[OT] Shopping for kitchens when suddenly...

[OT] Shopping for kitchens when suddenly...


Right? I've heard of product endorsements but this is bizarre. Is this some kind of meme he's created that we are not divine enough to understand???

Mark Webber

It's up there with in terms of weird F1 driver commercials.

brb remodeling my kitchen just for this

Actual life/kitchen advice here during /sub/formula1’s off-season.

This place is magical.

the chicken

That's where you cut , not on track.

WTF was that! xD

I wish Daniel follows up with an ad campaign for Cenberra milk

Pro tip:

Don't go for Silestone if you're looking for a quartz. Do Caesarstone instead. A little bit more expensive (depending on colour choice) but the quality is superior and combined with the manufacture's warranty it will benefit you in the long run.

Also, this makes sense since silestone is owned by a spanish company

I'm considering doing the same. Sadly after buying so much Kimoa surfwear for summer, i cant afford to.

Have you seen signature edition?

When it comes to endorsements it's usually a case of if they offer enough money, and the product is nothing dodgy (Nazi merchandise or something) they'll say yes.

It's free money when all they have to do is send a photo most of the time.

Literal Silver Stone.

Kitchen remodels aint cheap. I'd take the endorsement for free countertop alone

Daniel should be the grown up milky bar kid

Livin' the high life

He really throws everything but the kitchen sink at it.