Overwatch League: OWL Preseason Day 2 Survival Guide

Overwatch League: OWL Preseason Day 2 Survival GuideInformation

Streams: overwatchleague.com | MLG.tv

Brackets: Official | Liquipedia | Over.gg | GosuGamers


Group Play matches will be 4 Game Sets. The map order is as follows:

1st map: Escort

2nd map: Assault

3rd map: Control

4th map: Hybrid

Tiebreaker: Control


Overwatch League: OWL Preseason Day 2 will begin December 7th 2 PM PDT.

Broadcast Talent

Host: Chris Puckett

Analysts: Soe, Hex


English Chinese MonteCristo Chixiaotu DoA Muzi Uber Roy Mr. X Danny - Lilgho Overwatch League Teams Atlantic Division Pacific Division Boston Uprising Dallas Fuel Florida Mayhem Los Angeles Gladiators Houston Outlaws Los Angeles Valiant London Spitfire San Francisco Shock New York Excelsior Seoul Dynasty Philadelphia Fusion1 Shanghai Dragons

1 Due to player logistics issues, the Philadelphia Fusion will be replaced by the San Francisco Shock.

Matches & Results

DISCLAIMER: Times are approximate and are subject to change and/or delay.

Matchup Start Time Result Gladiators vs Spitfire 2 PM PDT 3 - 2 Fuel vs Outlaws 4 PM PDT 3 - 2 Excelsior vs Uprising 6 PM PDT 3 - 1

Whoever is in charge of the background screen (announcing who wins etc.) is really fucking up

Roses are red violets are blue, if LAG wins, will Jack buy them too?

/u/SpriteGuy_000 I think you should either title these as game threads, make a separate game thread, or prominently link to the one in /sub/competitiveoverwatch. Preferably the last option. Yesterday's thread here had like 200 comments, and CompOW's had 5000, despite a massive subscriber difference. The stratification of the reddit Overwatch community is bad for OWL imo.

Why on Earth are Blizzard refusing to stream this on Twitch? It's like they don't want people to watch. The MLG player just straight up will not load for me on any browser. Hell I didn't even know MLG still existed.

Edit: It finally loaded, just took a half hour.

No kidding. I like goofs at things like this but we're reaching levels of "Really, dude?"

Im really liking houston the more i see them, but dallas is still my favorite.

all of my buddies are refusing to support dallas because xqc

Seagull playing that Junkrat dirty. My hatred for the rat's current state almost overwhelms my amazement at how good Seagull plays him regardless of whether or not he's OP.

Why the hell won't they stream it to Twitch.tv? I prefer Twitch for mobile (God bless Pocket Plays' dev) and all.

Dallas is literally Envy. Mike Rufail, the guy that owns EnVyUs, also owns Dallas Fuel. They only changed the name because OWL requires it.

Also, since Outlaws is owned by OpTic, this is basically EnVyUs vs OpTic.

Why are London Spitfire's abilities an intense purple? They don't have any shades of purple on their team logo or uniforms, it just looks a little odd when trying to keep track of the action vs Gladiators... Spitfire is Teal/Orange/White, right? Am I missing something?

Jakes tracer makes me feel bad about myself

I knew I forgot something.

If you have issues with the overwatchleague not showing the stream try refreshing your cache.


A friendly redditor mentioned it to me yesterday when I needed help so sharing the information!

You can count on the community to call you out when you make a mistake. Thats for sure lol.

Houston vs. Dallas is going to be hype!

That Houston v Dallas game is going to be sooo good.

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