Or to make it seem like I'm not desperately lonely. Take your pick.

Or to make it seem like I'm not desperately lonely. Take your pick.

i usually don't say anything immediately just because I don't have anything to say. unless I'm drinking, and then I respond immediately, with something retarded and misspailed.

Yeah see I do that too, but then forget and end up not replying at all.

We are gifted with the technology of instant communication.

But still treat it as if it were the Pony Express.

I don't play that game. If someone doesn't want to associate with me because I respond to a text too quickly, that's their problem.

99.9% of the time, I respond immediately if I can.

It's rude not to.

It's rude to expect me to respond instantly. I never respond to a text right away. A text is not an obligation. If you need to talk to me that badly, fucking call.

Goddamn kids.

This is just another part of the game we all play for some reason.

There's also some shit about different amounts of dots in an ellipsis meaning different things and whether sending the last message in a conversation is a good or bad thing.

I sea what you did there.

Every. Single. Time.

Sometimes people respond right away because they're desperate. Other times it's because they were simply looking forward to hanging out with that person in particular or because they happened to already have their phone out when the text came in.

Some people will assume the least flattering reason to quick text responses. Some fraction of those people will judge me for it. Those are the people who end up creating more unhappiness than happiness in my life, and I'm glad to have them out of it.

I thought it was more about looking desperate which we all subconsciously avoid.

people like me know people like you do this shit and judge you for it

I usually wait eight weeks and then text "What's crackin?"

Wait three days. 3 days is kind of money.

One time I did that in elvish and she called me a nerd and laughed.

I feel the same way. Sometimes I'll respond immediately, sometimes I'll want to think about what I'm gonna say, sometimes I'm busy with shit and will text you back when I can. Texts are at your convenience, calls are for immediate needs.



I usually text with my ex this way- it keeps me from jumping at the chance to say "I love you" like a psycho.