Overlooking the Best Part of February

Overlooking the Best Part of February

Feh Channel when?

Falchion and Binding Blade Upgrades pls IS

Sieglinde too. Not fair Ephraim gets a weapon upgrade while Nino's BFF gets left in the dust.

Yeah but Ephraim could actually fight. Eirika, to be quite frank, can't. She was a better buffer but otherwise she is basically Fir with a legendary weapon. (Seriously, compare their stats. They are almost completely identical)

Kinda suspicious that this occurs shortly before a new banner drops... Beast units?

I'm also expecting one.

definitely getting the town mode then

Would it really be that quick? Seems odd that they'd use a survey to gauge interest if they already had it ready to implement a couple of weeks later.

I mean they have it set up pretty perfectly by the end of chapter 3 of book 2, and a new game mode would be the kind of big change i would expect from a version update happening at the anniversary. i guess it really depends on whether the next new heroes banner manifests in the story as a new chapter or a paralogue, but my money would bet that we're getting the town mode fairly soon

Give me playable mc

laughs in tiny hands

Yes but how does she fare against other reds for example? Sword or tome. How about colorless? Ephraim can handle a good number of physical threats in general, but Eirika is nearly restricted to greens. Even then, some of the tankier ones can really ruin her anyways unless she adds Triangle Adept to her kit. For example, Hector and WChrom and WLissa.

More refined weapons!

They might have asked about it precisely because they were engineering it and wanted to confirm if it was a good release or not.

Some think it's fair, since player usually used her instead of him in their teams

Based on the date it's planned, I would assume a few things:

The "New Heroes summoning event" (01/24) and the next "Legendary hero summoning event" (01/30) would be close to what we've been getting on those last banners (New Year and World of Dawn - high BST and powercreep)

Right after those banners, we're getting "Focus: Movement skills" (02/06), and on that, we may see something on the likes of Micaiah's Sacrifice, and we get "Special Heroes summoning event" (02/08) along with weapon refinery quests, that may indicate new refinable weapons (Sieglinde, Eckesachs, Falchions, and my personal choice, the Asrk trio weapons). And me thinks this because:

Special heroes event is after the Update, and it should indicate a new FEH Channel live right before the update, and we have the anniversary hype, the Survey hype, and the "Welcome-back gift" that, to me, means: "From when you stopped playing to now, we have good changes. Come back to us to play on those new things we came up". (Also, CYL part 2 voting before the update).

I think the schedule is aiming to show some changes. I only hope it's good. It can also be nothing.

It's been like that for a while. It's actually a pretty good idea since they can force us to update and then to just download the new heroes and levels.

Based on feh's cool down the day of anniversary.

I'm expecting either movement assists like repo and draw back, maybe dance. a small part of me hopes it's class based movement so the banner would be Tana (guidance), Amelia (armor march), and Elincia (flier Formation)


Yes and customizable