Oregon State Hires Mike Riley back as "Assistant Head Coach"

Oregon State Hires Mike Riley back as "Assistant Head Coach"

Per coach Jonathan Smith's twitter Mike Riley will be returning to Oregon State as Assistant Head Coach

Sure, you guys have 2 coaches and we have none. Way to rub it in

Maybe I should text my ex and ask her to be my Assistant Girlfriend


He's a solid recruiter, understands what it takes to win in Corvallis and can help groom an inexperienced Head Coach. Solid hire

There are going to be lots of groans and what not. This will be controversial.

But, from a pure coaching perspective, Riley is one of the best. He develops talent and has an eye for talent like nobody else.

Did he make the best scheme choices later in his career? the best game day choices? the best choice in DC? no..

But his track record of turning nobodies into All Pac players and NFL stars is second to none. He has 3 current ex QBs in the NFL right now. Another two had their cup of joe there. He has pushed a lot of players to NFL caliber, and the overwhelming majority were 2 and 3 star guys.

Mike Riley as a talent scout, as a QB coach, as an OC as whatever. Yes. Hell yes.

You want Mike Riley? I guess you can have him...

I feel this post deserves a brief history of OSU and Riley.

OSU hired Riley in 1997. Riley immediately scrapped the Wishbone offense OSU had been running for far too long and install his pro offense. Riley offered Jonathon Smith a chance to walk on to OSU.

In Riley's second year, that walk on came on in relief of the starter against Washington, and in 3 quarters proceeded to set a then OSU passing record, throwing for 469 yards and bringing OSU back from a 28-7 deficit before utimately failing to convert a 2pt attempt to win. Smith is now the starter.

Riley gets hired by the Chargers and leaves. St. Erickson comes in and leads us to the promised land. Smith leads OSU to 7 wins in 1999 ending the 28 season losing streak. and in 2000 takes us to 11-1 and a fiesta bowl domination of Notre Dame.

Erickson leaves after 2002 season and Riley is hired back.

Riley coaches OSU from 2003 until 2014 when he shockingly takes the Nebraska job. Rumor is he finally reached his breaking point with our AD Bobby De Careless (not his real name) and his unwillingness to give him competitive salaries for his assistants and fund the program comparable to Pac-12 peers.

OSU hires Gary Andersen, in a 3 year period of darkness we all hope to forget. I hope Andersen dies in a fire.

OSU hires Smith, Smith proceeds to hire his first HC to come in as an assistant head coach, making it now the 3rd distinct time Riley has been employed by OSU. If anything, dude is gonna make a killing in PERS.

Do not recommend.

did you break up with her twice and then she got dumped by the wealthier kid in school?

if so, go for it

Has Riley ever come off as an ego maniac like that?

Riley had a pretty solid career at Oregon State considering several factors. He's not a bad hire. Just not exactly a dynamic redirect.

It seems that Oregon State is trying to hold onto their roots as they transition, which isn't a bad thing.

*Assistant to your Girlfriend

I mean he's not a bad coach, he was just out of his league unfortunately.

Super dope guy, though.

I'm with you. Mike Riley certainly has his faults as a head coach, but being a power-hungry egomaniac is most definitely not one of them. I don't think that'll be a problem.

My only concern is if Smith will be able to act as his boss. If Riley can manage operations and be a guiding influence then great. I just don’t want him running Xs and Os anymore.

I mean, that seems like a pretty good hire


I guess 6 win seasons are better than 1.

Assistant to the Head Coach

Just got an assistant coach that's a proven recruiter and has a shit ton of experience as a HC on the cheap.

I mean, in this instance the "she" sort of broke up with the Beavs, twice, before getting dumped by the wealthy land baron out east.


OSU is trying to get back to the blue collar culture of 2003-2009 where we were one of the winningest programs in the Pac... we lost our way from 2010 to now, with only a brief respite in 2012. All of Smiths hires have been as much about a culture change as it is about getting good people in place.

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Assistant to the Head Coach.


A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

This is a really good move for OSU. Understands the school, knows what it takes to win, and won't have play-calling responsibilities (I'm assuming). Dude is a stud recruiter and loves Oregon State more than anyone.

I wish you could replace Cantstandya at oregonlive. Signed off with a PERS dig, I love it

6 win season are better than 4 win season.

Mike Riley's last boss fired him, and Riley was was willing to get lunch with him the very next day. I think Riley is down for whatever.

If Riley can be .500 at a place like Oregon State, imagine what he can do with a place like Oregon State! Oh wait.

It's fine. Y'all still beat them 69-10. Never forget that.

I said it in another thread: he will help greatly. He couldn't get the job done as HC at Nebraska, but the amount of talent he was able to bring into Lincoln was unreal and a massive step up from coaches in the past. In an assistant capacity, this is great.

Mike Riley showing up to work everyday now that he's not the HC.

Sounds hot. She'll probably totally be down

Awesome. We are actually making some good coaching moves which is surprising but nice

One of the things that made Riley succeed at Oregon State was his ability to adapt his offense to the strengths he had on the roster. But one of his weaknesses was not having a strong offensive identity to fall back on when we didn’t have anybody strong on the roster. I think the fact that he doesn’t have thar strong offensive identity makes him great in this role, and will allow Smith to come into his own. I’m good with this.

Hip Hip...

If u have 2 coaches u dont have 1

Mike "I'm just here so I'll get PERS" Riley

I doubt it. Mike seems to really love coaching, the players, can recruit very well, and so on. I think he just wants to be part of the action, whether that be at Nebraska, OSU, or anywhere.

Plus he's from there, so it's all familiar.

I think OSU got a great guy. Wished for him to succeed and NU but I'm glad he's able to get back in at OSU, too.

He also went to the basketball game that weekend. Wearing his Husker Gear

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Just hacked the text messages:

Boss: "Hey bro your fired"

Riley: "Sure, so ahhh, Denny's? 2PM?"

Boss: "Yeah, sure why not."

Anderson came from Utah St. not Oregon State

That sounds a bit more accurate, yeah :D

If ALL he's doing is helping recruit and training and the like, cool.

If he steps near play calling or gameday decisions, we're fucked

Is this like signing a 1 day contract to retire as a Beaver?

I mean it's just a title. Not like they're co head coaches

Yes, cause we all know Coach riley to be an ego maniac who would do something like that to a former player of his....

If that's what you're worried about then there is nothing to worry about. Riley doesn't operate like that.

People can crap on him all they want, but he's won more games than anybody else at Oregon State. It's not like we've ever had a history of prolonged excellence in football.

In-and-Out for everyone.

I mean, we all joked that he would coach at OSU again...but....it....was....a....joke.

I guess he might be a pretty good coach if the AD and Recruiting Coordinator let him do his job.

Our best offensive play calls where when he was calling them... i hope you know that. It wasn't until he gave up playcalling duty it went to shit under him. He's a fantastic play caller.

He's who ASU should have hired.

uh, youre going to need more than 'experience' for that...

Just looked his up today, 45k per month. There really needs to be a cap on that.

You are complaining about having a top 25 ranking in recruiting?


This is exactly what people said about Hoke. Screw that.

I think this is a huge win for the Beavs. Riley can be behind the scenes somewhat steering Smith around and over the hurdles associated with being a head coach. And Riley seems like someone who can keep his ego in check. You guys should be stoked about this.

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He just sounds like he needs to right system. Listening to Oregon State and Nebraska fans talk about him, he sounds like he'd probably be a good executive type HC with good coordinators under him

If he doesn't touch play calling I think this could be a good hire.

No I guess about it, TAKE HIM

Him calling plays isn't a bad thing. Langsdorf calling plays, on the other hand, is cancer.

Fuck. All of those are solid points.

Gebbia, Lee, others that haven't showed up on the field yet. Might not know for another year or so.

Riley lives on the same street as my in-laws. He loves Corvallis and his daughter and grandson live there...its a no brainer he wants to come home and be with family.

Tim Beck of Texas is available

Vice Girlfriend of Butt Stuff Operations

game passed him by some years ago. If you had hired him back in like 2004, maybe it would have worked.

┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)


What a cool dude, honestly.

07 was the year they beat us when we were #2 and started the game knowing #1 had lost earlier in the day.

it'll add some experience against Ohio State when we play them next year.

Something Nebraska and Oregon State fans can bond over.

TBH if you’re in Frosoco you just need to accept defeat

Yeah no kidding.

A lower stress job while still getting paid millions by my former employer? Sign me up!

Exactly. Keep Langsdorf and Banker the fuck away and this is a great hire.

Isn't PERS based on you last three years of state employment?

So, if anything, this job will actually decrease his benefit?

I mean he didn't back then either. Langsdorf did, right?

Nah. As long as he sticks to being an assistant and helping Jonathan learn the ropes he could really benefit your program.

Good for him, should be a good situation for him to go back to. He'd be awesome as a recruiting coordinator/QB coach.

Oh, I read the other thread as "Assistant Coach."

Not "Assistant Head Coach."

OSU what are you doing

Plus I find it hard for anyone to succeed when Eichorst and Devaney block coaches from offering certain recruits. Who knows what else they were meddling in.

I expect that the Beavers will have very few issues with Riley, except for the games.