Panthers fans watching other teams land free agents

Panthers fans watching other teams land free agents

After reading through all the posts in /sub/nfl, I came to see how the sub was doing and this is what I imagined.

Every year.

We’re probably waiting to see the numbers on Norwell’s and Star’s deals to see what kind of comp picks we will get next year...then, based upon that we’d negotiate. So expect us to start talking soon but don’t expect big names.

Same shit, different off season.

It's just what we do.

C'mon now, we got Torrey Smith

Subpar 28-30yr old vets that fit our schemes. And with us having four picks in the top three rounds, I expect us to trade up a bit somewhere in the second round, and we'll come away with a starting Safety, Defensive End, and Receiver. Even if they aren't starting material, they'll likely be forced into action. But I'm a little worried about running back.

Possibly two 3rd round comp picks would be lovely