Pentakill: how a metal band that doesn't exist made it to No 1

Pentakill: how a metal band that doesn't exist made it to No 1

Top1 even in music charts, Riot Games decided to take League into the next level lel

Just wait until we have a champion in the White House

Taliyah doesn't even need any kind of approval to build walls

I mean, look at Japan. Idols that don't exist sell out stadiums.

I'm not even a fan of metal and I find the songs to be pretty good, well done rito

Still waiting for Popstar Ahri to form a girl group and release some K-pop.

No, you don't understand, this has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.

Hatsune Mikwho?

They intentionally made it so it's relatively close to mainstream so it would appeal a wide audience.

I personally don't like metal at all and I don't like the songs but I understand that some people that aren't into metal still like some of the songs.

You can jump over her wall, Azir on the other hand is a true emperor whose wall can only be passed through by magics known as "flash"

Let's ignore the fact that you can download the songs for free.

It's not like a band of 9 fictional idols just sold out a show in Nagoya or anything. Shit, Love Live concerts are so big that they get streamed into movie theaters around the world.

My god I can feel the weeb through my screen haha

Yes, only mid laners, Sexy Ahri/Leader Lux/Noona Syndra/Airhead Orianna and maknae Taliyah

"The people want change. Change is good." - Kha'Zix 2020

I mean it happens in NA too. Gorrillaz?


listening to Cull as we speak, i love their new album so much holy

Will there be new warsongs too?

They will never do thrash since its a niche metal subgenre. Similar with other subgenres like black or death.

Power/classic heavy metal are closer to mainstream than pretty much every other subgenre. Thats why they stick to it. They appeal to a vastly wide audience

noona = older sister/oldest member, maknae = youngest member

I need a translation, i've never played in the korean servers

Mordekaiser in this music video gives me the chills every time

Maybe thats why their songs remind me a little bit of fall out boy and disturbed combined

I hope so. As an EDM fan, if I was really hyped for Pentakill, imagine how excited would I be for Warsongs 2.

But he will stop her

Braum shield stops taliyah ult

Braum shield stops taliyah ult

Other bands have given away albums, or gone the "pay what you want to" options, which included $0.

But is it fair to look at Spotify numbers if the album is free? If you can download them, get them from iTunes, YouTube, etc. it will also deflate the Spotify numbers. I agree that the iTunes numbers don't tell the whole story, but neither do the Spotify numbers.

Why not Azir? I'd vote for him /u/AZIR_THE_EMPEROR

I'm not a fan of metal either. I also don't really like the songs as a result. Idk why I'm posting this.

They're a band though

Look at Gorillaz

. They made fictional bands popular and paved the way for everything that came after. And they weren't backed by a billion dollar company from start. In fact, it was nearly impossible to find investors, because nobody understood the concept of a fictional band back then.

If the decision is between Trump and some reaping Alien... I'd go for the reaping alien

of course not

It isn't free on iTunes. It's available through Apple Music or to buy for 9.90 on iTunes

I could swear I heard warriors on the radio.

Damon is the only real, permanent member though.

Does that mean Camille is a secret empress, and even mightier than Azir?

nonono, she works for azir as the head of the sundisk-agon*.

In the dudes lore, before he became an even more powerful undead, Mordekaiser single handedly fought about 8 armies that had banded together to kill him, by the time he died with a shit load of swords, arrows, and spears impaled into him, he was standing on a mountain of corpses with barely anyone who went to fight him still alive.

Yes, basically as the oldest Member Syndra is the most strict refined and reserved, somewhat like the cold beauty of the group, while Taliyah would be the youngest, cheerful, random and mischievous.

Warriors is huge. It inserted itself into sports teams' playlists everywhere.

Hey, don't mixup weebs and keypopers, they are quite different!

If people want a more Western example, then there's also the Gorillaz, they have hit the top of the charts a ton.

they are only free to download from the official pentakill site not itunes/google play

Dethklok is also one of the first virtual bands i think.

I hate using this phrase, but it actually fits here. Morde coming out of the forge and growing to burst out of the house was metal af. I love that scene.

one are obsessed with real anime's characters other with an anime anime's characters

But a lot of popular songs are not thrash metal, especially for Metallica- So you are right that they are the biggest metal bands, but the broader appeal of their songs for non metal fans is not because of thrash metal.

If only Riot could actually put the Worlds songs on the radio. Honestly, if that 50 Shades Darker song can stay on the radio for months, Warriors and Ignite would have been pretty big for a while and brought some new attention to Worlds.

/u/AZIR_THE_EMPEROR's campaign motto would just be SHURIMA


even if they're codes as minions?

I'm grateful that we're allowed to use their songs in streams and YouTube videos and not worry about flags.

Yeah but a full band on stage in concert so not the same I guess:p


Trump needs billions to build his wall while Taliyah only needs 100 mana.

Skin Idea: President Swain and President Jarvan IV

Swain gets a Bald Eagle and also transforms into one, while Jarvan carries an American Flag around. More importantly there should be an Order vs Chaos stlye event on who actually becomes the President of the United States of Runeterra.

for every new pentakill album, riot should switch up the metal subgenre. pentakill is more power metal and im not too hot on it. next they should do thrash, or progressive/djent, or groove metal or something. metal is such a massive genre with such a wide amount of different tastes it would be cool if they switched it up.

Wait... Braum counters taliyah?

Tbf the itunes Charts are sometimes pretty useless. I mean, if a douche like Jake Paul can get 1 on Itunes Charts...

The game turns into an Fps

Lol they are mainstream but to compare to fall out boy is laughable. Come on now. Fall out boy is like the definition of mainstream pop punk. Pentakill sound nothing like that.

They just sound like typical mainstream metal. They aren't between the buried and me, but they aren't fall out boy either.

Did yall read the article?

Doesn't change the fact that the album being free on iTunes massively inflates the download numbers on that platform compared to competitors. And since League has a huge fanbase, many people will download it just to try it out even if they don't really like it. You can hardly compare that to some small/indie bands offering their album for free.

Just compare the Spotify numbers where the album isn't nearly as popular as the iTunes numbers would suggest

It blocks projectiles, so yes.

Infinity Edge and Frozen Heart are genuinely two of my favorite music tracks in the past few years. I've been listening to the album on repeat since its release, just because its so great for building hype while playing a really active game.

Well he has a shit ton of fans and he was only #1 for under 12 hours


Riot will never do such a localized skin and event anymore. The NA audience is to niche compared to korea eu china and the rest

But pentakill preformed at worlds once so they were a full band on stage for a concert once

The Archies had 2 top 10 hits in the '60s.

I thought Love Live concerts were just seiyu concerts with more merch to buy.

I don't like the Pentakill album too much, but that Mako remix was amazing.

I approve of Mordekaiser's solo, and Teemo getting kicked in the face.

tbh I didn't understand how "strong" mordekaiser was supposed to be until I watched this.

Dethklok is also really good.

I think it's the only American band I listen too.

Heck yeah. I love disturbed

Considering mana is the potential to make magic i'd say it would be worth a pretty penny in current society but ay maybe that's just me.


Yeah, I'm a metal fan and I found them to be quite lacking personally.

Metallica, Megadeath, Slayer

the three biggest by sales IIRC are metallica maiden and sabbath

Jorn fucking lande


This isn't Djent at all. It's Symphonic with thrash metal mixed in. Maybe SOME prog, but not Djent or anything Core about this. In reality their music hits such a small sub-genre of metal that it's laughable, but at least it's metal?

As fuck

upvoted for personal and honest opinion

Nothing gets me hyphy like what Riot creates

Say what you will - but I get brain goosebumps off this game and company

They bring their characters to life (or undeath) so nicely, I just instantly wanted to play Karthus after watching Mortal Reminder, Jørn Lande and Riot animators made him so charismatic in the video holy shit

Lyrics in most power metal songs are campy as fuck though. It's part of the genre. Do you mean the vocal style or the melodies themselves?


Its not free in iTunes dude.

Wait, you can get them free on ITunes? Where I am it's nearly £8 for it.

The album is not free on iTunes

My goosebumps got goosebumps from that part

The biggest metal bands in the world are thrash (Metallica, Megadeath, Slayer). It's probably the most successful of all time besides metalcore.

United Super State of Runeterra? (USSR)

Those Japanese thingies have live bands too, for the instruments.







Idols that don't exist

How dare you, my waifu is real

I really like Tear of the Goddess but I've been a fan of almost all the songs so far.

Almost like they actually, idk, play metal and started off as a metal band.