Operation White Noise is now live on all platforms | Useful Links and Information Post

Operation White Noise is now live on all platforms | Useful Links and Information Post
Operation White Noise is now live on all platforms | Useful Links and Information Post• Full Patch Notes: [Link] • Ubisoft has created an excellent video discussing the new Operators and the new map: • White Noise launch trailer: [Link] • White Noise asset pack, provided by /u/Mattshotcha (71 MB) [Link] • Coming back from a Siege hiatus and want a quick recap on all the changes? Check out the returning players guide : [Link] • Looking for people to group up with or just a way to stay up-to-date with Siege news? Try joining the Rainbow 6 discord (https://discord.gg/rainbow6)! • The three new Operator Icons and Chibis are now available as user flairs: [Link]

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I don't own the Year 2 pass, when and how can I get the new operators?

The new operators will be available to non-pass-holders on December 12th (at the earliest). Non-pass-holders will have to pay 25,000 renown OR 600 R6 credits for each new operator

How much will the new map cost?

As with all maps in Siege the new map "Tower" is free for everyone immediately

My ping has shot up, what's going on [PS4]

There is a known issue with PS4 players being assigned the wrong data center [Link]

Where can I learn more about the Year 3 Pass?

White Noise will be the last Operation covered under the Year 2 pass. The next season, Operation Chimera, will be the first Operation under the Year 3 pass with more details about the pass expected to come out later this month.

Do I keep my Year 2 Operators after the Year 2 Pass expires?

Yes, you will keep all 8 of the Year 2 Operators after the Year 2 Pass expires

When does the Year 2 Pass expire?

The Year 2 Pass is set to expire on Feb. 7th 2018. This after this date, the 10% in-game store discount, the 2 extra slots to hold daily challenges, the 5% renown gain boost, and the increased cumulative Alpha pack chance will no longer be active. Owners of the Year 2 pass will retain their Operators and cosmetics unlocked via the Year 2 Pass

/u/Its_epi /u/mattshotcha do you know when we will get rid of nat type Dependancy for consoles? You guys removed the p2p aspects for PC in the mid season reinforcements if I'm not mistaken and everything went fine I can't see a reason to hold it back from consoles after a month.

Keeps putting me on Data Center SBR...PS4 here

My framerates have dropped to an unplayable level since the patch today. I was averaging 70fps+ easily, but now am lucky to average 20fps.

What the hell did Ubisoft do this time?

Can we get a bug list going? I have a few I'd like to add.

it is! i just played it in ranked

When playing Tower, you can get spawn peeked by defenders sitting on window sills if you rappel down the South side. Always rappel down North side.

A lot of fps drop on every map, that's weird the fps were at 60 before the update now it drops a lot in low 40

Any words on why the resolution scale slider hasn't been implemented yet?

An official "we had too many problems with it" would suffice.


If you’re trying to play and are experiencing terrible ping, check this out. You can easily fix it by following these steps. Everyone is connecting to Southern Brazil (SBR).

Playerbase is far bigger on console I believe.

Same. What is going on?

Can confirm! Felt like team deathmatch because both teams were so lost.

If they removed theme park, Ranked would be even more repetitive then it already is

I don't love it either, I just wish they would add some of the old maps back into the rotation, a man can only play border and chalet so many times.


Not a huge fan personally

Not a huge fan personally

It is. I don’t have any links but I remeber seeing a post. Ps4 has the largest player base of them all

Yeah its a bug they're working on it

No info from ubi on this, so assumed a hard no.

What do the new ranked charms look like?