One pillowcase has been used nearly everyday for 40 years. The other has been in a closet.

One pillowcase has been used nearly everyday for 40 years. The other has been in a closet.

Crazy how well skin oil preserves stuff


Not as disgusting as the sock I've been using every day for 10 years...


That thing has to be like 99% drool residue by now

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Thought this was a text message, only to be reminded that I have no friends.

My dad had these authentic handmade clogs that he bought from this old Swedish woman when he was a medical student. They were his favorite work shoes and he would wear them all the time, much to my mom's dismay. After 20 years, they were so worn down that they finally broke and he had to toss them. My mom was ecstatic, until he immediately pulled a perfectly identical, unworn second pair out of his closet, going, "well thank goodness I had the foresight to buy 2 pairs from that woman 20 years ago!"

The one on the left obviously, silly.

Well, which one is it?

What did your SO say when you brought that out and said sorry I have been sleeping with this for 20 years and I don't plan on stopping?

One person sleeping with this pillow case for 40 years is the only scenario I will choose to believe in.

Right? Why the hell am i being notified of this?

You tried

I'm drooling over that fresh af pillowcase


In the year 2037 we'll find out that he bought three pairs of sandals from that old Swedish woman. Your mom might as well get used to it.

That needs to be a subreddit

Because it's mildly interesting.

This is cool, but I didn't need a notification for this.

mine are gross from sweating a lot from sex

its not like anyone else is ever in my bed.

Son, I think it's time I told you about the birds and the bees

Or he goes to the closet, pulls a hanger in a specific fashion to reveal a hidden room.

"The time has come, Inga. Another." He speaks to the Old Woman.

"And then you'll let me go?"

"We'll see" he says with a mocking grin.

To those of you bitching about a notification, go change your settings so you aren't notified about post suggestions.

Edit: Not Trending Edit 2: This is the closest thing to a R.I.P. Inbox situation I've ever had.

When are you people going to learn how to turn off the notifications instead of just complaining about it in every god damn thread

Literally check any of the other threads and someone will explain how, or just Google it, or maybe actually try digging around in the settings for once, it isn't that hard.

Yes the notifications are frustrating but the helplessness is unreal.

I bought a three pack of underware like 2 years ago. I thought they were in good shape until I found the missing third pair...

Can't you just be normal and make a little semen covered cockroach enticing wall at the side of your bed?

Edit: not sure how to link it on my phone, but it's a /sub/tifu thread. Search for ejaculating in my bed in that sub and it should come up.


The silly one obviously, bottom.

Nearly EVERYDAY for 40 years!? #mildlyincrediblydisgusting


We have more than a few sets of sheets that have been around since the 70s in my family and they look just fine. White backgrounds, pastel flowers, you'd think they were a couple of years old. Blue, yellow, etc, can't tell they're old at all. I don't know what comes out of OP when he's sleeping but it's nasty.

Don't worry this is reddit, nobody has friends. That's why they send these push notifications every day, to give us a fleeting sense of false hope that we aren't abjectly alone and forgotten in this world.

Pretty sure I need to see a picture of them. I can't stop picturing a man wearing wooden clogs.

Nostalgia! I had these sheets (and the matching curtains). The sheets/pillowcases were washed regularly, and used from age 4 to probably 9 or 10. I think around that age I decided they were "collectibles" and they ended up in a closet (still looking damn-near new) alongside all my other Star Wars stuff.

Years later, after showing my 4 year old son Star Wars, I gave him all of my "collectibles," and we put those sheets on his bed. After another 5-ish years of service they returned to the closet once more. I'm not 100% certain, but I think maybe (and that's a damn big maybe) they're still in a closet around here.

The Force is/was strong with those bed sheets.

No you can see that the one on the right is more worn out by the way it is

Based on the bedsheets I highly doubt there is an SO in the picture

But washing machines though.

also so you can get in and grab that sweet karma as this shit rises to the front page!

pillowcases and sheets hold up differently for different people. depends how much you sweat, how oily your skin is, how you wash it.

mine are gross from sweating a lot from sex and never washing them, but its not like anyone else is ever in my bed.

That couldn't be as disgusting as the shoe box I've used every day for 20 years...

The bottom one obviously, silly.


How about /sub/worldly&Disgusting ?

And the worst part is, the notification stays until you open the link. Like, even if you open the Reddit app, the "1" by the message center doesn't go away until you click it.

So fucking frustrating.

But the mint condition!

I'd give tree fiddy for it

I think I know where you can get a jar jar of that.


The closet must have had a window in it.

Hahah that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest! And I think my mom has finally come to terms with the fact that those damn clogs are gonna plague her forever

I asked my mom and she's looking for pictures as we speak! Also, picturing a man wearing wooden clogs is pretty accurate.

Edit: I asked both my parents to send pictures and they both said they'd get back to me.

As the room is sealed once more Inga removes a worn photograph from the folds of her dress. A single tear slides down her wrinkled cheek. A young woman and a little boy are on it. On the back is a barely legible note. "To mama: Me and Alfred are good, I cannot wait until you come back for his tenth birthday!" 5th June, 1996

Dont you dare bring that up.

That was a disgusting story.

The top one obviously, silly.

Glad to know we're all one big happy Reddit family...I'll be back later. I've broken both arms and mom has to flog my bishop....

Yeah, pimple juice does amazing things for your pillow cases.

That's interesting but also very disgusting.

Pillow cases and pillows should be changed fairly often. Your mouth, face, eyes, and head will thank you.

It can turn off "hot posts" notifications

The one silly bottom, obviously.


Every day: I go to the gym every day. Everyday: Going to the gym is an everyday occurrence for me.

Noun/adjective issue because the only difference is a space. I usually remember it by putting a period in for emphasis, i.e. "Don't forget to take a shower. Every. Day."

Edit: Yes, this is a real thing in English.

Karmbrosia, Nectar of the mods.

This pillowcase has to be worth at least twenty grand.

It's obviously not the pillow case you're looking for.

A guy can't have painted toenails?

rearranges internet points in order to get useless sentence

That has to smell like scalp

Also, it's 'every day'.

'Everyday' has a different meaning.

you switch up your underwear? didnt know that needed to be done. no one sees it. TIL

Cum on man, it's not that bad.


Settings > Notifications > Post Suggestions

I feel like I'm the only one that likes these notifications. (I also need friends)

I had them too. I remember kissing Leia's picture on my pillowcase before going to sleep. I should point out that this was the 70s and I was a child lest this seem overly creepy.

Get out while you still can

Wait a grown person is using the same pillowcase from their childhood and has never thought, "hmm.. maybe a soft white or a light beige will be a better color for my future lady/male friends instead of this goo infested thing from my childhood"?


I mean... If you have android you can just swipe the notification to the side and it'll go away... that goes for any notification.... or you can press the thing that says "clear notifications?"

Just a thought.

a girl can't sleep with the same pillow case for 40 years? XD

I would really like to give this comment more upvotes. are they trolling us at this point? I hear enough complaining in real life, that's why I get on the internet...

It's not very old and shows up a thousand times a day on reddit.

Congrats anyway.

Oh shit I thought this was a post on well worn

You are right. It is light brown. Wew close one.

Where can I get a jar of that?

I came too

Every app has notification settings. What is the big mystery??

Well you got your notification 18 mins before I got mine so you are more important than me. You have that going for you.

Ahhh, I disabled reddit notifications from my general phone settings so it wouldnt even let me see that menu within the app unless I enabled them. It still notified me of these hot posts within the app, which is annoying.

Instructions unclear... Penis stuck in shoe box...

You don't make daily trips to bb&b for new pillow cases!?

What is this and why don't I have access?

Open probably didn't wash it correctly or possibly at all.

Silly the bottom obviously, one.

OP has some very nice toes.

I've been on Reddit for too long because I get this reference.

Yeah, I thought you just flip it inside out and any germs that it had will dry out on outside day and die, making them ready to be flipped back over.

Is this /sub/writingprompts

Healthcare workers, notably doctors and nurses, and especially surgeons and others working in operating rooms, who need to stand on their feet for absurd hours in a row, often wear clogs. They're a ubiquitous and very important tool in the world of medicine and healthcare. But they aren't all usually custom carved wooden clogs! Usually Merrells, Danskos, and Crocs. Actual legit cowboy boots are also somewhat common in ORs! And some go barefoot.

I've gone to great lengths and taken severe measures to become alone and forgotten by the world, but just when I think I'm out, they drag me back in again.

Yes, we are

Curious: Doesn't it get really nasty to rest your face on it? Like you can feel it being greasy and shit? I replace mine every couple of days because I can't stand the greasiness.

Neither one obviously, silly.

Surely it's time for a new pillow case...


With the other Jar Jars

It doesn't exist. That's basically reddit's 404 alert.

rearranges sentence in order to get useless internet points