Only $25 ✔️ No loot boxes ✔️ No microtransactions ✔️ Underrated ✔️ Underappreciated ✔️

Only $25 ✔️ No loot boxes ✔️ No microtransactions ✔️ Underrated ✔️ Underappreciated ✔️

Great game.. for all the right reasons.. it does have microtransactions though? You can buy skins etc for real money?

I fucking suck at this game but it’s so much goddamn fun

cosmetics packs

I don't have a problem with this.

yes, there are some cosmetics packs that can be bought only with real money.

The main thing there are the prime titan skins, that make the Titans look more sci-fi (the titans usually look utilitarian, prime titans look more advanced) and add a different execution animation and that is it, no change in how they perform.

Cosmetic packs are to me an optional way to support a game/the devs

I'm thinking "underrated" is the wrong term to use, "underappreciated" would be closer.

It's at 89 on meta critic. Is it really that underrated?

Underrated by the gaming community but not by critics. This game does everything right but for some reason people can't get into it. It's so buttery smooooooth.

absolutely. Core gameplay should be fair for all who bought the core game, but purchasable aesthetics?

All for it

Same, love the running and stuff but when it comes to Titan on Titan, count me out.

My favorite premium item was for a online game years ago. For $100 you got a dunce hat with a money camo. The hat reduced your weapons damage, health and movement speed by 10% when equipped. Getting first place in a match with it on gave you a special metal. Killing someone with it would cause the message player 1 has humiliated player 2 for the Nth time to pop up in the message box in the corner.

I seriously wish more games did something like that.

Came out at the wrong time. In the shadow of Overwatch.

Could definitely do without this eyesore of a click-bait title.

Titan vs Titan is more akin to class based/hero shooters where each type has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. It's all about learning those strengths and weaknesses to play to your own titan's full potential, or if you know you're outgunned, retreat to a safe place and engage different enemies.

For instance, Ronin is a fast, high damage, low health titan. He can deal shitloads of damage to an unsuspecting titan, so he's all about ambushes and flanking titans engaged with other enemies. However, since he has low health, he's also easier to destroy than the other titans, so it's wise to get out of harm's way when all your attacks are on cooldown.

Scorch is all about area denial and MASSIVE DAMAGE. He has a ton of health so he's hard to take down, and if you get too close to him, your goose will be cooked, literally.

Legion. AGGRESSIVE SUSTAINED COUNTERFIRE. He deals medium damage, but he can do it almost nonstop, meaning that unless you have shields or a ton of health, or something to block his fire, he will take you down before you can ever get close to him.

Also no playerbase ✔️ Boy this blew up, thanks guys!

And battlefield no?

and good single player campaign

I think it's because it was Origin only and released at the same time BF1 or some other big FPS did.



Don't let EA off the hook. Battlefront 2 has loot boxes.

I think it was Battlefield 1, not Battlefield I. /s

And Battlefield, aye.

This is basically it. Titanfall 2 being on origin has stopped me from buying this game for almost a year. Every time someone points out how it is cheap and really fun, I think "Oh, I should probably buy that, it looks like something I would really enjoy". Then I remember that it is on Origin, and I just can't be bothered.

Edit: Ok this kind of got WAY bigger then I thought when I casually posted it. Apparently lots of people agree with me, but for everyone asking "whats wrong with origin" let me clarify my original statement. Nothing is wrong with Origin. From everything I have heard for a while it is actually not bad software, and is not obtrusive or anything. It is more of the circumstantial factors involved:

I am already really busy, so knowing I won't have much time to put into the game anyway, just makes me less willing to jump through a couple of hoops to get it set up. I'm not lazy, I'm just busy with graduating, research/work, and other school related stuff, plus social life and other games I already play. I am working with pretty limited laptop space until I finish university (256 SSD), and while I could run it it on my laptop, I don't really have room for another 40GB AAA game PLUS the launcher, even if the launcher is small, I doubt the game is. I don't really want to go through the hassle of setting up and storing another account and password.

While all these reasons could probably stand on their own, the thing they kind of all have in common is Origin.

It is still strange when EA of all companies look less evil than Bethesda, WB and 2K these days.

Kind of like how much free content Garden Warfare series has.

Those who are playing are so good too that it's very hard for noobs. I got in, played some single player until I felt I had the controls down. Jumped in multi-player and was immediately killed after spawning so many times.

You're on the wrong sub

Found the D.Va main /s

Get into a chokepoint with scorch and fire a couple of those flammable barrels out. Game over for anyone who can't escape in time

... Aaand then stand on the edge of the fire with the shield up, so people trying to flee just get bonus roasting.

There's singleplayer in Team Fortress 2?

Yes but what I like about titanfall 2 is it doesn't use this premium currency rubbish.

No "it costs 900 titan bucks for this skin" so then you have to go to the pan (or appropriate) store and buy a currency to use in game but it only sells it in bundles of 1000 so you end up with 100 sitting there doing nothing. Instead it just slaps a 4 quid price tag on it and says "if you want it that's the cost"

Premium currency can suck my balls

EA marketing team out in force tonight

Calm down satan.

Reminds me of this prediction by a redditor:

Here's what will happen:

EA already knew it would go down like this. They knew from the getgo people wouldn't like these kind of RNG progression crates. So they release a worse version of them during the open beta.

Why? It's a tactic. Right now, everyone is upset. What will happen next is that EA/Dice will come out with a "We heard you!" statement and they will "fix" the loot crates by making them slightly less RNG and pay-to-win before launch.

This will then end in tons of people going "Alright, they actually listened, time to preorder again!". People will feel like they got a compromise, it's like a small victory in their minds and it makes them forget about the initial goal of the company to begin with (moving over to loot crate progression). It wouldn't be the first time a company did something like this. Starting off with something in a worse state and then slightly improving it leaves everyone with a better taste in their mouths and they are more willing to then ignore the fact that those RNG crates in this case are in the game to begin with.

People underestimate the intelligence of the people at work there, they know how to manipulate the "general sentiment" around their games and additions like these, that are not liked by most but will make them lots of money. Just watch and see. We'll soon hear from them.

That time jump level is baller.

Not good, spectacular is more accurate!

Of the 5 stores/launchers I've got on my computer origin is probably my second favorite. Quick downloads, unobtrusive, free games. The one thing I don't like is that it always asks if I want to replace my cloud save with my local save. It can't seem to get that right. That being said what other services offer cloud saves? It's a few minutes of trouble to get it going but it's perfectly functional from then on.

I thought I had Adblocker on...

People consider everything they like as "underrated" if it's not topic #1 in the media.

Wait, this isn't /sub/gamingcirclejerk?

Try frontier defense. You will feel like a god.


As a balance goal, we’re working towards having the most powerful items in the game only earnable via in-game achievements.

We'll see if this really happens.

Singleplayer in tf2 was amazing, short but amazing. I hope tf3 will focus even more on the single player mode.

That being said what other services offer cloud saves?

Steam does, and I've never had a problem with it either.

Titanfall shines in its combat and control. While I agree it could use more content, you can feel the amount of effort the devs put into making it a smooth, rapid, and flawless fps

Edit: Stop down voting ringosis for having a different opinion, God damn this is why reddit is a terrible forum for discussion.

I actually prefer Titan vs Titan, epic battles

I used Tone as a noob for a long time because it's general ease of use. Then Frontier defense came out and I got bored. Tried a Scorch one day. I thought, oh... This is kinda fun. He's a little slow... Kept using it. Hit max level and learned to work the shit out of it. Then the real fun began. Took that back into attrition. Jesus. Scorch is life for me. I love to watch Scorch make the world burn.

Scorch is life.

Underappreciated? This subreddit sucks its dick all the time, it just came out when a more popular game did, BF1.

Which seem to be undergoing revisions according to this statement from today:

We know you have a lot of questions about Crates and progression, so we want to clarify a few things, as the complete system was not in the Beta and will continue to be tuned over time:

• There are many things you can earn in the game, including weapons, attachments, credits, Star Cards, Emotes, Outfits and Victory Poses.

• As a balance goal, we’re working towards having the most powerful items in the game only earnable via in-game achievements.

• Crates will include a mix of of Star Cards, Outfits, Emotes or Victory Poses.

• Players earn crates by completing challenges and other gameplay milestones, or by purchasing them with in-game credits or Crystals, our premium currency.

• If you get a duplicate Star Card in a crate, you will get crafting parts which you can then use to help upgrade the Star Card of your choice.

• And lastly, you have to earn the right to be able to upgrade Star Cards and unlock most Weapons. You can only upgrade or unlock them if you have reached a high enough rank, which is determined by playing the game.

Source :

This, Battlefield 1, and tons of great games are available for $30 a year. EA Access is legit people.

Titan vs Titan are so much easier. Bigger hitboxes, and if you die, you just pop out of your titan.

He did say Origin was his second favourite.

Hey remember in Resident Evil 2, how you had to run through the game in progressively faster runs to unlock the bonus character Hunk and his mini-campaign, and then the super secret bonus character Tofu to unlock his parody mini-campaign of Hunk's campaign? And the whole time during these runs you were also unlocking bonus costumes and seeing alternate endings?

Yeah . . . DLC and microtransactions killed that kind of fun, inventive, bonus content meant to increase the lifespan of a game.


Espacially that fight with


That flying Northstar.

Remember kids, Viper got you in the pipe, 5 by 5.

Did somebody say..... aggressive sustained counter fire?....... BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT






He's basically an A-10 Warthog with legs.

that was so bad that it become somewhat funny.

Underrated? Underappreciated? This game is praised by everyone and their dog. And these kinds of posts show up all the time for this game.

Don't forget Origin support is infinity times better than Steam's because Steam's doesn't exist. I'd honestly be happy if Steam got some competition in the market. It's better for us as gamers to have companies competing for our business.

Not this fucking post again

Skins is fine. Actual player benefits, which SW:BF2 has, not so fine. Though seems like they might be backpedaling on those choices pretty quickly.

Eh, I think it's about as appreciated as it deserves. The multiplayer is fun, but it's super shallow, and doesn't have enough maps. There aren't enough weapons to keep it interesting, the customisation is very basic, most of the choices you make with Titan and weapon set-up feel meaningless. The single player is good as well, but feels more like a showcase of what they could do, rather than a full game. I mean, I finished it it under 4 hours on the hardest difficulty and that 4 hours wasn't perfect, a few bits felt rough around the edges...that's just not good enough in my opinion.

Basically what it is is a decent COD game with much less content. It's better than all the other summer blockbusters from that year, BF1, Battlefront, Infinite Warfare, etc but none of those were outstanding games, and TF2 is not streets ahead...just better than mediocrity.

Also, "FREE DLC" is a great headline that Titanfall tried to sell itself with, but Battlefronts DLC, (while expensive and adding to a lacking base game), added about triple the content that the launch version had over the course of it's first year. Titanfall after it's first year, has added a new Titan and a couple of pretty forgettable maps.

You want a really underrated FPS? Planetside 2.

Overwatch came out in May. Titanfall 2 came out in October.

But you're kinda right in the sense that everyone was playing Overwatch at the time, several months after release.

Correct, thanks for the report. We have banned the account and website.

Overwatch's fanbase ruined Overwatch for me.

Excuse my formatting, I'm on mobile

It's all about picking your Titan, and picking your targets

I main a Tone, Scorch and Monarch.

As Tone/Monarch, I will NEVER go face to face with a Scorch or Ronin in close quarters, (these fuckers are deadly), but at the same time, I wouldn't fight a Northstar at long range.

I always try to be at medium distance to any Titan, because that's when these Titans thrive.

As a Scorch however, you have to fight up close to be successful. True, he can be deadly at medium range to, but he is absolutely build for CQC, I call a 3v1 in close range an even fight with this fucker, he is built for these kind of battles

Some other tips:

Try out all Titans to see who fits you best

When you've chosen one, experiment with their kits

Frontier Defense can help with your choice, but always remember that thise Titans are more predictable than an player controlled Titan.

Don't be afraid to fail

Hope this helps!!

People just want steam to become a monopoly for some reason.


Seems more like Humblebundle team judging by their post history.

Sometimes I say this ironically when its a really close match and people get butt befuddled about it

i'm gonna wait like a week.

fell into the trap of buying it day 1 for battlefront 1 and i disliked the game overall.

That's hands down one of the coolest levels I've ever played.

Is there a difference?

What ✔️ Do ✔️ You ✔️ Mean ✔️ ? ✔️

Yea, his first favorite is Uplay.

This is spam based on context to find the main subject of the post. The comment has nothing to do with its context, it's in the top comment chain and from what I'm assuming is a new account with about 6 very generic posts and comments. I don't even need to check. That's what they always look like.

yes, there are some cosmetics packs that can be bought only with real money

That is the definition of micro-transactions though.

It's not underrated, in fact I think it's overrated. Underappreciated easily though.

Last time I tried Guild Wars 2 I made a char called Dr Git Gud, because I had no clue. Everyone in WvW thought it meant I was telling them how to get good. Blind leading the blind hilarity ensued.

Can we talk about the fact that there must be paid shills or something on this sub to explain the regular titan fall propaganda posts? I've seen this exact thing posted at least 4 times

EA is only the Publisher not the Developer, it is an important distinction. Respawn is responsible for the good game not EA.

EA Has only been bad influence on it's child companies, but Respawn is not owned by EA. They only used EA as their Publisher.

An easy way to understand the difference is this. I wrote a book, I then want to publish my book. So I look for a publisher who will #1 agree to publish my book #2 not change my book and #3 will not take most of my profits. There are Other Considerations and it is a bit more complicated then this but it is the general Idea.

Or Alternatively

EA has paid me to Write a book, they have given me a general narrative, and Strict guidelines as to what is required to be in my book. The freedom I have in writing this book is limited at best, and If I try to change anything they require me to put in the book I may suffer severe backlash.

Respawn writes a game, and asks EA to Publish it, EA makes suggestion to change the game to make it more "Profitable", Respawn can reject these suggestions, and the game is published how Respawn wants it to be.

Bioware Writes a book, and has no choice EA is their publisher because Bioware is a Child company. EA makes suggestions on changes or additions to Bioware's Book, Bioware can try to say no but then EA can threaten to pull funding, or change deadlines to get what they want. Bioware's game is published How EA wants it to be.

There are always repercussions, I feel like EA Chose a Shitty Launch date for Titan Fall 2 on purpose to hurt Respawn because they rejected EA's suggestions. Because it is the Publishers Job to choose the correct time to launch, the number of physical copies to make, What stores sell the product, and even advertisement levels.

I think Titan Fall 2's biggest downfall honestly is that it's on Origin which is almost universally hated by the entire PC gaming world.

Between Battlefield and Call of Duty

Yeah, why? It's a great multiplayer experience, the campaign, albeit short, is fantastic and has tons of content. EDIT: Grammar

This. Overwatch really had nothing to do with it because it has been out for quite a while by then. But sandwiching it in between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty was a death sentence. Fucking stupid of EA, because it was superior to both.

TotalBiscuit had a video a while back where he said he was fine with Portal 2 having Day 1 DLC cosmetic packs because 1) it didn't affect the game at all and 2) the packs were probably just things the art team was working on between the game being finished and the release date.

Its a fucking advertisement

I've never understood people's problem with origin. I've also never looked into people's problem with origin, but I've had 0 major issues with it. I downloaded it, made a quick account, downloaded the game I want to play, and I haven't had to do anything since. I just ling in and play the game like every other launcher out there.

It's a paid ad.

But it's the opposite of a crutch

So it's like overwatch except for the underrarted and underappreciated parts

This is like taking off shoes just so we can board planes. It's fine I guess, I just remember when we used to play games to unlock alternate costumes. As my namesake, WoW is my main game so I still enjoy playing a game to unlock costumes I guess.

One of my favorite tactics with Scorch is to launch barrels behind an enemy titan and rush towards it with thermal shield up, leaving no chance for them to escape a fiery death.

Its still not solving the problem. The star cards and progression based around them are the issue. If it was just emotes, skins, victory posses, cosmetics, etc, I wouldnt give a shit tbh. But its almost all upgrades that will give you an objective edge over the rest of the player base. Theres such a huge gap between a level 1 card and a level 4 card its just insane; putting players that have less crates at a huge disadvantage. While yes they say you can get them through crafting, the crafting requirements are so grindy its just not practical. I played the beta for the initial 3 days it was offered and i only got about 60 crafting parts. Initial star card crafting recipes needed 40 for level1, and then 80 for level2. So on and so forth.

You either spend enough money on crates HOPING to get the right and proper star cards youre looking for, or spend hours on hours getting enough crafting parts to build what you want. Progession in a game should be based on that, fucking progression. Not spending large amounts of money hoping you get want you want, rolling the dice time and time again at the expense of your wallet.

Please avoid buying battlefront 2. I loved the game, I loved the beta, but I really dont want this to become normal and putting our money where I mouth is is really the only way I see to keep that from happening. :(

Without matchmaking this game is kinda garbage. Your first game? Heres a team of lvl 500s. People who have prestiged 10+ times.

They primarily use 1 or 2 of the main hitscan weapons. Primarily the CAR. Projectile weapons? Got some great ones. But no gamemode for them? I'd come back for that and only that. EPG is my love and life but playing against hitscan is so discouraging.

Speaking from my experience on PC I seem to find matches really easily, people are saying that the playerbase is dead but imo this is totally untrue

It's dense. Lots of awesome content squeezed into a 5-6 hour campaign. Varying terrains, platforming, enemies, pilot weapons and abilities, titan weapons and abilities. Each chapter is a new alien location. There are two amazing chapters in the middle of the game (that I won't spoil) which I can safely say are my favourite chapters of any shooter game ever.

Overated on reddit game. Gunplay was lacking for me, titans wernt super balanced, pilot abilities wernt super balanced, maps were lacking.

The concept of having game influencing items in lootbox isnt bad by itself. When you give the player the option to buy said boxes it becomes a problem.

For example, and I'm mostly making up a 'burn card' for my example before you bring out the pitchforks, in the Battlefront 2 open beta we learned that the game will have loot-boxes. In one of my boxes I found a burn card that, when equipped, would allow my character to fire his weapon longer without the blaster overheating. Now that's fine and good, unless I could theoretically spend a bunch of money on loot boxes. In doing so I'm likely to get more of that card, giving me a distinct advantage over other players who either aren't getting the card from the RNG or buying them. In other words I'm paying to win.

Again, the idea of a loot box isnt necessarily bad. Games like Overwatch use the lootbox system purely for cosmetic items. The money pulled in from those loot boxes is used to develop more content for the game which we get for free.

I found the gunplay to be the best I've had in a shooter for a while, at least when paired with the great movement system. I would agree that the titans don't feel balanced, but I regularly see every single one being used effectively. so idk, they work for some people

What is wrong with a loot box exactly?

Edit: How about instead of downvoting me you tell me why it is wrong? Overwatch does loot boxes amazingly well and gives you a reason to keep playing multiple game modes.

edit: Now I remember why I never post in this sub.

Didn't you ask for someone to reply to your post instead of just downvoting you?

That's the entire point of my reply?

There is a huge difference in cosmetic loot boxes and loot boxes that give your in-game character an advantage.