Only the strong survive

Only the strong survive

This is not first world anarchy, the post has /sub/madlads written all over it

It would hurt going down cause I don't chew my KD put a forkful in my mouth and swallow

I for sure thought this was /sub/madlads. Especially with the use of “wrecked.”

I wanted to see if he'd notice.

Lol wtf man why

I like to joke with my wife that I put a drop of The Hottest Sauce in the Universe under a pepperoni before I threw the pizza in the oven. One day I will and she will get that piece and I'll probably be divorced shortly thereafter.

I used to put a tiny bit of cat food in my roommates hamburger helper. He never noticed.

Found the Canadian

It was the not chewing bit, Canadians actually don't have teeth

A true scientist

Pepperoni pizza roulette

Macaroni Roulette

As a Canadian, I'm not sure what made that Canadian. Is KD a Canadian thing?

Kevin Durant



Kraft Dinner?

It's anarchy because he's putting an uncooked macaroni in with the cooked macaroni. There's no rule of law in this household, to be sure.

The only difference between goofing around and being a scientist is writing everything down!

It's called KD (Kraft Dinner) in Canada while in America it's called Kraft Mac & Cheese

You should have gradually increased the ratio of cat food to hamburger helper until he was just eating straight cat food

How is this first world anarchy? Why does this belong here?

Don't dis the helpful ham man, it got us through hard times.

Easy Mac is something different in the US. Its the little bowls you stick water in and microwave, then add the tiny packet of cheese to.

Why not just power wash the wife with hot sauce while she's asleep? Why play roulette when you can go for a sure thing?

You’re an asshole.

So you added some cat food to the dog food?

Good way to break a toof

My dad used to add dry dog food to Chex mix, for college parties.

No one was the wiser.

I thought that was West Virginians? Is Canada West Virginia north?


Give him a beer and some glue and he’ll go right to sleep.

It only works if you have her randomly spin the pizza and give the slices. That way you can't cheat. Unless you WANT to be divorced, in which case, gods speed.

I have never heard of someone making the boxed kind in the microwave

Everyone knew but did not want to out your dad as a fucking weirdo for the fear of getting stabbed to death.

What the Fuck

You know, I'm something of a scientist myself

Probably had a hockey stick near him and implied that he lost his teeth to pucks. Somewhat common.



From now henceforth, the following entry has been added to the sacred texts.

Kodi 6:12:

Is this true evil?

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One time I was eating a bowl of Cap'n Crunch at a much older age than you're probably imagining. The back had a little maze on a map or some such thing with cartoons of different cultures. Like an eskimo from Alaska, geisha from Japan, etc. The Canadian was wearing a striped shirt and jeans, one of those raccoon hats, and was missing teeth.

Very unlikely. Its not the heat that makes the texture right its the water. At best its gonna be rubbery.

Drop in a xanax

This is oddly specific

Yeah its called kraft dinner in the canadas

If it's still hot, it might soften up that noodle enough to be barley noticeable.

He doesn’t chew while doing the Macarena.

My ex's dad worked for craft. When asked what I wanted for Christmas I said a lot of mac n cheese to make it through college.

Never went to college have about three meals a day for three years of Mac and cheese. I don't know what favours he called but him and my gf pulled up in a kraft box truck on Christmas like some crazy corporate Santa. He really didn't like me so I assume it was his form of malicious compliance. Oh he also gave me a few gallons of taco bell chipotle sauce that apperently leafy makes. So I've never been sure if he hated me or not.


It was multiple times. Maybe 10 times over 3 years.

When I was 13 I had my friend make me a salisbury steak tv dinner when he made himself one. He told me years later that he spit all in it and mixed around in the sauce so I couldn't tell. When I asked why he would do that he said it was because I use to sneeze in his face when we were sitting next to each other. I totally deserved it.

That isn't painful to Canadians. They genetically have a lack of feeling in their face. That's how they get a broken nose, 3 teeth knocked out, and are back on the ice for their next scheduled shift.

No Americans call it that (if they do they aren't real Americans). It's just Mac & Cheese. We don't care who makes it.

Yep. Aussie living in Canada and only just learnt that yesterday. We call it Easy Mac back at home.

Or, you could spin the pizza, but remember what the orientation of the pepperoni on the slice with the hot sauce is, so you can avoid it.

It'll probably just dissolve then they'll both get high. Everybody wins, I suppose. But then again the bitterness will probably ruin the macaroni.

Both madlads and this sub are for harmless and funny stuff. This is neither. This is evil.

What kind of animal are you?

It's first world anarchy because third world anarchy don't have food.

No, I'd just eat more

Cull the herd

Mmmm casserole

I used to put a tiny bit of hamburger helper in my roommates cat food. He never noticed.


He didn't notice

Personally, I've found that a single drop in an unsuspecting anus is quite effective.

He still looked incredibly hick compared to the others, but you might have a point. Pretty sure he was holding a hockey stick. Had no idea that that was common, sounds painful as hell getting hit in the face with a puck. Maybe mouthguards should be common, lol.

If he didn't like you he wouldn't do all that

Oh shit I dont have teeth?!!!?!

The instruction said boil until soft!!!! He left one hard!!!!!!!

Yes it is, but if you have a million dollars you don’t have to eat it

Easy Mac is the microwave version of Kraft Dinner eh.

You’re supposed to share that shit?

AKA Bitch

Oh shit we're boiling water with the larger boxes like a bunch of heathens.

This is something me and my friend would totally do. I'm laughing real hard because I got a new idea for when I go to his house

What the fuck

This guys xanaxs

Do you not like to taste your food, you heathen?

Between me preparing it, putting it in the oven, taking it out, slicing it up, I'd for sure lose track lose track of it.

He put one dry macaroni noodle in one of the boxes to see who'd get wrecked

Oh man this is great

Kraft dinner changed their official name to KD a while back I'm not sure if this is for Canada exclusively though.

Wait, what?

You mean all these years I thought I was alone in the world, I was wrong?

And for the record to others that assume, no, one does not grow up to be a pole smoker strictly because they refuse to chew their Kraft Dinner.

Nah man humans don't have that level of self restraint, I'm leaning towards the story being fake.

You don’t think it be like it is, but it do.

/sub/nba is leaking

Like Dijon

Oh we have those too, but it also comes in larger boxes.