Paris: muslim strolls down the street draped in a huge ISIS flag

Paris: muslim strolls down the street draped in a huge ISIS flag


I believe he should be shot and hanged from the gallows. Come on France, stop being such fucking pussies. This is not okay. If I saw that I would have (at least) gone up and ripped it off of him an stomped it on the ground. I know they come in droves/hordes but enough is enough.

Its the equivalent of a german soldier walking around paris with a nazi flag without anyone saying a word. WTF!

That guy is wondering whats going on.

Enemy soldiers marching through Paris and nobody does anything.

Sick. Cucks are fucking retarded and Islam is the natural Darwinism of the left. Without people like us on the right side, they'd all be living under Sharia law in a few years. Their women would be sold off as sex slaves and their men would be forced to convert or die.

Weak fucking cucks can't survive without us in this world.

No it's worse. Outside of battles, the Germans were generally well behaved in France especially compared to other armies like the Russians. If civilians had to house soldiers it generally was without issue, the Germans didn't burn down housing blocks because they didn't have enough Nutella. Muslims meanwhile with their rapes, gangs, drugs and sex trafficking plus their overall plan to literally genocide whites via massive birth rate differentials plus intermixing... They're literally worse than Nazis.

How many people in this picture are Arab Muslim?

25% youth in France are muslim, either 1st gen children or outright fresh migrants. Total muslim population is at over 8m. I think its too late.

He is wondering far too little and far too late.

I would get out of there so fast

This shit just blows my mind. I have a friend lived in France for a few years when he was 10-13 years old, so this was probably around 15 years ago. He has told me things like certain subway stations had been taken over by Muslim gangs and most non Muslims avoided them. Lots of unreported stabbings and shit going on around them. I couldn't imagine the shitshow that place must really be now.

But Nazis killed Jews! You are obviously an antisemite racist bigot Holocaust denier, just like Spicer! /s

Paris is so fucked. I work in travel/hospitality we used to have thousands of people wanting to go to Paris 5 or 6 years ago. I haven't had one guest request Paris in months.

People seem to have forgotten the rioters in Baltimore were proudly waving at least 3 ISIS flags that were photographed and several black leaders then started displaying the ISIS hand signal in photos something they had not done before.Just a few weeks ago one of the fascist morons protesting in WASHINGTON was showing Trump supporters a ISIS flag and a beheading video on his phone through the window of the bar they were in, which was locked down for protection, all while threatening them and pointing to his eyes behind his mask and motioning him and his friends would be watching out for the Trump supporters when they left the bar they were sheltering in from the protests,cops and security did nothing.

What is he celebrating?

hes celebrating the fact that leftists have allowed muslims to gain a fuckton of power in europe without having to fight a war to gain it.

he's celebrating because he can walk down the street in Paris wearing an ISIS flag, face exposed, and get no repercussions.

He's celebrating that he's going to be able to murder a crowd of civilians in a few months and no one will stop him.

He's celebrating because Muslims have conquered the left. The left are TERRIFIED of Islamic terror so they surrendered.

What is he celebrating? The erosion of our Christian values that is all which kept our awesome arsenal and combat skills from deleting their world?

7 for sure. I am not sure about the bald guy with the shades which would be 8th and the guy with the back towards us which would be 9th.

I'd have no problem confronting him and fighting to the death if it came down to it if I saw that in my town. I am a bit larger than this throwback, though.

There is a very dangerous nexus between BLM and Islam. Prison radicalization is clearly an issue as well. ISIS will use BLM/racial division to weak us and to use as a cover for their own violence.

France may be already gone.

Vote for your lives, France.

Vote for Marine Le Pen !

I got you fam. Just google "map of Europe" and that will show you the places to avoid.

Go to Budapest. Amazingly Beautiful like Paris, and no muslims.

He pulls that in my town he'd get the living shit beat out of him and get hung with the flag.

Look around him. Excluding the people in the cafe I see maybe three whites, hard to tell on the 3rd. The rest look distinctively Middle Eastern. The terrorist sympathizer is with his own people - the takeover has reached critical mass. Diversity + Proximity = War


I prefer the ole english method of drawn and quartered :3

That is the mathematical certainty. Leftists are only what the Right enable in their worry about what is proper instead of worrying about what problems surround them.

Nature's Laws are not negotiable and those who enable defiance against them may as well drown their own children for in 100 years it will have had the same effect.

Survival of the fittest, once the birth rate plummeted nature began to slowly select against us.

Supporting terrorists is illegal

a ton of lefties are perfectly ok with the idea of their nations and peoples being replaced.

Someday, if things don't change, their suicidal tendencies will become a threat deadly enough to respond to.

I hope things change.

Too late? It's just beginning. Now that the French majority will be replaced with culturedtm Islamists, the leftists can create their super progressive utopia.

Old photo but was legit at the time IIRC.

Seriously all I've heard from people who've visited in recent years is that the city now looks like a giant slum, and they didn't feel safe walking around at night because there are groups sketchy Muslims loitering EVERYWHERE. What a fucking tragedy.

It's not too late. We just have to be a little more brutal come deporting time.

Shit. I'm traveling to Europe soon, I need to find some of those apps that show the no-go zones.

I think he's getting red pilled this exact moment

I read somewhere yesterday that a quarter of French people don't feel safe anywhere anymore and that french women have started ro wear loose clothes and scarfs "just to avoid trouble" sharia by the back door.

Its sad that the population has gone so left that they have to pretend they don't understand the flag to avoid being an "islamophobe" and shunned from society.

Please help this once great society

'Member when the gadsden flag was called a racist symbol in the US? How about this one?

tbf, when the Nazis were occupying Paris, they could walk around with Nazi flags without anyone saying a word...

They have themselves to blame. The Parisian elite voted for this. The countryside did not. They made their bed. The only thing that bothers me is that up until very recently only the working class has paid the price of mass immigration. I'm actually happy that it has reached the upper echelons of the French elite now. This should have happened sooner. It's tragic what Paris has become but at the same time I feel immense schadenfreude that 3rd worlders are now camping right outside of the snotty elite's homes and going after their daughters. How does it feel, assholes?

Ironic how a group like Antifa would be the natural outcome if there were patriots around....instead, they enable these monsters.

Sad that French "men" don't beat the fuck out of him on the spot. France is beyond repair.

This is the flag of the gang of criminals who take over cities and behead Christian children in front of their parents, sooooooo....

Uhhhhh, dude yes, the Germans raped and pillaged, especially on the Eastern Front. Part of the reason for the severity with which Russia rolled over Germany was because it was payback for what Germany had done while advancing in 40-41.

Check out the men near him. I'm pretty sure they're on his side.

But all the refugees are women and children, mmkay?

That is what some of the rural Roman populations thought, the main problem they faced was making such ideas even publicly discussable.

In the end, they failed.

Ummm. Are you sure you understand moozlums? They are quite fond of goats. An ugly French libtard chick is a step up (barely, I admit). Plus, the moozlums are in Europe to rape and leave their baby turds everywhere - conquer through breeding.

Fat chicks (libtards) everywhere finally have dates.

In 347 AD the Romans invited the Gauls into their kingdom because of the violence of the Huns. Within 100 years, after a revolt against an unpopular Roman dictate, the Gauls ruled the empire.

The Ottoman empire has gotten past the gates of Vienna with less effort

Don't hurt Isis fefees! It's just flag of death! Allah at the snackbar!

Its the equivalent of a german soldier walking around Israel with a nazi flag without anyone saying a word. WTF!

It's not really voluntary when you're brought up with the philosophy that each generation must make a better world for their children than the generation before them. Then your globalist government brings in so many immigrants that you're priced out of the housing market and end up childless and living in an apartment in your 30s because all you want to do is give you child a backyard.

But don't you dare wear a MAGA hat in public, you hateful bigot.

You are exactly correct. This is the same problem with Muslims and the current state of Europe. Please witness the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades as other periods of History where European Christianity no longer accepted slaughter at the hands of Islam

That time has past regarding birth rates, once the riots settle across the west where whites are local minorities then the reality will settle in.

Do you think Germanics in the Late Roman Empire did not continue to harass Romans that they were settled next to? The Romans moved, but learned not to complain.

The germanics did this to the romans by the slow roman acceptance that the migrations could not be stopped once a few had been settled and no uprising removed them. By the time that the Migration Period actually began the policies were so fixed by this absurdity-that-has-been-allowed that they could not be meaningfully altered to stop the fall.

Whose governments today resemble this?

I second Budapest. Underrated city. Tons of history and beautiful.

Also, Poland kicks ass and is a great place to visit too.

Are you actually retarded? They went into towns and just slaughtered all Jews and minorities. They are not at all honorable by any stretch of the imagination. Their snipers would also snipe American soldiers until they run out of ammo and then surrender to America because we were the nicest guys to surrender to. You're a complete fucking idiot if you think the nazis were "actually honorable soldiers"

I don't think I'd need minutes to finish the job if it came to blows. The power of kek would be fully released.

I personally saw some of that shit/was exposed to those shitbags when I had to do a little time. I kept my mouth shut at the time (of course), but I kept my eyes and ears open.

Just women and children though /s

We'll see if the majority of them are pussies. I'm choosing to believe that Marine Le Pen is going to shock the world.

Hostels, Hotels, and other tourist services are also being retooled to service the those-who-have-more-rights-than-you groups.

Good Luck.

Consistently strict immigration laws.

Love your country "you must die"

Hate the west "you da real MVP"

All while collecting a government check!

Thank you, I just about thought everyone was out of their minds here for a second.

And go where? Germany? Sweden?

Might be arrested for hate crime and then killed in prison though.

It is funny when people try to make that argument. Like they would kill all jews...and kill everyone...if they had the chance.


Background info:

I don't know if this stuff is true, but sounded true to me.


Background info:

I don't know if this stuff is true, but sounded true to me.

Kill these fuckers on sight. They are enemy combatants.

Enemy soldiers marching through Paris and nobody does anything.

Almost like the French are used to this sort of thing ...


Yeeeaaaa but that was Eastern Front. What happens in Eastern Front, stays in Eastern Front. It's not like they were westerners or anything... /s

Common sense

Problem is if you confront them they're straight on their phones and within minutes cars full of them show up.


I wish I knew the percentage of society that are evolutionary dead-ends (no children by choice, and for certain intend not to).

The Voluntarist Dead-Ender percentage would be illuminating, those that don't care to bear the torch of our ancestors and pass it onto the youth. I suspect their political parties caused this, and ours try to solve this.

At some point they were hijacked by cultural outsiders that wish to spread their way of life but the rot did not begin with the external subversion of culture.

The best thing you could say about Muslim terrorists is that they wouldn't be smart enough to organise the holocaust

I do not believe so. They have a solid history of avoiding bullshit.


Do you see that one dudes head? Wtf it's like a cone head. They are inbred for sure

Must be a work day, not many French out and about.

They're raping handicapped octogenarians. Men are being raped in London. They'll rape anybody.

I was thinking that too, and it looks like by the makeup of the crowd it could very well be to the death.

Russia is looking the safest or any eastern European country.

Nah, much of Eastern Europe is safe.

Been to Israel, that wouldn't never happen. Lots of based hotties walking around with automatic weapons in Israel.

Wear a massive bacon strapon and they'll scatter like flies.

The left are too stupid to be terrified they think they are allies with Islam in taking down western civilization.

Shit... there really is no justice in this world.

As is tradition

Only spent half a day in France. Paris is a shit hole. I like the Scandinavian countries. Go see the northern lights

The Romans didn't have Meme Magic

The Romans didn't have

I wouldn't be surprised if they were in fact muslims, have you been to baltimore recently?

Jesus wasn't a warlord. Mohammed was either a warlord or a fictional character. There is no historical basis.

Exactly this. Just shows that the complacency for this type of stuff isn't anything new for those poor folks.

The silver-lining is that when this image was released originally, no one noticed it. Now we are in an official woke state and the discontented masses are not ok with this.

Don't go to Western Europe excluding Switzerland. I would focus on Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia etc. and maybe northern Italy.

Not safer then Kekistan!

Have you seen liberal women? Even Muslims wouldn't rape them

Where's your pride France. Wake the fuck up. Viva LaPen!


And what's even sadder is that most of the people in this picture don't even look French.

Jesus Christ, I see more refugees than real French people.

Death. That is the prescription they all require.