Outlast franchise coming to Switch early next year

Outlast franchise coming to Switch early next year

Now i can literally shit myself in the bathroom, thanks for fixing that feature

That's why I like to call this series Outlax.

The first Outlast is probably my favorite horror game. It is a fantastic concept done perfectly. Didn't play 2 yet but heard it isn't as good

Well, you wouldn't be shitting yourself.

I kind of like how it was just thrown into the last line of the post.

Now I can buy them on another platform and be too scared to play them.

I've been playing 2 the last couple of days. The it's definitely good, but 1 is still my favorite survival horror game. They also announced Outlast 3 in this post, let's hope it's better than both of them.

Truth be told, Outlast 3 was probably the bigger news. But this excited me a lot more for some reason, lol

So grandma might like this?

This made me laugh more than it should have.