One of my students found this little girl on campus so I'm taking care of her for now.

One of my students found this little girl on campus so I'm taking care of her for now.

Not sure what school you found her. If you are not interested in keeping her, my wife is.

Hi. Its me the students mother. Hand her over.

Thanks for your offer! My student's mom said he can keep her, so I'm just taking care of her during the day until he can bring her home.

This pupper had a plan One that she had devised To wander into a schoolyard Her aim was to become wise

She sought an education To give her wisdom profound She wanted to learn the location Where all the treats could be found

At least she took it upon herself to achieve a higher education!

Username perfect for this comment. Lol!

I got a notification that this was trending and when I read the title I literally thought you found a little girl walking alone on campus and are now taking care of her.

She's adorable! She looks healthy and clean, so be sure she isn't an owned pet who's gotten lost. Check the dog shelter, Craigslist, and lost pet Facebook pages to make sure no one's looking for her before settling her into a new home. It could take a day for people to realize their puppy is actually missing and they can't just find it in the neighborhood. Also, get her vet checked and scanned for a microchip. It would be really awful if you were trying to do a good thing, but wound up taking a loved pet.

She probably doesn’t even do the work. Thinks she can slide by on her looks

He saw the pup and picked her up and said, "You're coming with me!" Both found their treat, walked down the street, As happy as can be

She can

She looked and ran across the field

To find these tasty treats

But after sore both tired and bored

A student came up to seek

Please do this OP. Also put up "found puppy" signs around town/campus with no picture or description. The true owner should be able to describe her to you.

There are way too many posts saying "I found this dog wandering around the neighbourhood and now it's mine". Motherfucker, that's probably someone's beloved pet.

Who would willingly take a human child under their wing? Those are a bunch of work.

One time my dog got out. Found her literally not even five minutes later, surrounded by children who renamed her Honey.

I've checked with local shelters and posting sites. I'm going to encourage him to take her to the vet, but I would bet money she has no chip--she is tiny and this area has low education rates.

and this area has low education rates.

The nicest way to call people idiots. I like it.

You might like /sub/beetlejuicing

Whoa that internal rhyme. That was A+, best in the thread.

Dogs are at least cute

She absolutely can. Worth a Doctorate in cuteness. Henceforth, she is Dr.Snuggles, Ph. D, MD, DDS.

I took it as being a poor community, don't know why but that popped up before thinking about people being idiots.

I’m not sure what school you found her at but I wish I found cute things at my school

Word of a tiny puppy lounging on a teacher's desk spreads like wildfire I bet

Our campus doesn't have posters like that (public high school). I've checked with local shelters and posting sites. I'm going to encourage him to take her to the vet, but I would bet money she has no chip--she is tiny and this area has low education rates.

Lucky kid, cute as all hell puppy.

That puppy looks healthy enough to be considered stolen.

What a cutie!

Something something sweaty, something mom's spaghetti

Before giving it a new home make sure it doesn't have a home call every local shelter and see if somebody is looking for it.

She lik the bred

Got a notification for this. Very cute though.

Good point. Everyone on campus knows she's here by now, but no one has claimed her.

They don't have mirrors at your school?

Ugh. I don't get it. After finding an animal the first thing you should do (besides caring for it) is look for the owner, unless it's obvious the animal has been abandoned (abandoned in a box or on the side of the road, etc).

This woman I have on facebook found a healthy, clean kitten and everyone was like "Looks like you have a new kitten now!" No one suggested she find the owner, then she announced she was going to take it to a farm. Luckily the owner of the kitten happened to be fb friends with that person, saw the post and got her kitten back.

She better get her cute butt off my screen before I 3D print her. 🐶🤗😍

nah kids are cheap too. It's just people waste lots of money buying them food and stuff. Let them go out there and scavenge instead. it will prepare them for the real world.


Your thesis was cute

Syllables are just as important to poetry as rhymes.

My point exactly! Cute, loving and loyal.

Unfortunately those two things usually go hand-in-hand.

Poorer communities don't get the necessary resources to support their population which continues the cycle of poverty.

Hey make sure they look for its owners first!

They cost a lot less too

I found a ~16 week old puppy a couple of weeks ago, it was just wandering down a side street. It had a collar, but no tags, so I had to go door to door on the street to look for the owner.

I finally found them (this was confirmed by the puppy as we were walking up the driveway - his body language was all happy and excited), but I wish people would register their pets at city hall to get a tag. Its not even that expensive - its like $30 a year here.

A collar & tag are the first things people look for when they find a lost pet. Without a tag, reuniting a lost pet with their owner becomes a lot harder and it takes longer.

I'm broke but I'd blow my paycheck on this Lil mama

Yeah I would kill someone who kept my pet to themselves. John wick style

Fun story, my little sister learned, after walking off many times, that strangers would be really nice to her if she told them she was lost. Once at Ithaca college for a week long violin camp, she walked up to two students and said “I’m lost. Can you buy me a lemonade?” Of course the kids brought her to a professor, who tried to find my mom. But of course my little sister knew the game, and just insisted she was lost and didn’t know anything, so she could get more stuff, which at 5/6 was believable. So the professor was forced to bring her around to her classes until my mom was found quite some time later.

That is kind of a good name, though.

I'm guessing border terrier; she's got some wirey hairs

Do you know what breed she is?

Anyone who has a puppy has approximately 8000 photos of said puppy

Make sure to have whoever claims her provide proof of ownership. Even photos will do (who wouldn’t take pics of this cutie??). A lot of scammers will claim lost dogs as their own and then sell them :(

She's already been claimed, otherwise I'd be in big trouble :)

Now the poor girl will start her life saddled with debt.

"I'm lost. Can I have a Ferrari?"

Who, Me?

Sounds like your sister will be a pain in the ass as she grows older and older

Haha! Public high school, she's good

"But she's mine"

"No. She's our Honey now."

"Ha-ha. Ok kids, good joke. We gotta be goi-"

"This ain't a joke motherfucker!"

What I wouldn't give to get a hit of that sweet puppy breath! Adorable.

Well their username is “sort of okay poetry” so what can you expect?

She's going for her Barkelor of Arfs degree.

Keeps eating her homework though

That's because it's probably stolen, albeit not intentionally.

"Finders Keepers" has gone from a school-yard taunt to a way of life.

Name those other ways. Go ahead, I'll wait.

A pupper that young is very likelly not chipped yet.

Some dogs want you to give them a bone, others want you to teach them so they can get their own bones!

uh.... what?

They were talking to Brian

You legit just made my day

Owning 2 Border terriers myself I would say she is crossed with something else as she has too much white on her. But she definitely has some border terrier in her.

What if another child brought the puppy to school in their pack? It could belong to another student. I only mention this because I used to take my pet mice out and about with me in my pocket.

Yes please do this!!! This happened to me, my damn roommate let my cat outside while I was at work and I never saw him again. He hates the outdoors and never left my side so he wouldn’t stray from the house, the fact that he didn’t come back tells me someone took him. A beautiful animal. I spent months putting up signs, knocking on every neighborhood door, social media promotions, and continually calling the local shelters. No way the person who took my kitty didn’t see those signs. Evil people.

and my axe!

Feed them dog food, if it's good enough for your pupper it's good enough for your child

I used to find dogs in people's yards all the time.

You forgot the "...Esquire" after the DDS.

Too real man

Actually, I have a dog in the room at all times, haha. I bring my dog to work, so I guess that's why the student knew he could trust me to take care of this one. It's the second time such a thing has happened this school year.

Oh, look what I've found!

A pup - wand'ring around,

I'll keep her warm,

Back in my dorm,

So that she's safe and sound :)

Puppies are born with mints in their mouth

That’s good :) She’s a very lucky (and extremely cute) girl then. Looks like she may have just been dumped!

I need to go to this school

Or use them as bait dogs for dog fighting.

I've just moved back to a poorer area where I grew up so I can do my masters and my dog is literally too beautiful for the area I live in now so i don't leave her outside of shops anymore whilst I quickly buy milk or bread etc. I get stopped daily on walks by people wanting to stroke her or ask what breed she is so I'm thinking of buying a GPS collar so she doesn't end up disappearing.

A puppy that young probably hasn't learned it's name yet either.

I'm Brian and so is my wife!

Are you not going to check around campus for any posters that somebody’s lost her?

Now kiss!

Me too

After reading it, i heard the text in a deep grungy smoker's voice.

You're a good teacher! I hope that puppers gets all the pets!

A student could get permission from his mom to keep my dog, doesn't mean it's his dog now.

People are garbage.

Internal rhyming definitely makes a poem better, but I wouldn't say it's as important as meter.

Literally. Pups are pricey

No my wife is... Dont listen to that person.

There's the possibility they have more pictures of the dog but who knows.

Good point. If they don't have pictures, then maybe they can provide paperwork or get a petstore/breeder to confirm that they received the pup from them?

Not trying to be mean, but I'd have reservations about giving it back to said owner. They better have a damn good excuse for losing track of a pup that smol and not having a collar on her. Things could have been much worse if she managed to stroll off campus and into a street.

For Now

Famous last words of every puppy "foster" parent ever.

for ever, you mean.


Awwwww! She's so cute!

I want it now.

Little do they know the pup is already working her magic with those hypnotic eyes.