Parallelogram season

Parallelogram season

Why do we have to do taxes in the first place? the irs already has all the information it needs to do our taxes for us .

It's basically "Do the work yourself and we'll check to see if you're lying."

The IRS wants to auto do taxes. Turbotax and friends have been desperately lobbying against it for years. It's a tragedy of the commons where 100 million Americans mildly hate doing their taxes but Intuit spends millions lobbying to keep their company alive.

(The IRS plan would let people optionally do their own taxes if you didn't trust them, for anyone about to freak out about that)

First of all, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

1) Fucking TurboTax is so easy. 2) Your HS probably did teach that, it’s in a class called Home Economics, you probably thought it was a dumb class full of prude girls so you didn’t take it. 3) Define a fucking parallelogram and solve for the angles given one, I fucking dare you. You didn’t learn that in school ether.

Tax laws change. The rules of math don't.

Or “do the work to let us know you know we owe you money, or we might forget we owe you money”

They tried this in California the government sends you a letter with what they expect you to pay in taxes, then all you have to do is approve it. Only 0.3% of them were fudged up, half of the amount of mistakes that occur the way we do it now.

What I’m really genuinely upset about is the fact that they don’t teach you ANYTHING about money. Like how to invest, and how the stock market works, or how to budget, or balance your checking account.


A parallelogram is a shape with four sides, and the ones across from one another is parallel.

Any two adjacent corners add up to be 180. Any two caticornered angles are the same.

I'm shooting from the hip because I'm on a phone. Do I win a prize?

Greece tested that, more or less. It doesn't go well for, well, anybody.

I agree that TurboTax is easy, but to be fair Home Econ isn't really a thing anymore in some places. I went to a high school with 400 kids per class and there wasn't a single class offered where you would've learned how to do taxes

Did you learn to read? Did you learn simple math? Then what's the problem?

It is the higher math like addition and subtraction right? Never learned that stuff in school?

Get over yourself you use Turbotax or one of the wizard style softwares anyway. Even if you do file your own it is reading instructions and simple math.

If you have enough various investments, deductions, and types of income that you can't self file with turbotax or equivalent then you are probably paying professional anyway.

It's true IRS knows enough to auto do taxes for most people (and also true that Intuit lobbies against auto-filing), but they don't know everything.

A lot of deductions you can claim like charity, home office, moving expenses, etc... wouldn't get reported. And I'm sure a lot of smaller businesses or self-employed individuals have reasons why income details need to be reported by the filer.

Even if the IRS did auto-file for you there would be reasons for individuals to decide to update that data and file their own return.

You pay the lady at HR block and then you go home and cry. Lesson over.

Being taught math isn't just about the ability to use it, it teaches pretty useful problem solving skills, which are even used in personal finance anyway.

Fewer than you'd think. Almost 70% of the US takes the standard deduction, so boom, they're done. Of the remaining 30% it wouldn't be hard for the IRS to get basics like mortgage interest, local taxes etc automatically sent. IIRC the IRS wanted to basically send you a "We think this is what your taxes will be, is that cool?"

Do you really trust the government to give you back everything you're owed without fudge get up occasinally? I look at it as a kind of checks and balances thing.

There is a bank and an employer that send that information to the irs

Intense lobbying from tax software companies for one thing

Haha, what kind of bougie school did you go to? My district did NOT care about us enough to offer that class.