It was strange seeing all the Mother’s Day speeches on instagram today like do yalls moms have ig or are you just yelling into the void

It's the same with wishing your kid happy birthday on Facebook. Happy 1st Birthday lil Jimmy ❤🤗🎂 mommy loves you sooo much! Xoxo. We love seeing you continue to grow and reach all your milestones! I always want to be that one person to ask if they have a Facebook and are able to read it. But I don't have many friends. I need to keep the boring few I have.

Why is it always either Bill Murray or Jim Carey in the faked twitter posts??

Bill Murray doesn’t even have a twitter account for God’s sake..



This. I find it so hard to restrain myself from commenting sarcastic things on Facebook.

A girl I used to work with is pretty hardcore anti-vaccine and posts a lot of comments on the subject, and she just had her first kid. I’m keeping it reined in so far, but when that kid contracts small pox, there’ll be no stopping me.

Nah this is real. It’s got the little verified check. Can’t fake that.

Fuck man can’t I call my mom, wish her a nice day, chat for awhile and then also post something nice about her? I know she likes it so what the hell guys

Or just call her out on her bullshit and debate?

1 Like = 1 Letter on this Hallmark card

I used to think this was it too, but my mom got sad seeing other people making these posts when she wasn't getting any from me. She's been having a very hard time dealing with some issues in our family recently so I made sure to write a status-based message for her this year.

Well you probably could have said it without throwing in a complaint.

Well you done fucked up!

What a great way to convince someone of your viewpoint!

Seriously though. My mom's entire facebook wall consists of shared pictures of me and her. You're damn right I'm gonna call her, change my picture on her day, and write her a cute lil message that she can understand on social media.

Thoughts and prayers to all the moms out there!

I think people who are stupid enough to believe that rubbish in the first place are not going to have their mind changed by a Facebook debate. If I was close to this person, then I would probably try face to face instead of embarrassing them online but as we’re not, not my problem.

Devil's advocate: I really hate attentionwhores in general, but if someone genuinely wants to publicly express their appreciation towards their mother then social media provides that opportunity. I know it's a thin line, but I guess that's just a symptom of living in the age of the internet.

But that "thoughts and prayers" crowd on the other hand...

This is so empirical I can't deny it

I think parents do it for their other family members that they don’t get to see very often.

oh yeah...