PC culture has gone too far 😀😀😀

PC culture has gone too far 😀😀😀

MGLLN, did you just post this because you wanted to ban people in the comments? be honest

You're racist because you aren't supporting a black film.

Racist. You don't want to sit among black people.

Racist. Why you gotta continue to burden the black man by forcing him to play host to your ass?

Solution: pirate the movie on opening night so you can watch it without taking someone's seat.

What? You think your black friend can't torrent movies on his own? You racist!

Buy a ticket, cancel without refund, torrent the film on opening night


Ban me harder daddy!

(He actually did that shit to me once before tho I had to suck his dick to get back lmao)

Chill at your black friend's house while you enjoy his company and watch the torrent on his computer. He also did not get a refund on his ticket.

Politely Invite your black friend to your house to watch the new black panther movie that you torrented on opening night after having bought a ticket and returned it without a refund.

Please ban me mglln

damned if you do, damned if you don't πŸ˜‚

back business

Racist. You think black people belong on their backs for business?

You people man...


Now you're stealing your grandmas oxygen, so not only are you racist, you're ageist

Yeah, sorry. You're racist now

Well then they're not support back business πŸ‘€

Stand in the corner? lol

Maybe I'm just cheap?

I don't do midnight releases because i'm gonna fall the fuck asleep. I catch the matinee the next morning.

Liberals be like "Have you tried not being white? Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―"

Just to be clear this is a joke that was made earlier in another thread about incarceration, that read

Republicans be like "Have you tried not being black? Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―"

Also also for the record I'm black (if that helps anything)

Oh so you just wanna take credit for the work of black men and women?

Am I racist if I have no interest in the movie?

I'll bring my grandma's oxygen tank lol

And not support the BLACK actors that worked hard on the film???

Bruh might as well pull your clan robes out you're not fooling anyone.

MFW Latinos go whenever we want and we get them discounts cause we work in the theatre πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

I had to suck his dick to get back

Well, there it is. Been told yah niggas u/MGLLN was sweet

Mad-Gellan because he's always upset

Mod broke the sub rules tbh, this is not black people on Twitter

Fine, I'll just buy it from the black dude that sells bootleg DVDs.

Civil war.

MGLLN should ban himself

Tickets are cheaper and the theatre is less crowded. Matinees are the best.

I tried not being white and I got kicked out of my segregated home school.

Good Taste


Pick one

I don't know what you mean, white suburbans love the shit out of their superhero movies.

Yeah, fucking racist ass Jews acting all Jewy and shit.

Miss me with that racist shit.

I always say Magellan

This thread will be civil

I'm just gonna get out ahead of this shit and invest in black panther 2. Maybe they'll throw me an EP credit

Damn! I KNEW IT! cursed by my lack of melanin yet AGAIN.

I mean, just the other day I got out of possession with intent because I told the cop "I'm sorry officer, I didnt know that I couldn't do that"


Oh ok so the black person has to be a cushion for a white person? Racist.

Manatees are the best ftfy

Me reading this thread

Don't worry my black face is on point. Win win.


The only true answer here.

Pretty much, cracker

You're tearing our nation apart REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Easy solution. Buy a ticket out in a white suburb theater and watch it on midnight release. You're not taking anybody's seat because that theater is gonna be empty.

[Racism Intensifies]

Oh so the chairs are whites only now? Even at a movie theater someone has to segregate black people from the chairs? you make me sick.

I dunno if you've noticed, but white folks kinda like their superheroes. I mean, Marvel isn't doing so well financially because Tony Stark is culturally diverse.

What if my girls white and I bring her for cultural awareness

I done told you once already

i love mediocre >witty one liners meticulously crafted by a team of dozens of writers that are sure to translate excellently for multilingual box office appeal

Have her sit on your lap.

Hey I paid to watch Civil War...there were two black dudes in it!

BlackPeopleTumblr is allowed

Off topic, but how the fuck I pronounce this guy's name, just been saying macgillan for the longest time.

There were three black dudes, four including daddy panther.

That's a fake black person

Why'd you come for him like that

It was common practice back in those days that after you shoot a guy, you would apologize to him and send his wife flowers. It seems strange today but back then it wasn't about winning or losing, you just gave it your best and left any hard feelings on the field.




Why are you typing like this.

What's so civil about war anyway?

Impending race war 😀

It it's cultural appropriation because Piracy is a crime and crime is for black people./s

Well first you are birthed into the world from parents with Jewish heritage, then you decide "I don't really like Judaism, maybe atheism is kinda my thing."

Oh of course you think the black man has to commit a crime to make money. Absolutely disgusting.

send me monies

For what it’s worth, you don’t have to go to a midnight release. Most highly anticipated movies have showings Thursday nights starting around 6pm. Then that Friday is the official release day and they show it all day.

I don't want to sit among any people.

Magellan I'm pretty sure

You're assuming they can't afford their own ticket you racist piece of shit

Dogs can be white you racist

It's an ethnicity, not a race. Still, he is being pedantic, being a bigot based on ethnicity is pretty dam similar to bring one based on race.

Do movies even still do midnight releases? I thought they stopped that after the Dark Knight Rises shooting. My theater always premiers movies at 7pm.

Fuck crowds. I'll wait until like Wednesday and go to a mostly empty theater.

Ironic. He could trigger himself, but not others.

Here go niggas hopping on the Black Panther bandwagon like they didn't make fun of niggas for reading comics


That Dolezal lady tried it, seemed to work for a while. I wasn't even mad at her - she was kinda cute.

I'm sure your respect for black culture will be appreciated.

Dammit! How did I forget Samuel L. Jackson? Daddy Panther was easily forgettable tho.

It's sad to see someone who so adamantly wants to whip themself. My brother is one of those people. It's funny because he has seemed to forget that our ancestors have never owned slaves, and even fought for the Union despite living in the South. But I guess we're racists because of our skin color.

Yes it is. It's both a religion and a race.

honestly this thread is pretty civil because everyone is generally agreeing that this is just mglln doing his weekly bpt bait and that this logic if horrendous lmao


Fine I'll buy it from the asian dude then!

It is relevant because he acts like he or his family have personally done harm to African Americans. In reality, that's completely false.

Obligatory Throwback

AMC switching to all leather recliners and assigned seating is the tits. I don't give a shit about crowds anymore because I can just kick people out of my seat like at sporting events.

He knows it's just a joke

Why does he have to be your black friend? Racist.

There is a solution here you are not seeing!

shoots self in the head

EDIT: Made the reference more accurate.

How do you know they're white? For all we know, it's a dog.


At what point would a Captain America movie cease being a Captain America movie and begin to be a Black Panther movie.

Shit I forgot him too.

Was referring to Falcon, War Machine and BP.

Damn, at least see Deadpool, Avengers, and Civil War. I'm not a huge Marvel person either but those are worth it.

I've only seen Antman, Ironman and both Guardians of the Galaxy. I don't get into the whole MCU thing but I'm not gonna pass just because it's a Marvel movie. I saw fruitvale station when it first came out and basically made the decision right then to watch anything Coogler puts out. If nothing else, see it so you can keep up with the memes.