Perceptive Gramps

Perceptive Gramps

Shinjuku Assassin with Gudako's head thonking like that is pure reaction face gold

Yan Qing is such a bro.



There was no new comic yesterday because EIRRI fell asleep early.

Gudako's head on Shinjuku's Assassin is the stuff of nightmares...

We need that as a costume during next april fools.

Fooled me once Shame on thee

Fooled me twice OFFER THY HEAD!!

Can you hear it? The bells have tolled for your sleep.

He is called the Grand Assassin for a reason

With Gramps there is no thrice

Clairvoyance: EX

You mean the stuff of the greatest, most beautiful dreams.

Gramps is just.... holding her.

You can't trick gramps