

Everything is on Peachtree street.

I never got the Starbucks hate circle jerk on Reddit. Their best selling point is that like place has so much caffeine in it I suspect it may actually be laced with amphetamines

A disclaimer that my knowledge of this comes from about two hours of research for a Nanowrimo novel two years ago, but as far as I know that's only for comedic exaggeration of a product's quality. Like, puffery is why you can't sue the makers of Axe because it doesn't make a horde of attractive women appear to lustfully assault you, or the local mom and pop diner because their claims to have the world's finest fried chicken are unsubstantiated.

Peachtree Creek Road Peachtree Lane Peachtree Avenue Peachtree Circle Peachtree Drive Peachtree Plaza Peachtree Way Peachtree Memorial Drive New Peachtree Road Peachtree Walk Peachtree Park Drive Peachtree Parkway Peachtree Valley Road Peachtree Battle Avenue Peachtree Dunwoody Road Old Peachtree Road

Yep, Greenville. Liquid Highway coffee is good.

(But please don't)

This is the truth. I roast my own grind my own then use special extraction equipment. If I buy already roasted I require a date. I drink black, and if I add cream its because the coffee sucks.

There are better coffee shops than Starbucks in say Seattle, or at a roaster on the the Oregon coast going down 101, or in San Diego, but as I get further away from the west coast the more I appreciate Starbucks. A lot of mom and pop places god bless them have given me indegestion.


Better coffee is 50' away, which means go to Starbucks.

The first digit of three digit interstate highways usually means its a bybass around a city. In NC we have 440 and 540 in Raleigh and Durham that are used to get around the cities.

You're wasting your time here, the coffee circle jerk is far too powerful on reddit, I'd rather pay a bit more for decent coffee than pay for coffee that I thought sucked so even if that guy is telling the truth then he's a fucking moron anyway, luckily I don't have a problem with Starbucks or Costa coffee.

That's only because I-35 splits to go through Dallas (E) and Fort Worth (W). Same thing up in the twin cities.

Greenville resident here. Fun fact: that sign got stolen by some (teenage) Baskin Robbins employees and given to a former Starbucks barista, who had not asked for any such thing, and then had to navigate how to return it without dying of awkwardness. That was...years ago, though. That sign is surprisingly long-lived.

Yeah, that greenville.

And the first digit of a three digit highway means something as well. Generally first digit even means bypass and first digit odd means spur.

Edited to clarify first digit even/odd

There's a Starbucks and a DD right next to each other as I get off the train. The Starbucks always has lines and appears busy while the DD doesn't. The difference though is not the number of customers that they are doing but rather that the DD can get people in and out significantly faster. I think I saw 9 people waiting for their coffee to be made this morning (meaning they had already paid and were waiting). Meanwhile, I was in and out of the DD in about 30 seconds.

I guess it also helps that I want to drink actual coffee rather than a milkshake with whipping topping and a hint of coffee thrown on it. I swear, if people just drank the coffee at starbucks, they'd realize all you are tasting is burnt beans.

Risky click

Starbucks coffee will overroast their coffee to take out any nuances so their product is consistent. They're so big they need to do that so if you're travelling the world, you can expect the same product. Understandable.

A medium roast tastes like a fairly dark coffee. Their dark roast tastes like burnt shit.

If you drink your coffee black, this will be obvious. If you like it with a metric ton of cream and sugar, then you can drink anything with enough cream and sugar.

I personally like tasting the different nuances of light and medium roast black coffee, so to me Starbucks is a waste. It's like an expensive well done steak.

My condolences

South Carolina has been on Reddit often lately. From Spartanburg

Oh its the same with beer. You say you like any microbrew and its "THAT HORSEPISS!!?? I only drink FRAUDABREAU which is hand brewed by Belgian monks and they only sell 10 bottles a year but I like my beer to have taste"

Ah yes, Cunudu. Where Canada sends all its prisoners.

Would something like this be covered by puffery? (A law concept I totally learned about on a TV show.)

I live right down the street

Don't you mean #yeahTHATgreenville?

I was so excited to see my city without it being about goddamn clowns

I prefer coffee underground.

Yup, perfect placement. Right there on Reddit.

Grab a drink while you're there. The specials are all named after local stuff, like Paris Mountain and Reedy River.

God knows why anyone would name a drink after reedy river though. That's like a New York coffee shop naming a drink "the Hudson".

So what you're saying is, if someone goes in and acts like a dick, they can get those special drinks for free?

And you're posting this on reddit?

What if you're reading the sign up close?

It's for drip/ice coffee and hot/iced teas only

that's a really confusing address

A-ha but you haven't been to Atlanta yet :)

Yea, I walked 50ft then turned around when I realized I was lied to.

To clarify, you only get free refills with regular coffee, not all of the drinks. And I think the 50 cent fee is waved if you use your own mug/thermos.

864 Represent

Starbucks and Wholefoods circlejerk on Reddit are strong AF. "Oh I got a $20 Starbucks gift card I can buy 2 coffees!" or "$50 WF gift card... what does that get you like 2 avocados?"

Honestly, just goes to show people who spew shit like that never actually set foot in those stores.

In case you might be looking for a serious answer. No, puffery is a defense of sorts in cases that are based on claimed properties. So for example if a company says they have "the best coffee" you can't sue them for false advertising by saying some other coffee is better. The statement is puffery and not sufficiently related enough to a specific quality that the product lacks. The opposite being if something says "No salt" but actually contains quite a bit of salt.

This would be negligence. the injured party would say it was foreseeable that someone would take the sign's advice and engage in the dangerous act of jumping the fence because you told them to.

For a three digit interstate highway, an odd number means that the three digit highway connects to the highway it is numbered from at one point (a spur) and an even number means it connects at two points (a beltway or loop).

Let's not forget as well that if you have sugar and milk in your coffee it's no longer coffee but a milkshake, 'just start drinking it black and you'll get to like it that way even if you hate it at first'....... yeah I already like it the way I like it dickhead.

They would if the only options are starbucks or dd

Hipster is a synonym for pretentious now, its okay.

(For the record, I don't think he's pretentious. Do your thing Coffee Dude)

Fuck outta here lol. But then if people bitch enough we have to "make the moment right"

Me too fam

Europe is fake news, everyone knows that.

My favorite 285 story ever

Edmonton, Alberta

Yeah.. but they didn't wish me a merry x-mas on my cup last year.

Move to Middle Earth and you can live on a street named after a tree-person. Treebeard Lane is in a good school district.

Their coffee, drip in particular, has never cost me 5 dollars.

Sounds like ch'thulus canadian cousin.

Me too!

Hipster is more valuing things because they're obscure, quirky, or ironic. This is just a way to control how your coffee tastes and getting it from good sources.

If you're in Atlanta:

In 500 feet turn right onto Peachtree Street, then stay left onto Peachtree Ave to head north on W Peachtree Street before making a left onto Peachstreet Road toward Peachtree Blvd.

Ah USA, I twas like not in Cunudu

In Mass you go south to go north.

They still got you to walk 100 ft

Methodical is where it's at.

That's down the street from my house - little Greenville made the front page, aww

Free refills are only on coffee (hot or iced) and teas. Espresso beverages are excluded.

Good to know, I'll be in SC next month, better bring maps. BTW was the concert Foo Fighters?

inb4 they put barbed wire on the fence

Hell, we even have a peachtree city.

Auxiliary Interstate Highways get 3 digit numbers, with the last two signifying the Main Highway off of which they branched.

the corner of Peachtree and Peachtree

You go north on East Peachtree to Peachtree to Peachtree Circle, but if you end up On Peachtree Industrial then you've gone too far.

Pshh where I live there are four streets that all come together at a four-way intersection and all of the streets are named Due West

Do I get a double-bonus if I bring a blind friend?

You can try an easy taste test - just get a thermos of Starbucks drip or whatever you normally do and go to a higher end coffee shop and compare the two.

Bonus points if you bring a friend and do it blind

socialists cant handle all these freemarket incentives and bundles services.