Patch 7.16 Notes

Patch 7.16 Notes

“Enemy ward here” has been added as a keybinding option in the “Communication” section of the in-game Hotkeys menu! (It’s not currently bindable through the client)

God bless.

Fizz E (Playful / Trickster) cooldown decreased.

Just thinking about this ability makes me angry


more leblanc q ratio changes

maybe giving leblanc good waveclear was never a good idea in the first place :thinking: ?

BUGFIX Kayn no longer gains transformation progress from ticks of Corrupting Potion, Deathfire Touch, Red Buff, or Challenging Smite.

RIP lane Kayn?

Vi buffs? Ult cooldown decreased? Is this real life?

Can't wait for junglers to stroll through the bush and sit in it after being pinged 6 times!

Removing the biggest weakness of her kit turned out to have disastrous results? Who would have guessed?

20 bucks says there's a Reddit post pointing out a skin that didn't get changed within a day of the patch

2.5 mins for a rank 1 ult is actually stupid to begin with

URF INC LETS GOOOOOOOOOO BOYS :DDDD EDIT: " from 8/11/17 12:00 PT to 8/24/17 " wow 13 days of urf, thanks riot <3

TBF his ult is global and unavoidable. Early game it's just oppressive unless karth is garb

this is such a stupid buff imo

When facing the enemies Fizz should excel against during early laning phase, the nimble Trickster is not faring so well so we’re giving him a bit of power in that front

this is just straight up wrong. The only chance I have as an ori main is to ruin him pre-6. After level 6 Fizz can r-q-e-ignite/w and kill me with little chance for counter-play. Is it possible to avoid? Yes. Is it a matchup I'm going to win more than 50% of the time? Hell nah

EDIT: Yes people, I understand that it is possible to beat him by building banshees and taking heal/exhaust/barrier on orianna. I've had lots of people now insult my intelligence while telling me this. Before you do consider this - Orianna is not the only matchup like this. I've logged ~350 ranked games on orianna over 4 years, not including normals, arams, etc. I can best assess the matchup on the champion I have played it the most on, however, lots of mages are going to see similar results. Syndra's combo can be negated by e's. Taliyah's unravelled earth can be negated, Veigars stun circle, everything of Brands, etc, etc. I'm not saying he should be gutted completely, and I understand that as an assassin he should do well against mages. What I'm saying is that their reason for buffing him seems misguided. If you want to buff somewhere he should be strong it should be his roaming and post-6 dueling, not his early laning phase.

We dont care. No one wants to play against this stupid ass Dodge everything champ.

fizz buff

ok i know who i'm banning for the next month

I mean sometimes just rushing through the ward works because people overextend so much due to the placebo safety. I have a ward != I am ungankable.

The skin selection menu will now pop up as soon as you've locked your champion. No more waiting until the draft phase is over.


7.16 Buffs/Nerfs


















Sorry, this was misreported in the patch notes (will be getting corrected).

W casts will still be buffered any time W is pressed after a Q cast.

The actual change is that W will fire at the target location when the ball is 275 75 units away.

On 7.15, what would happen is that the W slow and damage would go off before the ball is actually close to its target.

Meddler's made a post here about it, and they're saying they'll take a look at it b/c lane Kayn is getting hit hard

BUFFERED CAST RANGE While The Ball is moving from Q - Command: Attack, Orianna can queue up Command: Dissonance if The Ball is within 275 ⇒ 75 units of Q’s target location. Spell queueing attempts from a greater distance are ignored

This feels more like a ping nerf than anything. If you time it right you wont notice a difference...

Or am i understanding this wrong?

Meanwhile Karthus

Rammus: ok.

There are exactly 2 reasons why mid meta was so stale in the past year: Syndra and Orianna. Will see how much will it change after these nerfs.

They sacrificed her burst damage, new LB deals about the same if not more damage than old LB, it's just that her passive makes the damage more delayed.

Vi's buffs are going to feel really nice.

A solid 5 minutes earlier

She'll run OOM one E quicker, so it's probably OK.

its still the same 10 seconds when maxed, most competent fizz players max E first anyways so its a nice buff, but nothing too big.

They still don't get to pick their champion.

Add kayn to the nerfs. He used to get fast evolves by using red and dft, and evolving fast. Now he cant do that. Even those who didnt use dft, still used red in ganks.

Karthus ult is unavoidable

Best joke I've heard in a long while.

What about performance tuning? didn't they say smth about the next patch focusing on performance issues ?

Another portrait is placed on top of the other one with 50% opacity

Poor Galio. He didn't deserve this. Riot doesn't like the idea of a tank midlaner being decent I guess.

Big nerfs to Cait. The last nerf was really big too and her winrate was about 48% last time I checked.

Cass's level 2 all in actually got stronger, that's scary AF.

Busy one-shotting people

There aren't any silvers in reddit. We are all challengers, come on, we've been over this

I'm glad they're at least open to it being a thing. It was an unintented interaction that allowed for a unique way for the champion to be played. He was balanced around his transform power spike being done at a certain point and the DoT (DFT/CPot) circumvented it.

I wonder how they could help lane Kayn without changing numbers on his kit (because I'd argue jungle Kayn in both forms is balanced right now).



3 AD


I know you guys have a modeling dept. In Maya, the camera controls = Alt + LClick is rotate, Alt + RClick is zoom, Alt + MClick for pan in the 3D space. Holding and dragging opens the component mode selector.

Just change it so V and G operate different wheels of pings when you hold and drag. Would be able to add a please ward here and a please sweep here, etc.

Would also enjoy vector pings to. Being able to click and drag retreat or group to create a line in the direction I want them to take.

Tacking it onto this top comment for visibility.

So If you erase the dumb people who play her surprise her win rate goes up. You realize this applies to every champion whose win rate would Increase if you take out the bad players.

Whoops, we forgot to put this in the patch notes. Some improvements have gone in and we're not done yet. More to come over the next few patches.

Especially the fact that she won't auto cancel her E anymore

Because Riot is tracking your vacation dates. It happens to all of us.

Uhh where's Cho'Gath?

That Taliyah nerf is a big deal.

The Doran's Stack nerf was noticeable to players like myself who went: x2 Doran into Sorc Boot/Haunting Guise rush. That power spike was so fast to hit and devastating to squishies. Now add 30 mana cost to rank 5 and you get a Tali that has to get a Mana Item before any other to keep up in lane.

Guess I won't be playing ranked this patch. RIP season rewards.

Yeah, Yasuo is just stupid

RIP Caitlyn

She'll have fun down there together with Azir and Ryze.

Wouldn't ultimate skins be an exception to this? I mean, this change doesn't affect them if they already had their splashes in the portrait.

So sad about the Caitlyn changes. But I guess it was better for the health of the game. Wish they would revert the AS nerfs.

wow that sion w buff seems pretty big actually

And he loses out to Redemption, locket.

I go through phases. Sometimes I obsessively check the minimap, sometimes I just ignore the nine person team fight happening in river.

Mid meta probably wont change from these nerfs. The point isn't really to shift the meta here, it's to make it less punishing to get stuck on a non-meta pick because everything got banned or picked already. Although Lucian seems to benefit the most because he's really strong but didn't get nerfed.

Wait, you mean you don't enjoy super slow auto attacks as an ADC?

He's not even that strong right now. They already gutted him to the point where he's barely viable in soloq. 38th WR mid and 54th top. Can't imagine how shit his win rates will be now

LPT: You can play one game a week to maintain Challenger.

what are the urf people going to complain about once the patch is over?

Riot just wants to fuck with people's csing.

Looks like league of Cho this worlds.

If you're good enough to play Azir at a 50% winrate, you could probably pick a better mage and get like 75% instead

To be fair, he used those DOTS to get his transformation a little too fast. If there's some way to tweak it and keep the interaction, that'd be nice

Ori completely destroys fizz in lane if she actually knows how to play the game, while massively outscaling him at the same time.

In fact thats pretty much every meta mid laner vs fizz, fizz only beats ori in silver where they dont know how to press E on themselfes and auto attack at lvl 1 and run no mr runes or buy banshees.

Thankfully Lost Chapter is broken, so the nerf should be survivable.

Still, losing 1 extra Q of mana for every 2 we cast is real harsh. Prima facie it looks like the harshest nerf for any of the midlaners.

Well, they sacrificed her damage to give her waveclear. Now they're taking the waveclear away and we'll see alot less LeBlanc in the future.

IMO yes, but as is tradition for Shurima.... he's still terrible for the average player.

Currently, you're able to cast W before your Q finishes traveling. The W damage and slow appear at the end location of the ball, not its current location. This makes the W part of the Q->W very hard to dodge, and the W slow makes the Q slightly harder to dodge.

The wording isn't clear, but my impression was that this is a nerf to the above behavior.

EDIT: Here's a mediocre video of the behavior

You'll need to pause-unpause a few times to see it, but the W damage and slow get applied to the end location quite a bit before the Q finishes moving.

EDIT2: Here's a decent picture:

Currently, you're able to cast W before your Q finishes traveling. The W damage and slow appear at the end location of the ball, not its current location. This makes the W part of the Q->W very hard to dodge, and the W slow makes the Q slightly harder to dodge.

The wording isn't clear, but my impression was that this is a nerf to the above behavior.

EDIT: Here's a mediocre video of the behavior

You'll need to pause-unpause a few times to see it, but the W damage and slow get applied to the end location quite a bit before the Q finishes moving.

EDIT2: Here's a decent picture:


oh no go on

Yup, it's always frustrating when you see it buffer 2-3 times and then never hit the target

Also the part where you can select skins after locking in your champ (instead of waiting for everyone to pick and lock in first).

this makes way more sense.

Their aim is to not have Cait as an option at worlds to encourage pick diversity in the adc role, I doubt this has anything to do with the health of the game.

From the jungler in the top lane bush


thats ironic

at least his dodge doesnt stun you and give you 0.1 attack speed for 5 seconds

That Taliyah nerf is pretty harsh. 10 mana extra at level 1, 30 at max

48% with a 19% PR. The top Cait players (and there are a lot) still do great with her. The worst 2/3rd are dragging her down and the best 1/3rd would still give her an pretty AVG PR.

10% of all Cait players are building Hurricane or RFC as their first major item. That alone reduces her WR from ~50% down to 48%. Without these guys she has a perfect 50% WR and would still have a 17-18% PR.

Yeah huge buff right? by level 9 Fizz will be the same as it is now.

I'm plat and I need my support to ping 4 times before I notice I'm actively getting ganked

Runic and every other fkn shield and heal in this game

As long as the w dmg stays so heavily reliant on the Bonus Ap scaling bruiser fizz is shit


Patch Notes 7.16 Rundown with Scarra + Ornn Review

This was mildly popular last time, so let's do this thing again! A look at how this patch will impact the support role.


Mid lane saw a lot of changes this patch. Riot is attempting to push down sustained DPS of control mages, but they will still be picked. The bottom line of 7.16 is tank stacking is here to stay, and you either need to heavily snowball early, or build multiple damage threats into your composition to win. With supports abusing Ardent Censer, there is no room in the role for magic damage dealers (Brand/Zyra), top laners and junglers are both currently fixated on tanks. So the only reasonable place to get some magic damage into the composition is from mid lane. And because all fights are now front to back fights, the burst mages just don't do the job. Basically, the mid lane is still "something that can bust through a tank" or alternatively "something that keeps the tank away from ADC that is going to bust through the tank"

Jungle may get shaken up, since early pressure from mid lane is getting nerfed across multiple champions, the passive mid lane may result in a lean towards more farm heavy jungle styles (Shyvanna, who was recently buffed!)

Support role is unchanged. Ardent Censer, and ability to get away with passive laning means the bot lane is a complete farm fest. What's ridiculous is, the more supports opt into the passive lane style, the worse it gets. It is now completely possible to skip pots, and start coin/rejuv bead on a lot of ardent censer users.

Top lane and ADC choices are unaffected by this patch.

Support Champion Selection Impact

Janna will go up in win rate yet again. The ancient coin nerf hits two of her counters: Sona and Taric. Janna doesn't actually use mana in lane at all, so the only thing she cares about is gold generation. I highly advise every support to pick this champion up, as it is 2 more weeks of easiest elo you've ever gained. Bring greedy runes & masteries (5 GP10, 45 scaling AP), buy greedy start (coin, rejuvenation bead), build through a greedy path (coin upgrade asap > argent censer right after), play behind your ADC at all times, win 60% of the time or more.

Soraka will also go up in win rate. She's been doing very well recently, despite not being the best ardent censer user in her class (Sona uses the item most efficiently with 100% up time on the entire team).

Sona will get hit by coin changes a bit. But a playstyle adjustment will solve the problem. Simply play up less in lane to diminish poor trades. Continue to max W first. Consider slotting in 1-3 mana regen blues into your rune page, but probably unnecessary. Just like Janna: greed for ardent censer as much as you can; unlike Janna, once you have it, float around the map towards skirmishes, and try to stay mid as much as you can. Honestly, if Sona didn't have to buy boots, her win rate would be as high as Janna's.

Taric is probably hit by the coin nerf the hardest. But he's still situationally good, same as before (vs high ad teams), so you'll still pick him when the composition let's you.

Nami has not yet come back into the meta (the Sona/Janna combination is too dominant), but the coin nerf affects her more so than the other supports.

A Small Guide to Support Picks & Bans on 7.16

If you are in first to third position, hover Janna.

Wait 15 seconds before banning, then ban Maokai, Cho'gath, or Blitzcrank, in that order of priority. Maokai has a high win rate in a position that is not yours, Cho'gath can literally delete you from a game, Blitzcrank is a nasty counter to most Ardent Censer users. These bans will set up the best possible game for the greedy ardent censer play style that is currently dominant.

If you are in first or second position on your team, insta-lock Janna as soon as you are able. If you are on blue side, and in third position, also insta-lock Janna.

If you are in third on red side, fourth, or fifth slot, you may actually have some things to consider!

Has enemy team picked Janna? Insta-lock Sona Has your team drafted all squishy high damage champions with no engage? Insta-lock Sona Has enemy drafted Brand, or similar high AoE magic damage champion? Consider Sona, but look if it fits better than Janna into your composition. Rush Locket after Ardent Censer either way. Has enemy drafted a full ad composition? Lock in Taric Has enemy drafted 2 champions with shields (i.e. Janna/Orianna, Lulu/Janna)? Dodge

A Change by Change Run Down

Caitlyn Q changes don't matter. The snap trap changes are huge, but only in high elo (above mid diamond?). Basically, unless you are xFSNsaber, Caitlyn will still be the annoying PoS you love. Fiora buffs, ok. Lane Kayn nerfs, whatever. He's strongest from the jungle as far as impact goes anyways. Mao nerfs are pretty big, but he's still a monster. Sion buffs! I don't play him in support, and meta doesn't favour him in there right now, but those look juicy. Mostly the upper damage buff on ultimate. Vi buffs! I love this champ, miss her in the meta. Tanks are still better. On hit interaction with wards changes. That's fine. I think the removal of ability to lifesteal off em for Aatrox is unfortunate. Cass has disappeared from my games in 7.15, I'm guessing this is not gonna help. I'm not sure if this change actually removes the E spam impact. I'm also not sure why Riot is nerfing tank shredding mages during a tank heavy meta. Corki change is whatever Fizz is still situational, but a buff is nice. Galio nerf is not enough to do anything to him in competitive. The ult stats are secondary, it's all about utility and wave clear LB nerfs, cool. Don't know enough about the champ to understand the impact. But from what I remember a long time ago, LBs would just leave the wave and roam anyway. My guess is she'll still bend you over bot, but your mid lane might take a tower first. Orianna nerfs won't move her anywhere. Especially with shield supports and hyper carries in bot lane enabling her. Syndra burst is the same, but her DPS is lower. Cool, but she will still outskill you with R. Taliyah nerfs are massive. Holy crap, I feel for the champ. But don't most mid-laners opt for CDR build on her anyway (her base damage is high)? And most CDR items have Mana Regen built in. Just seems like Riot wants to funnel Taliyah into a CDR/Mana item first, and then damage through Liandries. Eh, I think the champ will still be around doing her thing. Ancient coin nerf is the wrong nerf. But it does hurt Taric & Sona, which in turn boosts Janna's win rate. Cinderhulk nerf is whatever Vision ping is BUSTED, bind that shit ASAP.

Related Videos You Can Watch

The above post was written before watching any of the patch reviews (I'm trying to get better at predictions and understanding of the game). The below videos are really interesting!

RECOMMENDED: - Always watch scarra at 1.25 or 1.5 speed. Patch 7.16 Rundown with LS Patch 7.16 Rundown without Clickbait Title by Phylol Janna Build Stuff with The Tank Man - This guys puts out amazing videos on Janna and Sona, this is his most recent one, and it's fantastic.

It's pretty big, but you have to remember how unreliable his damage and CC are compared to somebody like Maokai or Poppy or Galio

True, this applies to everyone. But if you take away 67% of the players that play cho jungle you will be left with a 1.3% PR which are the super hardcore Cho players only and these deserve a WR of 55%.

If you reduce Caits PR by 67% she still has the AVG ~7% PR. Right now the top 17 out of 19% still have a 50% WR with her.

That is a difference. It works with everyone like that but it matters if the champ has an AVG pick rate, below or above already. A Karthus with a 1% PR can have a 55% WR.

The both category doesn't mean that it's disputable whether it is an overall buff or nerf, just that they got a buff in 1 area and a nerf in another.

Faker nerfed:

"opting into the level 1 non-empowered “E-spam” strategy shouldn’t automatically win the lane."

We've been talking a bit internally over whether or not we'll have the room to give her the AS back after these changes go live without catapulting her right back to the top optimal pick. Proceeding with caution and waiting for the right data after the changes go out to help us make an informed decision down the road. I honestly can't promise anything, since the outcome may actually be "we don't need to change anything" once things shake out, or with runes reforged coming soon, but she's on our minds.

I, for one, hate URF classic after having tried ARURF. It's not perfect of course but it feels much more enjoyable than seeing the same champions every game and getting crushed by them because you wanted to try something fun.

i mean to be fair i dont see why they dont give us URF in customs to be played in either draft or blind pick.

Best fucking change

Especially because the cooldown of this is the only window where you can punish him

Other mid laners getting nerfed is a huge indirect buff to Viktor.

What's the decay in silver 3?

It definitely is, and thank god for it, Taliyah pushing power level 1-3 should be illegal

It's definitely a nerf for syndra, even though they increased her E ap ratio she normally uses only Q to push waves, so it makes her take longer to push

It's hard to balance assassins this way. You give them too much waveclear and they'll be perpetually roaming and killing everybody because they won't lose anything by doing so.

Give them too little and they'll be next to useless as champs since they'll be stuck under their tower or become severely underfarmed when they dare to roam.

It's not. Coin gives no flat mana regen, only those mana coin drops. Toning those down will definitely hit ranged AP supports notably.

Yeah thats my assumption too, but i hope otherwise. Fucking tired of seeing Syndra, Ori, Corki Taliyah almost everygame

And I'm out of the country for 11 of those days. Why riot, why!!

Thanks for reminding me on this! Hmm is it time to bring out the pitchforks?