Panthers name Norv Turner offensive coordinator

Panthers name Norv Turner offensive coordinator
Panthers name Norv Turner offensive coordinator

carolina about to get destroyed by nepotism tbh

norv turner - oc ron turner - asst. coach scott turner - qb coach and norvs nephew is assistant qb coach

NFL circle jerk aside I think Cam can make this work. The Norv offense relies on a few key things which the Panthers are going to need to address, namely that LT position and a true WR1 with down field play making ability. That being said most of his offense is run out of run formations that you can adjust to a RPO, which is in my opinion the greatest strength the Panthers have. When you have a linebacker as a QB you should use him. I also don't believe that Cam is ever going to be a dink and dunk offense guy, he got his check down guy with McCaffrey and he'll use him just as much in a Norv offense as he will in anyone else's. The thing with a Norv offense is that he's going to get Cam to go for those down field big plays that he loves, or make those run options and tear teams for big yards as they're scared of the over the top pass.

Norv failed in Minnesota as he had a terrible O-Line and a a dink and dunk QB. The Panthers are not that team and are more aligned with what Norv tries to do on offense anyway.

Anyway that's my two cents on the subject and I look forward to seeing what Norv can put together, and what the Panthers now take in the draft and FA. Hopefully they get that exterior line sorted out and grab Landry. It's quite obvious that defense is going to continue to be disgusting provided they can keep a hold of Wilks, and maybe grab a semi decent pass rusher.

Who do you think would win in a fight between the Ryans and the Turners.

Lets be real, everyone knows the Schottenheimers are a buncha bitches.

The Grudens.

Jay is probably alright at fighting but Jon is a crazy motherfucker and his son Deuce is a world class power lifter and PC Principal impersonator

Looks like that other guy jumped the gun on not jumping the gun

I agree. While it's not the best hire IMO, a lot of Panthers fans are just jumping on the hate train because of Vikings fans even though we're pretty different teams. Hopefully I won't eat my words though.

So it is actually official this time?

That's not what happened. Two of the Turners (offense consultant and assistant QB coach) were already with the organization from years ago. So Norv didn't just come and say "I'm installing my immediate family members in a variety of key positions"...

Its weird to me that Riverboat would be okay with this. I manage some pretty large groups in my job, and if my #2 came to me and said "I'm installing my immediate family members in a variety of key positions", my very first thought would be "I need to hire a new #2."

(Yes, #2 does work for me)

Killing the last bit of hope Panthers fans had left at another OC.

RIP Cam.

If I had a nickel for every time I read this after an offseason move, I'd have like, a solid 30 cents.

Rumors of Cam's demise have been greatly exaggerated. If he survived Shula, he'll survive Turner.

Plus Trai Turner plays guard for us.

a lot of Panthers fans are just jumping on the hate train because of Vikings fans

not me. the obnoxious vikings fans (distinct from their regular fanbase which seems pretty cool) actually make me want to defend the hire. but in the end i don't like it strictly because norv's offense is pretty close to the same offense we've been running the last 7 years, but with less innovation and flexibility. ron promised a fresh perspective and gave us a play caller who very much looked like the game has passed him by in his last gig

let's hope norv can adjust to today's game and, more importantly, the panthers' personnel and things work out. but i'm not optimistic

I feel pretty good about this

Why is nepotism more important in the NFL then making the best hire? I’ll never understand

We have decent pass rushers. We need to go all in a skill players this offseason. Our WR corps is barren and our secondary is trash which is compounded by Wilks' blitz heavy approach to defense.

You've been banned from /sub/minnesotavikings for questioning Teddy Bridgewater.

Shula's offense was a variation of Chud's offense which was a variation of Turner's offense.

It's the same thing run by 3 different dudes, and now we have the dude that created it to begin with running the show.

If Cam had as much success as he did with Chud in his first two years, I'm interested to see how he does with Norv calling the shots.

I have faith that Turner isn't a complete dumbass and understands what he has in Cam and that the RPO is a very viable weapon he has at his disposal. The offense works for us, I think we just need better situational play calling and better red zone efficiency.

But two of them were here before Norv

I feel like this sub's opinion of Norv Turner flip flops like a mother fucker.

People hated him when he left SD. Then they loved him for a few weeks in Minnesota. Then the was back in the toilet when he resigned. Now he's pretty good again from what I'm gathering.

What about Tina Turner

What about Timmy Turner

Cam is just an average kid That no one understands Mike and Ron and Marty Always have shitty gameplans

Sulking and dread from his toweled head But starting in 2018 He's got a magic little man And his entire klan And he's his new OC!

His name is Norv Turner! And all the other Turners! (He made the Chargers kings!) (But don't ask about Vikings...)

Norv Turner! And all the other Turners! You'll run once and then again And then maybe throw it long...

Up the middle! Long pass! Up the middle! Long pass! Up the middle! Long pass! Up the middle! Long pass!

Norv Turner! And all the other Turners! It's just funny to hear A Panthers fan missing Shula But we're living with Norv Turner!

jay looks like he would get his ass kicked by 99% of coaches. agreed on jon being crazy.

i didn't know deuce was a world class power lifter i just knew they always talk about how swole he is on the sidelines.