Is she talking about Batman? Because it sounds like she's talking about Batman.

Don't associate with people that do this, seriously.

Some people are legit hurting and they need help. Bring them back up. However, some people go out of their way to get hurt, because they're nothing with out it. Cut them out of your life.

If you see someone hurting, reach out. If they decline, and stay pretty silent, they might just need time/reassurance. If they decline, and then constantly post bullshit about nobody caring about them, they're just looking for attention.

I've helped a lot of people out, but I've also put a lot of effort into people that didn't appreciate it.

No therapist would take that nigga as a client lol..

Why do people think on twitter they are Psychologists...

Hardest thing I ever did was forgive my dad for abandoning my sister and I. What's worse is when I reconnected with him I learned his childhood was more fucked up than mine...we got too many broken men breaking their children.

You don’t need to be a psychologist to see the obvious. Tell me u/Jetskater, what is your favorite sport?

By 'depressed people' standards I'm a ray of sunshine but take away the depression and I'm just a kind mid-20's piece of shit.

Lol That could easily apply to him too

It takes a lot of people way too long to realize this and they never hit their potential because they’re constantly getting dragged down by surrounding themselves with negative people. You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Make sure you spend it with people that build you up, not pull you down.