Pence Is Either Lying or Was 'Running a Sloppy Shop' says Congressman Elijah Cummings

Pence Is Either Lying or Was 'Running a Sloppy Shop' says Congressman Elijah Cummings
Pence Is Either Lying or Was 'Running a Sloppy Shop' says Congressman Elijah Cummings

I'll take both, Alex. This administration is full of bottom feeders who are not only incompetent, but also stupid. The Infant King himself has a two digit IQ. Pence, being a bible thumping moron, isn't far behind.

Yeah I've seen that, the man is clearly out of his mind if he thinks Trump is a genius. Just listen to Trump speak. An intelligent person does not speak with the vocabulary of a 10-year old. Trump is absolutely in the around bottom 20th percentile range intellect wise.  

Really, haven't you been paying attention? He had no idea the POTUS had to do shit. In his mind, the prez just waves a pen and a bunch of oompa loompas work the whole administration for him. He doesn't know who leads NK. He doesn't know what is in the NAFTA. He doesn't even know what it stands for. He demands his briefs on 1 page with lots of pictures. He brags about not reading. He thinks you're born with a limited amount of energy, so exercise is bad because it drains your energy. He eats almost exclusively fast food. He brags about being "like a smart person". He admits to not consulting anyone for anything - except for himself, because he has a great brain and knows lots of people.  

This piss gargling arsehole is STUPID.

Dems don't control the house. Even if every single Democrat in the House and Senate were demanding impeachment every single day, they can't force an impeachment trial to start.

It's a failure to actually understand how the government works that leads people to be angry at the Democrats for not doing things that they lack the power to do. It's about power, not "balls" and unless you have the majority in the House, you don't have the power.

Indiana was a hot and nasty mess before the 2016 election "rescued" him from all the backlash he was facing at home.

This "Aw shucks, no one told me anything" shtick is getting old. There is no way Wally Cleaver made it to this level of politics. He was in charge of the transition. I don't buy a word of it. Cummings is being generous.

I wish Democrats had some balls, why even bring up, "he was running a sloppy shop". Pence was notified about Flynn, just like everyone else in the administration apparently, and he ignored it. If Dems had some balls, we'd already be watching the impeachment trial.

Watch him give any prepared speech. He's like a second grader doing their very first public speaking exercise. Aside from the occasional split-second glance upward, he does nothing but stare at the script on his podium. You can almost see him sounding out the bigger words in his head.

Trump and Pence for Guantanamo Bay 2018!

...And to the rest of the points raised?

Is Hillary the only thing you trumpites can whine about? Open your eyes. Hillary is fucking irrelevant. Trump won, get over it right? Now deal with the current issues at hand and admit that the current administration is a slap in the face to Americans and the world.

Guess who's the President? Trump. You people are a pack of sore winners, which is pathetic. How can your candidate have won yet you're still focused on campaign? The Patriots aren't talking about the Falcons. It's like you're such terrible losers in life, so used to utter defeat, that even winning feels like losing to you.

Your guy won and EVERY intelligence agency says Russia interfered in our elections. Your guy won and his entire circle has suspicious ties to Russia. Your guy won and he's failed to achieve any of his campaign promises to you.

Your guy won and we ALL lost. So catch up with current events and let's move forward.

Trump absolutely is not capable of dealing with complex situations. That's absurd.

Even then, he doesn't. I know Trump voters. They don't talk like him. The dude talks weird. It worked, I'll be the first to admit. But he isn't really matching his base.

Lying. My money is on lying.

It's funny how Trumpster fires accuse us of being sore losers, when they're sore winners.

And the whole state has pretty much settled down now that he is gone.

He drank conspiracy kool-aid and jumped ship. Which makes his supporters, who still support him, utter idiots. The guy hates America so much that he thought our government couldn't determine that the former President was born in America.

It's sad. To continue support after the evil he's wrought in less than six months is reprehensible.

Exactly. Be pissed at people like McCain. Talks about how horrible all these things are then votes for every stupid fucking thing that comes down the line.

it is carefully calculated.

In what way could you interpret it in that manner?!

Yes but many of the people who worked directly with Bush often commented frequently (and still do) on how quick he was to pick up complex issues, his good memory, etc. He had a high GPA as a Harvard graduate.

By contrast, the staffers who work with Trump seem largely appalled at his short attention span, megalomania and inability to take a consistent or nuanced position on anything. He brags about not ever reading books.

" I think Trump is a dumb person who has a lot of willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish his own goals."

Whatever it takes as far as sacrificing ethics, breaking laws, and shitting on human compassion and decency; absolutely.

Whatever it takes as far as research, reading, listening, thinking and discussing (better know as work); nope nope nope.

For me, it has been the tweets. How many times has Trump been climbing out of mess then throws himself back in with a poorly times and worded tweet. Just in the past week by threatening Comey and admitting he revealed codeword information to Russians, he's thwarted his bases work trying to pass the stuff off as normal. I can't see any way a smart man would set himself up like that.

With Pence there is no or...

He's not smart, he just had a schtick that worked reasonably well as a private citizen: be a tempermental rich narcisistic bully. Not playing as well for him as president, though.

To be fair, some smart people do talk like 10 year olds. Apparently George W Bush used to come off as an elitist who was out of touch with normal people before he ran for president. Then toned it down to appeal to average people more. He still looks like he belongs in MENSA compared to Trump though.

I was truly worried that Holcomb was going to be an extension of Pence's term, seeing as he was a part of his administration. I'll admit to doing no research on the man before deciding he was garbage. It seems like he actually understands that fighting social change is a losing battle.

Now if only we could get Walorski out of here.

carefully calculated