PC Game Servers Down?

PC Game Servers Down?

Myself and all my squad are currently unable to login to even start the game, having crashed mid game about 5 minutes ago. Anyone else or only Sydney NSW?

EDIT: Now working at 9.01pm Sydney time. Thanks!

I'm getting the same error in EU, i'll report it to our server-people and see if the problem is on our end or Steams.


So yeah, it seems the servers are down globally. We're currently investigating it. Please bear with us.

Now thats responsive, cheers and good luck! We will probably be unhelpful by constantly trying to log in. I will post back once you get it going again though. Cheers.

Wooo! Time for slayin' again

Thanks for adding that info, important to know its cross platform.

Looks like it's back up - my game reconnected, at least.

Sweet, seems like the servers are going back up!

Getting same on ps4 in america

Same here in Germany, the game crashes at the start.

Same here on Xbox one. North America

Working, thanks for sorting that so fast!