Owning a cat... summed up in one photo

Owning a cat... summed up in one photo

I hope you realize that when you aren't around, the cat most likely chews on your toothbrush too. I recommend putting it in a drawer.

Seriously. My cat refuses to drink out of her bowl. She just meows at us whenever she's thirsty and we turn the sink on for her. She's been doing for this for 5 years.

so apparently theres a behavior where cats in the wild try not to drink water that's close to their food, because that means it's usually contaminated by the dead whatever food, so your cat could be doing that?

To add to this, mint is related to cat nip. One of my cat lays in the sink after I brust my teeth. I make sure there is no toothpaste residue because I don't want her getting sick.

I use coconut oil to wipe off my eye makeup. People use it for their hair and as a skin moisturizer also. 🌈

You forgot to stash your bottle of lube - er, coconut oil.

You could... turn the faucet off.

Maybe this explains /sub/catsinsinks

my friend uses it for lube.

I've heard of this. That's why we keep their food set up on the opposite side of the bathroom on the floor. They've never had a problem with the water bowl being on the counter, and the fountain gets cleaned every other day... When this photo was taken I had just spent the last 30 minutes scrubbing out every nook and cranny of it.

You'd be surprised at the outcome of that scenario... My cat knew how to turn it back on...

You noticed that but not the bottle of POISON.

I have that same exact fountain, for that same exact reason XD spoiled little floofers anyway

That mouth been licking assholes for years and now it's all covering your toothbrush.

People without cats will think he's stupid. People with cats know he's doing this to spite his owner.

Me too $50 on that fountain and he still wants water out of the faucet. I put a motion sensor on the faucet so I don't have to turn on for him all the time

Same here. I was like, the hell if I'm spoiling them with a $40 water bowl but cat logic was like- okay there is one piece of my own hair in this water, I cannot drink it so I will drink from the toilet. They won.

Why would you put the cats water bowl on the bathroom counter? No wonder that poor cat is confused.