Our 20 Year old girl Pink, giving us the last blep she had before she left us.

Our 20 Year old girl Pink, giving us the last blep she had before she left us.

Hey everyone, OP's wife here. Pink was my cat. She was born in my closet in 1993, 2 months after my mom took in this fluffy, all black stray. Shortly after the 2 kittens were weaned, momma cat took off, never to be seen again, but we remember that she used to blep all the time when you petted her head. The other kitten went to the neighbor and the rest is history. Pink was an awesome, sweet cat, prone to silent-meows and licking condensation off of drinking glasses. She actually lived so long and strong that she went senile before she started physically showing her age. She died in my arms, and kinda patted my face just before she went, like saying goodbye.

I miss her so much, and all of your kind words here have been very special to me. Thanks for enjoying the blep. :)

What a beautiful older lady! It's like ah had a sense of humor and was like, "Pphhbbbt, nice knowing you."

I love that image of her patting your face. "Bye bye, silly human. Thanks for the snuggles and the foodies. Don't be sad."

She is gorgeous. I'm so sorry for your loss <3 She looks like she lived an excellent life.

What a beautiful kitty, so sorry she had to leave you. I also had a 20yo girl that left me recently. It's tough but I couldn't be more thankful for the time I got to spend with her.

I'm glad that you and her could say goodbye to each other. A pet like her is special, and the passing is hard - but you were there for her from the very beginning, and right up until the end. Most animals aren't lucky enough to have a devoted owner like you.

Now she can wait for you at the Rainbow Bridge. I wish you well.

So sorry for your loss pal. She's in kitty heaven, wherever that may be. *hugs

Blep-ing with the best of em in the clouds.

I feel like this is some wise old cat and it was just asked "look back at your life, any advice you can give the younger generations?" and the cat thought long and hard then said "have fun and be yourself" and let out one last blep before passing, letting the younger cats know to have fun and be themselves even at the end.