Overwatch League: OWL Preseason Day 1 Survival Guide

Overwatch League: OWL Preseason Day 1 Survival GuideInformation

Streams: overwatchleague.com | MLG.tv

Brackets: Official | Liquipedia | Over.gg | GosuGamers


Group Play matches will be 4 Game Sets. The map order is as follows:

1st map: Escort

2nd map: Assault

3rd map: Control

4th map: Hybrid

Tiebreaker: Control


Overwatch League: OWL Preseason Day 1 will begin December 6th 4 PM PDT.

Broadcast Talent

Host: Chris Puckett

Analysts: Soe, Hex


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1 Due to player logistics issue, the Philadelphia Fusion will be replaced by the San Francisco Shock.

Matches & Results

DISCLAIMER: Times are approximate and are subject to change and/or delay.

Matchup Start Time Result Mayhem vs Shock2 4 PM PDT 1 - 3 Valiant vs Shock 6 PM PDT 3 - 2 Dynasty vs Dragons 8 PM PDT 4 - 0

2 The San Franscisco Shock have replaced the Philadelphia Fusion in the first match.

Not on twitch, seems like a bad move tbh

Absolutely agree, that means almost no viewers other than OW players that interested in competitive side which I don't understand. Don't they want to gain gamers interest by setting up the league?

The official video feed doesn't support Chromecast!? What a bummer!

It should be a no brainer when CSGO events get hundreds of thousands of viewers on twitch but nothing happens on MLG. But apparently this is just a preseason thing and actual season will be on twitch, which is weird.

Really? I feel this is the first time I can actually tell what's going on without the kill feed.

The spectator mode changes made this so much easier to watch and follow.

The only time I get a bit distracted is that all outlines of all heroes are visible, no matter which person you're spectating. It's hard to remember that the Widowmaker can't actually see the outline while waiting for someone. But that's very minor, especially compared to how hard it was to follow before. "Ana is shooting at the red guy... But he's being healed? Ohhhh, okay, she's red team." and it's hard to get out of that mentality when red is always bad for those hundreds of hours put into the game.

Really really enjoying OWL

So far, really great production quality from them. Getting me a bit more excited about OWL.

Stupid decisions about not being on Twitch aside...the production value is pretty frickin' good. I'm impressed. Looking forward to seeing the league grow :D

I think its labour law. In other games the pros aren't paid a salary. The OWL pays a salary to its players and there are laws regarding salaried work before 18.


Why isn't this on Twitch? I feel like it should be.

Well if the actual league is also not on Twitch, gl in esports tbh

I personally think not having it on twitch as well is a mistake but lets see how it goes.

Edit. Nevermind its streamed on MLG.com with chat still unsure if this is a good idea

Just preseason will not be on twitch

Right!? Can't even cast it via tab. Big mistake not using Twitch.

Its so hard to tell who’s winning the fight unless you focus on the kill feed

Really curious as to what the viewer count is.

? It's almost full. Ofc people get up at breaks. Your ticket is good for all 3 games. Nobody is going to stay on his seat for 6 hours straight :P

Where are the vods? And why are the games spoiled as soon as I go to the website?

Definitely not the only reason people use Twitch lol

That's not the case. Season 1 will be on twitch their just testing this for the preseason.

why the fuck is this not on twitch? Not having tournaments on twitch is beyond retarded. you cut viewer numbers by 80%.

Random question - Why can't some of these guys play before they turn 18 years of age? Sinatraa, Agilties, Flow3r, etc. We're talking about some of the biggest stars in the game being held out due to their age.

I'm asking because I know Dota 2, Hearthstone, and other games some of the pro players are younger than 18 years of age. In some cases, much younger - 15, 16, etc.

overwatchleague.com or MLG.tv

It's Main Event Time!