Overtime bar just does its own thing sometimes...

Happens too often

Sometimes it does this when you touch the point right at the end and it doesn't register but you were on it with half the bar left...

Yup everytime. When people are rushing to the point and once you are clearly on it you'll still receive objective failed. They have to switch to a timer or something for overtime to make it more clear if we made it or not.

Edit:changed for clarity.

Overtime Bar plz switch

Probably just this bug yet again: https://www.reddit.com/sub/Competitiveoverwatch/comments/5rdw5h/psa_contesting_a_point_in_overtim...

If that Mercy hadn't moonfloated off the point you would've been able to contest.

tl;dr: If all defenders step off the point, there's a ~0.5 second delay before attackers can start capturing it again (as intended). Bug is that in overtime, attackers can't even reset the overtime countdown during that period, which can lead to game end.

Happens to me every time

They have to switch to a timer or something for overtime to make it more clear if we made it or not.

Hell it's not even clear if this is timing or if it simply didn't register his re-entry; collision bugs and whatnot. Because he was clearly within boundaries during > 0 time left.

This "feature" should not be there in the first place.

Every time?

Jesus man you need to contact blizzard then cause something on your system is clearly breaking the game!

They are entertaining the idea that he did indeed leave the area when the timer was zero but the bar didn't accurately represent time remaining to reenter.

It does say "Capturing" though, so it would make sense for Roadhog to be contesting. Maybe if you'd always contest if it said "Capturing" then that would help clear things up?

Not entirely sure how it would be fixed though...

20 tick! err...Jeff! err..

Sorry I have 8 million hours on overtime

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a tick is like the server updating wtf is going on, so 20 ticks the server goes "wtf is going on" 20 times a second, whiles its 64 times a second with 64 tick, atleast thats what i understand.

that being said, going to 1000 tick rate is stupid (and expensive) because your monitor is only 60 Hz or max 240 Hz so the server would update more than your actual screen.

It's called hyperbole and you should learn to recognize it.

They really need to fix this it happens a lot.

Volvo pls fix!!! Oh wait wrong game

BTW if your a nano boast as road hog you don't die by D.VA bomb

i think he knows that

Incorrect. Server updating ticks more than your screen has nothing to do with the benefit a high tickrate provides. Your argument is the same as saying that your mouse should only run at your monitor refresh rate.

Just consider this: not everybody has the same ping. The packets sent to the server arrives at different times and not necessarily within the same tick. Having higher tickrate means that there is more granularity/subdivision/more precision to the timing of processing your actions

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It honestly sounds like its done so that players can't do what roadhog did, which is just tap your foot in and then back out and play over-time hokey-pokey with someone like genji or tracer.

If the defending team can force you off the point, and the OT timer has gotten so fast that the reset timer is shorter than the remaining OT available, you lose.

Its the same reason they changed spawning if the attacking team has the advantage - they don't want people to cheese it.

It's over, Anakin

Wouldn't say it's a wrong game. It's always Volvo's fault.

The issue could also be that we are looking at this from the client perspective, it's possible that on the server side (also other players perspectives) he wasn't in the point due to random packet loss. Just got through a networks class and one aspect of low-latency connections used for games is that data sometimes gets lost and causes hiccups where client and server get out of sync.

That is, assuming it isn't just a bug. I can attest that the internet is a clusterfuck and precise timing down to a fraction of a second with 12 connections is a hell of a feat

Edit: I was wrong the game displays when packet loss occurs and didn't show it in this video. Still it's worth considering what a clusterfuck network programming is when looking at very fine grained issues like this.

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It is not working.

Yeah I changed it to reflect that better. Just woke up and it's to early

TIL i get a lot of packet loss

They don't want you to win

I might be wrong but afai've noticed, when you get back in you need to have the entire body inside. If you look in slow-mo and imagine Roadhog needing his entire body to cross that translucent line it's really by the end of the overtime bar.

So what makes it any better than the super bowl?


It pretty much cannot be fixed, because I think it's due to the difference between server and client states. Basically what happens every time is that the client says "yo server I'm entering the point here" but by the time this info reaches the server, its internal overtime timer (which has full authority over the clients estimations) is already over

Weren't the servers always 64 tick and also sent updates at 64 tick but only received updates from the players at 21 tick? That's the reason why things didn't always register in time as what you did happened between ticks and the server didn't get it before calculating something else faster? They were then updated to also receive at 64 tick. At least I remember seeing an animation explaining how the servers work with asymmetric tickrates.

e. With that said I wouldn't mind 128 tick as I'm playing on a 165Hz monitor. 128 still shouldn't need too much bandwith from the players.

I recently lost one because my mech died on the point. I was still alive on the point, but it didn't count me.

huh TIL, cheers

To be fairest, mirror mirror must confirm.

To be fairer he made it back onto the point when the overtime timer was >0

That would make sense if the cooldown triggered when attackers stepped off the point. By the sounds of it, it happens when defenders step off.

All it would need is to detect there is an attacker on the point attempting to contest it in overtime, even if they're not allowed to capture yet.

Don't take it too personally. He's being hyperbolic.