Oops. Left wing article lets it slip that Hillary is still 100% behind the scene trying to still run things.

Oops. Left wing article lets it slip that Hillary is still 100% behind the scene trying to still run things.

This is all part of the Dem's A/B selection process for their 2020 chosen candidate. If people react badly to Harris, they'll push Warren. If people like Harris, they'll push her harder.

I still expect Booker to show up for some reason. Not sure how he fits in to this plan.

Harris and Booker will be the final 2. Harris will win, Booker won't get VP because NJ's already in the bag. Warren will be the collapsing favorite in the beginning.

Can't wait to see the negative ads on her if she runs. She was literally a whore for Willie Brown. This woman has a political career because she swallowed cum from Willie Brown.

I like this prediction. Who gets VP, then? I wanna bet it'll be some state governor, but plucking one from any one of the states Trump won would be a very bad move (because if they're Dems, they're unpopular in that state).

I think they might pick Bill Nelson (D-FL). He's older (will be 78 when 2020 rolls around), but he's a relatively popular Dem from a big swing state.

Their plan is, IMO, to take back Florida and one other state (probably North Carolina or Arizona). It's really the only way they can pull off a razor-thin win.

EDIT: If I had to make any more predictions, I think that we're going to see a party split like 1968, with the Sanders wing of the Dems nominating Sanders and going rogue. That might actually win a state or two (like Oregon or Washington), but hurts the Dems more than the GOP.

I heard rumors that they were shopping her, didn't believe it until now. If she is their best bet, then I'm not even worried.


[ ] Minority vote


[ x ] Minority vote

Liberal Logic.

They won't run a woman or a minority. They're going to go for a white male. Watch this space.

Don't underestimate Harris. She checks a lot of boxes for a lot of different voters: "experience," black, woman, yelling about Trump constantly.

They are probably hoping that, so they can claim slut shaming

The Dems' Rust Belt strategy is screwed with the industry ramp-up we're looking at. Assuming the numbers are correct, those places won't vote blue again for 25 years.

Granted, the party bosses might think it's a good idea, but 2018 should be a big enough wake-up call to indicate that the strategy has to change.

Florida is a much easier state to flip than Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin. I think that's going to become the key to their strategy.

Rudely interrupting during an Senate committee interview, claiming to be the victim when called on it.

I think Chelsea is being prepped for something - perhaps a Senate run? Her "life time achievement award" is setting the stage for something.

They just keep doubling down on a losing strategy. It's beautiful.

Interesting. I was thinking a Rust Belt senator a la Gary Peters or Bob Casey Jr. Maybe PA Governor Tom Wolf. The left has to have the rust belt back if they want any shot at winning the electoral college.

Will be interesting to see if Kamala pushes the "anti white man" angle in her campaign to take over America.

from side of beef to slurping beef

Yeah it's easy, Broward county just needs to cheat more.

I figured it out. If Dems were smart, they would say kamala Harris and Nancy p, cuck schumer and Tom perez were in charge when asked but the fact that they say "no one" is in charge just makes it obvious that Hillary and Obama still are.

[]side of beef

[x]not side of beef

I hope HRC supports them all, will only hurt. Ppl are awake to her corruption

Vote for colored vagina in 2020. Cause that will work.

I think Chelsea is being prepped for something

her bull (i shuddered IRL when i typed that FYI)

Hillary won't stop till she's dead, buried at the center of a cross roads, a stake in her heart and just in case a silver edged sickle placed over her neck in the coffin.

She lost to her own "side" in 08 and all the dirty tricks in the book couldn't stop her loss to Trump, a person she wrote off.

There is so much dirt on her. She has a bad name in San Francisco and that's saying something.


Meeting "in the hamptons" so funny how out of touch they are with their "base."

Because nothing says "we understand the suffering of the middle class" like a vacation home meeting with the .0001%.

I think you're right, but mainly because I think that the real strategists, the ones who have to face reality no matter what they tell the voters, know that Trump is a lock in 2020. All this rioting bullshit and non-stop obstruction is wearing. They're going to throw away 2020 and put up a Dukakis and save up their victim points for a broadside in 2024. it's going to be a black woman at the top of the ticket with either a black muslim man or a gay white man as VP.

Watch this space.

Lolol Trump didn't even need to win Florida to win the election last year. A lot of good it'll do them!

they refuse to let that one go. it's their whole playbook.

Can you imagine if we take California in 2020? Oh, man, my heart swells at the thought.


Don't forget: HILLARY WON CALI BY 4000000 VOTES


IF CALI BECOMES CLOSE: TURN OUT FOR REPUBLICANS WILL SOAR - It's not about winning Cali, it's about narrowing the gap

It's going to be a bloodbath!

"Trumpocalypse" will be the crying headlines on the salt-stained front pages

(ง ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)ง

Couldn't pass the bar and claimed it wasn't a measure of legal ability.

Identity politics is all they have.

TIL equine can run for Senate.

I keep hearing she's an authentic idiot.

I can't even imagine her up on a debate stage with DJT. It'd be a bloody mess.

The media already has with their blatant lies stating how "old white men" interrupted her. Like the bullshit where she kept interrupting Sessions during his confirmation hearings, then the next day, all you saw in the media were articles about how an old white guy interrupted her. Same thing in one of the "muh Russia" hearings when she was asking NSA boss Mike Rogers questions. She literally told him "NO", she wasn't going to let him finish his answer.

Excellent observation.

they're sending their best


sure i'll feel kind of bad, there'll be about 507,000 news reports of liberals being hacked to death in tolerant mexico, but we'll be assured that "not all mexicans" so it's ok, not that we thought it was all mexicans, but that's besides the point, the main point is, when all the liberals are hacked to death for their organs and rape parties, i'll feel a little bad. but then I'll probably click the "liberals getting raped and hacked to death" filter on the sidebar of world news

HAHAHahhahAHAHa lol. Try venezuela

This woman has a political career because she swallowed cum from Willie Brown.

Wait, what?

I like Warren better than her. At least Warren is dorky and a goober which makes her funny.

Go for it, Hillbilly! Don't let this bitch get the drop on you. You are owed the presidency, not her!

I think the Sanders wing is going to be the death of the Dems. They're gonna split the party hard in 2020.

The insane Roman Emperor Caligula made his horse a Senator.

She's black like talcum x

Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck.

The internet would destroy Donkey Chubbell in a heartbeat if she ever announced.

The meme warfare would be one-sided, completely devastating, and permanently make the Clinton brand even more of a laughingstock than it currently is.

Right now Hilliary would Arkancide her own child before allowing it to damage the brand any more.

We've never had a commander and chief with dark labia.

Isn't it time?

They'll have enough celebrity retards to split the vote like 4 ways and practically hand the the general to Trump


And the insane Clintons are trying to make their horse a senator

You're assuming they are going to learn from their mistakes and just run whatever candidate has the best credentials. Man or woman.

That's not going to happen.

The Dems will run a woman every 4 years until the sun burns out, or they get a woman elected. Additionally, they will attempt to "make up for lost time" by adding additional minority qualifiers each time.

The only way I see them running a white male is if he's also a gay Muslim.

This is my take as well. If you go to almost any left-leaning website and read the comments section, whenever they're not bashing President Trump, they're spending most of their time arguing over who's to blame for the 2016 failure. Half of them blame Bernie and his supporters for refusing to toe the line, and the other half blame Hillary and the corrupt DNC. It usually devolves into a real shit-show.

Then there's the fact that there are publications (I use the term loosely) like Vox, who keep running articles about how Sanders is currently the front runner for Democrats. His supporters are clamoring for another run, and whenever he's asked about it, he's always coy and says he hasn't ruled it out (which means: yes, he's definitely going to once again bilk people out of their hard earned cash. MATCH ME!).

Bernie supporters truly believe he would have won in 2016 if he had been the candidate. They don't seem to realize that if he runs again, they're likely to get the same result. There's no way Democrat party leadership will let him become their candidate. His only chance would be to run as a third-party candidate, which would probably end up killing the Democratic party (and he'd have almost no chance of beating Trump, since he'd just split the vote with Democrats).

Interrupting Cowmala Harris

The conservatives need to get their butts out to vote in 2020. They stayed home in 2016. This goes for every state. Don't assume anything because the socialist globalist are already spending a fortune on the mid-terms.

Voter ID is really gonna screw over the Dems' slimy tactics. I'm happy.

What information do we have on Kamala Harris?

See, I've gotten a little bored with myself and just being an anonymous voice on the internet. I've considered getting into smaller local politics first, then moving forward. With the next election still some time away, we can't guarantee the Left will be shattered completely by then.

That's why I want to decimate this woman's image. If Clinton is interested in her, what does that tell us? She's potentially as dangerous as Clinton, as deceitful and backstabbing as Clinton; how far would they go to get a young "Hillary Clinton 2.0" in the White House? If she's willing to be the puppet of the Left, I'd wager she knows about the dirty dealings.

Hell, she may have even been complicit in some of them. We need to start gearing up our local politicians, build up a solid base for our future candidates to stand on. At most, we only get Trump for 8 years. What happens after that? What happens if no one else steps up and we find ourself with someone like Kamala Harris or (heaven forbid) Hillary Clinton herself? We have to be prepared.

"Yelling about Trump" plays with the progtards, but the progtards are loud and not at all numerous.

The question I would be asking myself, if I were the dems, is if Kamala Harris appeals to black men, because that is where turnout cratered for Hillary (and what did show up manifested a 1500% increase for Trump vs Romney). I just don't see it.

Edit: come to think of it, would Latino males vote for Harris at the same rates as they voted for Clinton? I dunno.

You can bet your ass Kasim Reed is on the shortlist. They think he can turn Georgia blue. If GA is in play the entire electoral math shifts.

I was going to tell you to keep her wherever out of this, but who are we kidding? It's the only thing she'll be talking about.

Kamala the Ugandan Giant?

Hillary told Kamala she was running in 2020 and would love for the senator to campaign for her. Of course the choice is all Kamala's. Surely nothing bad will happen if she defies Clinton.

She's not pleasant. She's a shrill, like Hillary but with way less surface credentials.

They have no idea what they are doing I almost feel bad for them.

We must get Harris to run. She will be universally reviled and lose badly.

Harris might be the perfect candidate for the Democrats because she is a witchy bitch, she is black, which always makes many black people who wouldn't otherwise take the time to vote actually come out on election day JUST to vote for a black person regardless of platform, and she is a woman, which gives dems another opportunity to "make history" by "breaking the glass ceiling" of "sexism" and "misogyny". She represents a double whammy in identity politics as a "black woman" running for president; disagreeing with her and NOT voting for her would not only be "racist" but also "sexist" and "misogynistic".

If she slaps her belly and stomps around on the debate stage, I'm voting for her. Sorry guys.

And if people like Zuckerberg… PFFFFFFTTT Ahahahaha! I'm sorry I couldn't say that with a straight face

Uh. Bob Casey and Tom Wolf are both uninspiring at best. The only reason they won was because Corbett was a jackass and whoever Casey ran against was not wide reaching enough.


So you admit she's a slut then?


A black Muslim Trans handicapped woman.

Who paid for that trip to the Hamptons?

They have to get FaceCuck Mark to agree that he isn't destined to be the next president first, or he will rip their choices to shreds. He isn't out touring every state and learning something about each one right now just because - reasons. He is laying the ground work for making comments that show he has what it takes to be the next POTUS.

That he has no chance of winning is as irrelevant as DNC policies. The only hurdle he faces is getting Google to sign off that it is "His Turn".

Yeah but we're talking the Democratic party here... Tim Kaine was VP nominee

Seems like they would try to convert some Trump supporters, so they would try to appeal to everyone somehow. You think they would alienate voters again after the backlash from Hillary?

If Florida loses it's dead vote, I don't think they will flip.