[OT] Buemi asleep in his LMP1 Toyota

[OT] Buemi asleep in his LMP1 Toyota

Please tell me the snoring wasn't edited in.

The snoring wasn't edited in.

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I remember hearing Martin Brundell say being strapped into an F1 car can feel quite snug and cozy. he said its surprisingly easy to fall asleep in the garage.

You're almost laying completely flat in a seat perfectly molded to you, with a helmet filtering noises. I'd do a lot of powernaps in there!

This says otherwise.

says otherwise.

As a racer (of much much lower caliber), I can assure you that there is no comfier place for a nap than a full containment race seat that's been fitted to you. It's actually very common for drivers to fall asleep in staging if they have much of a wait at all. I fell asleep in my car all the time

Please tell me you're beautiful.

warm, with possibly even a nice vibration of an engine ticking over...

Summer has come and passed Jolyon Palmer can never last

dreaming of Austin...

Hold on you can't just casually throw into a conversation that you're a bloody rocket engineer and expect us to just go with it

Must have an on/off switch with external access just on the side of the car. These robot drivers are getting fancy.

80C is a bit TOO "toasty" for me.

LMAO Kamui's laugh.

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"Radio check"

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In the Allianz video regarding f1 seats, Lewis says he sometimes falls asleep between qualifying sessions.

Why was he asleep in the car?

My crew chief has had to wake me up over the radio countless times. The warm sun and that seat holding you like a hug just drains the life out of you

Hey me too!

We do postfire inspections of second stage rockets and they are the perfect diameter such that the curvature fits nicely with your back. It's pretty cool in there as well and it's easy to take a power nap when working in hot sweaty protective suits

I presume they also have molded seats

You could say that they are F1 with fenders and canopy. Audi cutaway.

I presume they also have molded seats

You could say that they are F1 with fenders and canopy. .

Also, jetlag from travelling to Japan helps.

I think that's Kazuki Nakajima, not Kamui. Kamui drives the number 7 car, while Buemi drives the #8.

e: it is indeed Kamui. Kazuki's Toyota helmet has a red base color, while Kamui's is white.

Wrap up in a couple of tire warmers too?

I have heard this as well

That kinda makes total sense to me and I can kinda relate too. Before football games in high school I would sit in my locker and totally just conk out 30-45 minutes and have to be woken up to go out for warm ups. It was really cozy.

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Thanks. :)

Warm like lava!

Anthony Davidson whacking the body to wake him up... lmao

Here comes the rain again Falling from the stars Red flag coming out again Becoming such a farce

WEC the series where you can take a nap and still catch 4 hours of racing

Lewis says the same this in this video and also explains his driving position.

Sounds like we just found a way for Sauber to save money on two hotel rooms every weekend.

Oh man, busted again :(

He will have had a seat molded to the exact specifications of his arse, and the helmet is pretty decent at filtering out noises. Its a perfect spot.

I mentioned this in a thread a while ago about Kimi napping napping in his car. A well fitted harness, seat, suit, helmet and a HANS device holding your head up makes it hard not to fall asleep when your waiting. Plus if it's raining outside with all of that energy built up for the race/quali it just makes it even harder to stay awake.

EDIT: Worded that funny. The white noise of rain makes it even harder to stay awake when waiting.

Because the car is warm and very, VERY comfortable

I wouldn't doubt that in the least!

This is hilarious

Goodness, that's the BEST napping scenario. Seat naps yield ridiculously refreshing and invigorating sleep too. I swear a 10 min nap in my car is worlds better than a full night's sleep in my bed.

He needs to wake up, or that F1 drive will go begging.