Paddleboat Hydrofoil

This. This here is magic

I think Lance Armstrong has just found a sport he can compete in.

Out of curiosity, what makes them more dangerous than another vessel of the same size?


I would guess less sound and visibility?

The Boat That Couldn't Slow Down

Instead of having one huge object the size of a garage coming at you, you have two katanas slicing through the water.

I didn't see any needles so wouldn't really float his boat

One of these isn't going to slice a whale to death.

One of these, on the other hand...

One of these isn't going to slice a whale to death.

If you can get close enough to a whale as to cut it with one of these, I think you probably should also probably be able to notice it in time to avoid it. Whales tend to be kinda big.

I skip literally all days possible

Wrote this while the comment above was deleted. Didn't want it to go to waste.

A: They are shaped almost exactly like wings, not swords, and is most likely made of fiberglass. Leading edge is blunt and rounded.

B: This boat couldn't reach a speed fast enough to break the skin of most sea creatures (aside from some invertebrates).

C: Small personal power boats are, by far, more dangerous to every type of marine life in existence. Though they do cast a shadow, they move so fast its completely irrelevant.

We need more foils. They are substantially more efficient which means less oil dumped and used. Foiling needs to be the future of marine transportation.

Source: Professional sailor with a bachelors degree in marine biology

Just go down to your local pedal hydrofoil peddler and ask.

Then you might want to skip this boat.

I would guess something but I do not actually know much about man powered hydrofoils.

boat | | heavy boat

Started getting wound up over this pedal/paddle thing as soon as I read the post title. Scrolled down, and now I'm steamed that this comment isn't rated more highly.

I probably need another beer.

[Owner in back] I heard this is nearby where jesus walked on water

[Guest in front] [tears of joy]

Maybe if you tape a Pokemon card to the paddles...

I thought it was going to fly up into the sky

I can't see a hydrofoil without thinking of the boat from Jonny Quest.

edit: In case anyone is curious.

I feel like this is a concern for vessels with a significantly larger displacement than a fibreglass kayak and two dudes.

Foiled again.

I would guess that nobody here does.

A hydrofoil

What kind of sorcery is this?

By lifting the majority of the boat out of the water you're greatly reducing the amount of drag that the boat encounters.

Do you skip leg and cardio days?

You don't know much about whales

You must have autism

Bit of a jump you made there, calm down. My sincerest apologies, since I seem to have deeply offended you with my whale ignorance. I don't know if you have any family members who are whales, but please do offer them my apologies as well for any offense I may have caused.

The noise a boats propeller makes can seriously fuck up sea life tho

You havnt been whale watching, dolphin spotting or just sailing in general. Unless you have idea conditions you often can't see them till you are on them. Especially whales, they can come up for air after half hour or more submerged.

Mix stealth animals with the extra speed, lack of sound and visibility. And you have yourself a whale sized cheese grater.

The hydrofoil in this would not get to speeds to injure much though so should be fine.

Is the hydrofoil district east or west of the hammock district?

How much do these go for?

Here is a much bigger and faster boat doing just that

Most boats are super loud and very visible though?

I think they made a movie about these guys...Speed 2

They are just harder for animals to notice, so they dont get out of the way.

Don't underestimate alcohol and human stupidity. I think it could make some fake motor noise to prevent it, like those electric cars.

It has enough energy to slice waterkittens in half

float his boat

I see what you did there.

Good honest advice I can live by. Respect.

Oh, I wasn't aware the hydrofoil is 10 meters below water. My mistake, I figured it was at most a foot below water, and that if a fucking WHALE was roughly a foot below water, you'd notice it.

Clearly the rich man's version of water skiing

I don't think it's dangerous when you're going under 7 mph

The bad news is this will not help you get laid.

*Except by awesomely fit outdoorsy chicks

What is that?