Patrik Laine plays 'Call of Duty' with Aleksander Barkov: 'He's always online' - Sportsnet

Patrik Laine plays 'Call of Duty' with Aleksander Barkov: 'He's always online' - Sportsnet

Man, Laine can actually tell these kids he's fucked their mom, and he'd probably be right

Probably one of the best moments of my gaming life was playing NHL against Mitch Callahan, while controlling digital Mitch Callahan, and kicking the shit out of Mitch Callahan with digital Mitch Callahan.

Maybe that's how Laine is so good in shootouts; constant search and destroy matches talking with Barkov in game chat.

this is why they hate us

That's fucking awesome. It must be pretty surreal to play a game against a digital version of yourself that wasn't custom made by you or a friend.

Haha. Chatting with a stranger online and then finding out you know who they are is the best. I've had a few meh ones - radio hosts, djs, etc.

But I did once play a game of NHL 14 against snoop dogg. He beat me 4-2 with the Kings vs Canucks. He had played like 400 games online when I checked after... Barely talked but very sincerely confirmed that yes, it was actually him when I asked. He hates the Canucks more than most teams :(. That basically summarizes the extent of our conversation lol. I tried to chat a couple times but he just wanted to play the game.

Plus 72 witty comment, minus 4 continuation joke,

... Positive? meta comment about Reddit

There is a 0% chance Laine doesn't play runescape


Clap bombs, cut yews

Both my favorite and least favorite kinds of Leafs fans in one thread

"Fuck off, Barks. Lol what a scrub. I clap bombs and fuck your mom, everyday fucking celly boys fuck."

Nah man ww2 supports party chat SnD, they’re talking 24/7

watch the Tampa Bay Lighting

New Finnish CWL team inc?

New school kids. Tell them to 1v1 me in any of the first 3 halos.

Aw. I'm still waiting for someone in hockey to play csgo

Which is really dumb. I loved SnD with everyone shit talking in between rounds.

...I played wayyy too much call of duty as a teen

Kinkaid used to play 1.6


How dare you insult Laine by assuming he plays RS3

I played EA NHL 14 in a party with Mike Matheson when he was going through the Panthers' system and he was very humble about it. I played LD and he played RD and he was so fucking easy to play with. Knew what to do with the puck at all times and gave me compliments too. I felt like I could play for the Panthers too right then and there...

what else is there to do in Florida?

You mean this. I understood the context lol

Wrastle some gators

Finns are some of the hardest scapers out there

new school kids

i'll have armour control over you all day in Quake 2

He definitely 360 no-scopes kids


NHL reflexes?

They're not superhumans lol, their reflexes are just as good as yours.

would not want to play video games against guys with NHL reflexes personally.

There can be favourite kinds of Leaf fans? 🤔

After he frags them he can T-bag them and then say, "Tell your mom I said Hi."