Pastor who encourages followers to 'place their trust in God alone for healing' charged in child's death

Pastor who encourages followers to 'place their trust in God alone for healing' charged in child's death
Pastor who encourages followers to 'place their trust in God alone for healing' charged in child'...

Fly this guy half way to England then tell him to trust in god to get him safely to shore.

These people are so fucking stupid I'm literally ashamed to be from the same country a state them. They would actually make humanity regress back to the bronze-age if they could.

What's frustrating is that others may see the pastor as a martyr for having faith that that kid would be healed, and he's being arrested as "part of god's plan."

It would be "his time"

I wonder what they think of God when he doesn't heal the kids. Probably something like "he's in a better place now" or "it was simply their time".

His ways are mysterious.

So it's raining really hard. There's a fundamental Christian living beside a river and it starts to flood. The sheriff's deputies come by and tell him he should leave before the river cuts off the road.

"The Lord will save me," he tells them.

The river is up to the front porch and the some folks come by in a boat and tell him to hop in and they'll take him to safety.

"The Lord will save me," he tells them.

The water rises above the first floor and the man has to climb on his roof. The National Guard comes by in a boat and begs the man to come with them.

"The Lord will save me," he tells them.

The waters keep rising and the man is clinging to his chimney. A helicopter appears and lowers a rope, but he refuses to go, telling them "The Lord will save me." Finally he is standing on top of the chimney and the river is still rising.

"Lord," he calls out, "Lord, why have you forsaken me?"

The sky splits open and a HUGE voice booms out... "I sent two boats and a helicopter... What more do you want?"

I know, but its a kid that had no choice that is sad. If its an adult that chooses to forgo medical treatment because their invisible friend will sort it, that's one thing. But kids with no choice? It disgusts me.

Maybe he can put his trust in God for his legal defence?

But they would never think that it was god's plan that the parents take the kid to the doctor. Maybe god's way of healing us is to give us skilled doctors?

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Neglect is child abuse and clergy are required by law as mandated reporters to report child abuse. The pastor not only incited the parents to neglect their child but also had no intention to report them for it. That's what he was charged for, freedom of speech/religion has nothing to do with it.

Why do religious people put their faith in god when it comes to healing a child, always hire lawyers when they go to court.

This is it, but you know what drives me crazy about this, is it's never their fault. They were never shitty parents who let a child die due to their stupid arbitrary rules, it's just God's will. Or sometimes they'll even blame the child, they weren't strong enough or they rejected God's help or some bullshit. Religion isn't just stupid harmless nonsense, it's a really dangerous way of thinking.

See, what scares me more is that when I'm on a plane, it may be "time" for someone else.

I'm ashamed to be of the same species. :)

And people come here every day asking: "What's the harm in religious beliefs?"

And look before they cross the road.

Religion kills.

He should be sent to a psych ward not a prison because he seriously has mental problems.

It's no longer first amendment when your beliefs endanger others.

Sounds to me like you're looking for a church!

I use an analogy similar to this when attempting to talk some reason into my FIL. Actually, I should say I used to, it simply isn't worth the headache and elevated blood pressure.

I do find it interesting though that he thinks vitamins and essential oils can cure anything if used with prayer, yet goes to the hospital and gets prescription meds when he has a kidney stone.

Yeah, it pisses me off to no end. My sister was severely burned and brain damaged in a house fire and my grandmother said that it was god punishing my parents.

I don't think you understand how America works.

Not even in the worst case scenario (unless we have a murderous psychopathic serial killing pastor) will you have a pastor who is sent for a psych eval.

The pastor incited these ways of thinking, so he is partially responsible. But he's not being charged with the murder, just with breaking the law by not reporting the child abuse.

It's the "god needed another angel" reason.

This makes me want to slap the piss out of someone whenever I hear it. They're talking about someone's dead child, and have the fucking audacity to say that without even batting an eye.

Well, at least in Finland the one who provokes or impels someone to commit a crime, is punished the same as the person doing the deed.

My neighbors growing up were Christian Scientists, and firmly believed that medicine (as in drugs and chemicals) was an affront to God. They were very friendly, but one time their granddaughter (who they adopted after both of their own children got mixed up in crime and narcotics) missed almost a week of school, wasn't around the neighborhood, and wouldn't respond to her walkie talkie. Finally towards the end of that week she showed up at school and explained that she'd had all 4 wisdom teeth removed on Monday. A mutual friend asked if the dentist had put her to sleep or just numbed her, and she was confused. Her grandparents not only told the dentist not to use ANY painkillers, but had kept the entire concept of anesthesia away from her. When she found out that most people are at least numb during dental surgery, she flipped out.

Surprise, surprise, she didn't grow up to be an obedient Christian either. Not did her brother. By my count, that's 4 children that my neighbors managed to push away from their own religion and into hard drugs and dangerous behavior. At what point do you ask your God for a better plan?

A couple years ago, the grandfather ended up with a pretty serious condition. I can't quite remember if it was a kidney infection, an immune system thing, or something else. After months of slowly wasting away, losing his memory, and falling down out of weakness frequently, he finally sat down with his wife and said "I'm not ready to die." They took him to the ER, and there they found out that his body was close to shutting down completely. The doctor told him he likely wouldn't have survived another week before his body was too toxic.

They were able to help him recover and get him back on his feet, but even he recognizes that he lost a lot of himself to the sickness. He talks slowly, has a hard time focusing for more than a few minutes, and can't do any of the hiking and fishing he used to love.

My dad does work on their property from time to time, and he says he hasn't heard any of the usual Christian Science schtick since then.

Bronze age peasants were easier to control.

Wow. Religion is such poison. No where else would you find a statement like that to be acceptable. Such ignorance and lack of empathy makes me sick.

Since I'm not sure the government can do anything about these sects (first amendment), maybe we, the people have to. But then it might point out to many believers that their own beliefs are just as ridiculous, simply less harmful - which means it probably wouldn't happen.

OTOH, maybe lawyers/the government could somehow differentiate between religion and the sect of a religion. IDK, I hate the idea of giving the government any more power along the lines of enforcement.

When "free speech" is directly responsible for the actions that led to the death of a child, someone needs to be held accountable.

Just think of it as natural selection.

The more we worry about feelings the more this type of shit will happen. Not all religions are equal and some of them are just poison to society. Time to let everyone know that.

Since when was freedom to neglect a child to the point of death a thing in America? Could you point that out in the constitution?

Ahhhh Pennsylvania, you look like Florida right now. The whole east coast is stuck in the past and the south never made it out of it. Religion holds us ALL back.

Well, it sounds shitty but it still is a mechanism of natural selection. The shitty parents can't keep a kid alive, so their family line never continues.

If you want to use pray as a method of healing it should have to pass the FDA regulations like any other healing method.

I'm just ashamed.

Except it doesn't matter what their world view is. Child neglect in terms of medical treatment is pretty cut and dry in terms of the word of law. Regardless of what they though was right, the pastor, as a member of clergy is required to be knowledgeable of his duties as a mandated reporter. By not adhering to those responsibilities he broke the law.

In terms of your hypothetical, if the pastor was aware of the mans intent to commit a crime and did not report it, yes he would be culpable as far as in terms of being an accomplice by not reporting prior knowledge about a crime.

Was he responsible for this childs death, by preaching these ways of thinking, absolutely. Should he be charged for committing the murder of this child or whatever other hypothetical crime, in terms of the law, no. However he should be held accountable and charged(which he was) for shirking his duty as a mandated reporter.

Edit: Ignorance of the law excuses no one.

Fucking hell. I thought I had it bad because the anesthesia started to wear off partway through. That is abuse.

I'm just here so I don't get fined.

Freedom of religion is not an excuse to break law. Tomorrow I can claim that my religion tells me to kill people, and since it's my religion I'm entitled to be let free.

Unless you live in a theocracy, law > religion.