Our senior class prank...

Our senior class prank...

Exactly. Congratulations on forever being remembered as the class of dipshits who don't know the difference.

Shouldn't it be '17 and not 17'

It sounds like you're telling the class of 2017 to suck it. Also, it's '17. You've definitely left a legacy, lol.

These kids. Back in my day seniors ran a dead sheep up the flagpole like real americans.

It's the class of 1700. People are finding the cards to this day.

My senior prank was breaking the windows of the driver's ed car, except I was a sophomore and it wasn't a prank. I was just an asshole.


Hah, good point. Also, the card says "Class of 2017 suck it." which sounds like the card is saying the class of 2017 can suck it. Yet the card seems to be in support of the class of 2017. The content creator is a moron.

You will be forgotten in about 1 month.

Nope. The real prank is that they only printed one of them, and never hid it. (Or the rest are still in the box in some kid's locker or desk.)

Cuz anyone stupid enough to use 17' instead of '17 and tell their own class to suck it on the cards probably didn't actually go to any real effort, either. They just did it so they could facebook and instagram this one shot.

I flew a drivers ed car up a flagpole after sealing its doors with Portland sheep.

I weep for the future.

Fucking collect quests i swear to god

Unless they are 17 feet tall



When I was a senior a group of us went to school at night and packed portland cement around all the exterior doors.

Those dipshits won't be recovering soon from that burn.

Do you realize this says 'The Class of 17 suck it!'? Your little prank is an admission that you yourselves are cocksuckers.

I weep for the future

-every generation when they get to your age

Just think how long it will take to get rid of ALL the cards reminding everybody how dumb they were. :D

Who will?

This belongs in /sub/cringepics

Real joke is it was set up by the class of '18, and all the typos were on purpose.

It's a really old class prank from 1736. They used to abbreviate the second two digits with an apostrophe until the mid 1800s when they realized that was stupid.

That's part of the infamy.

Some day in the year 2053, a random student will find these and go

"WoW.... that's old."

Yes, which is why your generation is the worst. Suck it.

The OP made the cards

For my class prank we kill the lunch lady, stuffed her body in the principles car and called the cops... We really pranked the tow truck guy by letting all the air out of the tires haha made the car difficult to load on the flatbed

See, that's illegal now and would result in serious trouble, especially with school systems that suspend kids for liking pictures of guns on instagram.

Based on this, the class of 17' didn't learn much.

I disagree. If you don't understand the correct placement of an apostrophe when shortening a year, you're a lost cause.

I graduated in '98, right before Columbine, I can assure you the change was well underway by 9/11.

No. By then the DeVos Corp's private education division will have shuttered these primitive learning centers that didn't even have chapels, indoctrination rooms, baptismal tanks, or creationism labs.


That's the oldest idea in the book.

And there are 10000 of those if anyone forgets.

17 feet tall seniors, or as we like to call them the Ancient Ones.

Don't bother with this one, the xp isn't worth the time to complete.


We also put sausage, steaks, and other meats in our vegetarian chemistry teacher's lab for April Fool's Day.

As a proud meat-eater... that's just being a dick.

Put a few hundred socks, or slinkys, or wrap the lab benches in Christmas wrapping paper or something -- pranks should be funny, not mean.

Because there's no such thing as "dirt cheap" to a school. I work in one, trust me.

They must be high school seniors. Our HS senior class shirts said "Deal With It." What???

Yes, sure, graduating high school is such a counter-culture, radical, upsetting thing to do. /s

I never understood it.

No, Who's on first.

This is what qualifies as a prank??!!! Lol. Kids are getting dumber and dumber. The future is not in good hands

I hear this excuse on reddit a lot. Maybe every generation is called the worst, but doesn't one of then actually have to be the worst?

Why were you still in your school the fall after your senior prank?

However, "illegal senior prank" back in the 70s and 80s wasn't going to ruin your life with potential massive fines, suspension and even jail time. It would have been a slap on the wrist, community service, and clean up.

Class of 17 feet

We all stood up at 2:58 and recited the pledge of allegiance.


Self absorbed twats.

It should be '17 not 17'. Class of 2017 should have had their English teacher edit their prank first.

The seniors of 17 feet?

We released hogs into the main hall between classes.... Ahhh midwest

Class of '01 here, social media wasn't big either, thank god. When I see idiot kids on youtube all I can think is "There for but the grace of 5 years go I."

This sounds like a Saved by the Bell episode

I graduated 2001 right before 9/11. I feel like we were the last class befor the world changed and grew a bunch of pussies.

10,000 17 foot tall people? Let em have the school, it's already lost.

Or they're just saying that, its like the old trick of getting 3 pigs, painting numbers on them 1,2 and 4. Then letting them loose in the school. Then watch as they spend the rest of the day looking for number 3. Edit: spelling.

The future??? Have you not seen who's hands the present is in?

Fucking legendary


Right? Like, that's going to take a long time for everyone to forget that they are in fact, those same dipshits

I'm still going with the boomers. Fuck those guys

I don't believe you.

Total length of all 200 graduating class.

Yeah if you're a senior in high school making that mistake, it's on you.

What's on second.

We all get what it's supposed to say. The funny thing is you had a pretty bad typo that make you look dumb, and hid them all over..essentially assuring your idiocy will be found for a while. Mediocre prank if no typos...hariously embarrassing prank when you all screwed it up.

Administration is getting stricter and stricter. You can't get away with things like you used to.

I don't know's on third.

At my school the 2004 seniors used bleach to spell out a giant "04" on the carpet of at the very central location of the school that everyone stood around in. It was still around in 2013 no idea why they never replaced the carpeting, it was that dirt cheap 1mm thick generic school stuff

There were kids who were brought up on charges for releasing a bazillion ladybugs in their school for their senior prank

They'll get 17 minutes of fame.

Spoken like a true highschool student.

That's the prank.

There were actually only 9,999 class of 17' cards.

I mean, I'd just correct the two typos, and re-print them rather than try to correct 10,000. But maybe that's your class of 17' logic speaking?

Joke's on you! it's '17 not 17' lmao

Graduated and printed up 10,000 cards and supposedly so great they'll "live on in infamy" but still can't put the apostrophe on the right side of the "17".

You're an idiot.

Modern day prank will say oh maybe the Lord's Prayer.

Also why is seniors capitalized?

1.02" average

Not there aren't. Seniors are lazy. They really only made ten. It's like letting loose three pigs in the school and painting them 1,2, & 4.

"i.e." is short for "id est", a Latin phrase meaning "that is". Neither word requires capitalization. Also, i.e. is proper when rephrasing or clarifying the previous thought. In your case, you have given examples, which are purely examples and not for clarification. So what you were looking for was "e.g.", which stands for "exempli gratia" and means "for example".

If you find yourself defending an idiot's mistakes, you may want to rethink your strategy. And you definitely want to make sure you're using the correct idiom.

Or 17 feet.

That's it? A shitty business card? We took apart the principals car and put it back together inside the gym

What is the "prank"?

I'm curious as to how he just let this happen? Also as to how you guys knew how to take the car apart, as well as have the machinery to take it apart and to lift the heavy parts like the frame and engine block. Also how did you get into the locked school? How was this not incredibly illegal? How did you not get caught by cameras?

If you can answer those questions I will be thoroughly impressed with your senior prank.

I'm not even trying to say that you're lying any more I just want to know how this could be done.

Not such a bad thing. Cocksuckers make the world a better place for people with cocks.

Don't worry i go to Lew-Port and their class is actually retarded

Unless it's all the classes from the 1700s.

I'm pretty sure Full House did this, so kinda close I guess.

Grats on giving your English teachers multiple examples of poor phrasing and incorrect grammar to ensure your class is the laughingstock of the school for years to come.

They only printed 9,999 but the last few are labeled: 9,997; 9,998; 10,000

Maybe the average size of their dicks was 17'

The prank is putting the apostrophe in the wrong place of 10,000 cards.

I like how your comment has an unnecessary apostrophe and improper grammar at the beginning, but you don't let any of that stop you from commenting on other people's inability to properly use grammar. It's almost inspirational!