One of the greatest of all time, Zito dies at 82

One of the greatest of all time, Zito dies at 82

José Eli de Miranda, also known as Zito, one of the greatest players in football history, died this Sunday with 82 years old. He was a key part of Santos FC' golden age with Pelé and won two World Cups (1958 and 1962). He made a historic duo with Didi.

As a player, Zito played 727 games between 1952-1967, scoring 57 times, all of them defending Santos FC. He played 52 games for Brazil's National Team and scored 3 times.

And zico and roberto carlos are completely different kinds of players.

RIP. Played for the best club/National Team combo in history.

You're thinking of Zico on the classic XI

I honestly never heard of this player until I saw this post. Guess he was overshadowed by Pele and Garrincha because he was a defender. Still, RIP. Seems to have lived a long and prosperous life, which is great.

Known in Brazil as "O Gerente" (The manager), vai em paz mestre.

Only 6 players from the 1958 campaign remain: Dino Sani, Zagallo, Pelé, Moacir, Mazzola (José Altafini for you europeans) and Pepe. Sad day for football

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He wasn't a defender, he was a midfielder.

Don't say it if you don't fucking mean it, dick.

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To add to it, was also 5 times national champion (as Taça Brasil is currently considered a national championship), and 2 times club world champion.

What was his style of play? Is there any player today that could compare to this style?