OxygenOS for OnePlus One will be launching today

OxygenOS for OnePlus One will be launching today

I'm actually surprised Oxygen came out before CM12s. Dunno if ill prefer it to CM but ill definitely be flashing it tonight to try it out :)

I think they've done it on purpose so people flash it and explore it. If cm12s came out first, oxygenOS would have been mostly ignored.

I wonder what features Oxygen will have. Oneplus not bragging and hyping leads me to believe it has very little.

It's out now

Edit: Oh, and here's the announcement post.

Why is everybody moaning about lack of features? If you want loads of bloat, buy Samsung and suffer with Touchwiz.

Assuming OnePlus have learned their lesson, I want my firmware as close to stock Android as possible so as to minimize the time it takes to get upgrades.

For those power users who want extra features, there is always CM, which fortunately OnePlus makes very easy to get onto your device. Aside from the delay, I consider this almost-stock ROM a huge win for users.

This iteration of OxygenOS serves to primarily cater and adhere to court rulings in markets like India where CM fucked OnePlus over. Do not expect it have much more features than stock android for now.

The secondary reason for OxygenOS is for future phones and that's still many months away

Screenoff Gestures, Customizable Quick Settings and a File Manager. That's like.. nothing.

How was CM any different? I remember getting it on my Galaxy S4 a year ago an thinking "this is excactly like Stock Android", with very minor additions.

And I honestly don't know what you guys are complaining about. I mean, at least you are getting the Stock Android experience, which is by far the most stable, smooth and fast interface out there. Furthermore, the less extra features the easier/faster we will get updates after Google releases updates to Android.

I just hope develop Oxygen for flagships like S6, HTC One, etc.

I've been using it all day and so far I have found:

easily customizable quick settings Screen off Gestures (basically the same ones as CM12) Change between capacitive and on screen navbar A file manager

In short it's basically stock android, but for me it's running much faster then the CM12 nightlies were.

Yeah... I'm surprised by this too. The fact OPO has released so little info on OxygenOS I have no interest to try it out and will wait for the OTA update instead.

https://oneplus.net/oxygenos it's up. fyi

CM is telling people to "calm the fuck down" about lollipop still not being available nearly 5 months after release. The fact that oxygen launches on lollipop, despite being light on "features" still puts them ahead.

I'm a pretty die hard nexus user (s, 4, 5, 7, and 9) and I've very rarely felt like I was missing out on "features." Oxygen OS is already nexus stock plus more.

I've used PA quite a bit, and I'm confident the oxygen team was a good choice for one plus.

Edit: re read your comment, realized you were referring specified to the PA ROM. They took a little more time to get a public release ready than CM, but already more stable.

And with people from PA on the team, there probably are plenty of features coming. I hope this is also a chance to get PA more on the map. To me they look like they kind of lost ground to cm when lollipop arrived

OxygenOS is AOSP. OnePlus hired some the ParanoidAndroid devs to build/manage it for them.

Before OnePlus launched the OPO in India, Cyanogen Inc. signed an exclusivity deal with Micromax to sell CM devices in India. This meant that OnePlus could not distribute the OPO in India with the CM11s OS. It's important to realize that Cyanogen Inc. and CyanogenMod are separate; Cyanogen Inc. is a corporation, CyanogenMod is an opensource project.

In response to this, OnePlus hired the ParanoidAndroid developers to create a new operating system for them from scratch, based on AOSP; this is OxygenOS. OxygenOS will be made available for the OPO, and will be the primary OS for future OnePlus devices, essentially breaking their deal with Cyanogen Inc.. This way OnePlus can sell devices in India without infringing on the exclusivity deal between Cyanogen Inc. and Micromax.

Which gets me thinking, why does android not have a first party file manager?

Completely agree. I felt this was their intention too. I'm holding out for CM12s though

It would make so much more sense if this was open-source. We could add the features we wanted, get faster updates and there would be some confidence in the community (OnePlus loves that word) actually making a difference.

Exclusivity deal with Micromax+CM in India that was announced just prior to OnePlus's launch into that market.

CM has a ton of little features sorely missed in stock android. It's nothing like some other ROMs, but there's definitely plenty of stuff, just not many "big" changes.

No, but OnePlus can't sell CM phones in India because Micromax bought the exclusive right to do so in India.

Killer feature

The reason they haven't released much info about it is because there's not much to say. Other then the odd customise option here and there, OxOS is basically stock android for the moment. But it runs much faster then the CM12 nightlies have been.

I'll take stock over features I'll never use any day.

Nope. Looks like it has very little added features over AOSP. Way less than CM11 on kitkat. It's exactly what I expected.

If you don't want to have to manually flash Google Apps, then Google must certify the version to ship with gapps.

And by "on time" you mean several days late.

You can enable it through ADB (no root needed):

adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/system --bind name:s:status_bar_show_battery_percent --bind value:i:1 adb reboot

I was referring to CM12S OTA.

I personally don't see any reason for it. I'm in favour of having the bare minimum of apps in a default install. You can get everything you need from app stores anyway. But having one as default probably wouldn't hurt.

My ideal Android would have a GUI on the first boot that asked you things like "Do you want to install a browser? If yes, select one" and have a list of browsers or something. And same for email, dialer, launched, all that jazz.

But I think the answer to the question would have something to do with "there's no need" and how Google wants you to manage your media. I think Google is going for an Apple type thing where you don't manage files, but apps manage your media. Also, there's the "Downloads" thing that kinda does file managing? But it's pretty confusing.

Emphasis on looks. They have added tons of settings and customization options. Stock Android on my Nexus devices was very different.

So.... What's the difference between absolute stock and Oxygen?

Hahaha, I agree. I'm favouring OxygenOS only because Cynogen is telling people to calm the fuck down instead of releasing a week or two late. ;-)

So the OnePlus One has now been updated now.

So Motorola, when will the Moto X 2013 be getting Lollipop? Never?

What a load of rubbish. Look at the variety of Linux distributions, Android Roms etc around. They all have points of difference. You seem to have a fundamental lack of understanding about open source. Open source does not mean free, or community necessarily. Plenty of companies run using an open source model, look at Red Hat.


They're going straight to 5.1 so wait some more and be grateful, 5.1 is pretty good

Would the equivalent for a terminal session on the phone be:

insert --uri content://settings/system --bind name:s:status_bar_show_battery_percent --bind value:i:1

Xposed works on lollipop now.

Right? I've used Nexus phones with Stock Android & I currently have a OnePlus One using CM11S. Honestly, I couldn't tell you the difference between stock and Cyanogen.

You only notice the differences if you're a hardcore power user. I use my phone to watch movies & TV shows (Stan & VLC etc), make calls, send texts + emails and to browse the internet. I pretty much never listen to music. I occasionally read books using the Kindle app. Out and about I have a bunch of maps & public transport stuff.

Yep, that's about it. That's everything and like most people, I can do all that just as well even if I was still on Android 4.4.4. Or possibly even 2.3. I'm always surprised by how uppity people get over the little things like upgrading from an extremely good OS in Cyanogen Mod 11S to a Lollipop based ROM.

The differences seem so minimal to me. Almost non existent.