Peeling Fruit

Peeling Fruit

my favorite was the Pomegranate Pounder

The first time it went over the orange I was so disappointed because I wasn't expecting the machine to go back another time over it. When it did, I almost came

Spank spank spank! Bad poms!

All the others are crazy knives and blades and that one is literally just a machine that smacks them with a spoon. That is as far as pomegranate technology has progressed.

LIES!!!! that second one was lima beans!! what kinda fast one you tryin' to pull!!??!?


Ya that’s a grapefruit

Edit: on second glance it might be a blood orange? Are they different. Where does this rabbit hole end.

Somebody who has to cube 10 of them for tonight's buffet.

What kind of monster peels a watermelon?

Mind blown by the Pomegranate machine. One of the great mysteries of my life is solved. Also learned, there’s more than one way to peel a Pineapple.

What is with the facebook-vibe music??

Spank me like one of your French fruits.

You can tell by the way that it is.

You don't need to call him names, he just wanted to know what a durian is.

I'd rather cube watermelons than peel and cut a fucking thousand mangos.

I had to scroll all the way to the bottom to find someone else that couldn't think of anything but the weird funky music goin on.

Also my steam name is Duck Mallard. So that's weird too.

Also angry grandma technology.

Why does it seem that no one knows how to properly peel a pomegranate? Not even master chefs know wtf they're doing with it comes to that fruit. You bruise the fruit beating it with a spoon. Inside there are segments like an orange. Watch this people spread the word

not lima beans

My kids love Pomegranates so I've tried this technique so many times. Never seems to work at all. Pomegranates are awesome but take freakin' forever to get the Red Goodness out of them.


Cool, I still ain't putting it in my fucking fruit salad

Fill a large bowl with water. Pull the seeds out under water. Seeds sink to the bottom, and everything else floats.

I've always had really good results. You have to use one of those big wooden spoons, for some reason. Nothing else ever seemed to work right for me. Be sure you're not cutting them in half. Just score the outside and then break them in half. That also makes a huge difference.

So appealing

Those pineapple presses are garbage though. You waste probably 30% or more of the fruit.

Cut in half around the seed. Slice square hatches onto each half. Turn inside out and scrape off the flesh. Faster than an orange!

That music made me deeply uncomfortable

Pommegranots! spank spank spank

They're fava beans or broad beans

Why would you need to peel a kiwi?

stop trying to make me eat vegetables!

Gross smelly fruit

I prefer my fruit salad without rind

broad beans

It's 2018, we call em thot beans now.

Can we get a durian in one of those peelers?


do this but do it in a bowl of water as less red mess and falls away from skin much easier

My family is arguing that this ruins the taste because you wash some of the juice away. Never tried it, but i think they should know, after all they basically eat pomegranate for a living as iranians.

I’ve given up on mangos for this reason. Fuck mangos.

I can confidently say that was not Okra or anything that remotely resembles Okra.

That actually got a lol out of me

I was looking how to word this!

Weird music for.. fruit

I cut mine in half and eat out of the rind with a spoon.

That orange one was awesome

So, I was always about peeling my kiwi fruit. Until my wife told me that it was weird and unnecessary. But I’m not about putting fuzzy things in my mouth.

Instead, I shaved my kiwi fruit and actually enjoyed its skin. I’ve now graduated to not shaving them and enjoy them in their fuzzy glory.

I use this method at home as well. I just had a hard time picturing them using it on the industrial scale...😉

Everyone I know peels a kiwi. My friend introduced me to eating it with the skin and it's 1000x better and now I try to spread the good word

What are all these words you’re saying?

What are those long green things?

I have one for apples.