One of my favorite unexpected surprise moments in gaming

I've played like an hour of this game, need to go back to it

Doom 2016 is the best shooter campaign of all time. FINISH IT!!!

I don't think anybody expected it to be as good, but the game is fuckin metal

After playing Overwatch and Fortnite: Battle Royale constantly, I can't believe how quickly you move in this game.


I really need to finish Doom.

One of the more subtle callbacks to the original two games, where Doomguy runs faster than an Olympic sprinter.

I hadn't even heard of it when it released and one of my roommates yells at me down the hall, " hey this new game came out I think you'd like." I watched a trailer and right after I bought it and beat it within the next few days. I still play it now and again for the challenge.

Lol running in doom didn't feel like running, more like skating or floating

The trick to this game is you need to turn the game volume low and the music volume HIGH.

As someone who cut his teeth on the original Wolfenstein and Doom back in the early 90s, this game far exceeded all of my expectations, and actually felt like Doom 1 and Doom 2.

A+, would highly recommend.

I'm still sad they didn't sell those UAC MarineGuy figures.

And no, that shitty FunkoPop isn't the same thing.

Fun Fact : One of the lead guys at ID Software said they would be called "irresposible" if it ever got out how long into the production they actually figured out the story for this game.

Yeah you do. It just keeps getting better as you go.

Got the first doom in 1997, it was a blast running theough it then and now!

Doom Doom Revolution

That just makes me miss all my shots when I start headbanging.

It's Doom, it doesn't need much more than "There's demons. Kill them all."

I watched this for the first time twelve hours ago. It was quite good.

there's a few spots in the new game where you run through the original

I liked it, but part of me wished it stayed mundane and didn't turn into a superhero flick because Hiro and Baymax were literally all I cared about

Or wheelchair rocketing

Dat aunt tho

1-2 hours if you just play for an hour or so.

YES. The Classic levels are unlocked when you find a Classic room secret in one level and then finish the level

And the ending is top notch. That final boss on Nightmare is insane.

It's literally the best modern FPS single player campaign that I know of.

that shitty FunkoPop isn't the same thing

And I thought I was the only one that didn't like funkopop!

I love how they did the same with Wolfenstein. There I am, exploring the rebel base, and I find the option to... have a nightmare?

It's easily the best shooter I've played in the last 10 years and that's not an exaggeration.

It just feels right. I can't play many modern shooters because they don't feel good or are too clunky.

You'd be surprised how much the music helps on the last boss. It'd be way harder without the steady beat to dodge hits.

"Deactivate the device, but be verrrry careful with this important and priceless-"

stomps the shit out of it

Chainsawing demons is pretty metal dude.

Cause he wasn't running he was doing this

Cause he wasn't running he was doing this

2016 I was hyped as all hell for Overwatch and knew it'd be GOTY easy.

I played DOOM to kill some time not expecting much, but it blew my fucking brains out how goddamn good it was. It reminded me of when FPS had amazing single player campaigns that weren't just tutorials for the multiplayer. Turns out it was the real GOTY for me in 2016.

I'm constantly hoping and craving we'll get more like it soon. Such a love letter to the fans of the originals while still being bleeding edge and fresh. Can't say enough good things about DOOM 2016.

The new doom was great because of the music and the subtle story. Really stop and think about the story of the game. There was a lot more too it than just shooting monsters.

game is fuckin metal

No that's the soundtrack. But the game is quite good too.

How else can a man carry that many guns and ammunition unless it was strapped to a wheelchair?

Each level has a secret room where you can enter Doom 1 levels

Gotdamn gotta love Arnold in the Terminator

Yeah. DOOM is known for its in-depth storytelling and complex characters.

Hairy~baby! hairy baby~

Oh, DOOM definitely has an in-depth story. Doomguy just doesn't give a fuck about any of it.

No that's just the game mechanic stopping you from unlimited sprint

DOOM (2016)

And has the single best soundtrack in all of gaming imo.

edit: The GDC presentation about the music was great:

See I had the opposite problem. I grew up playing Doom, Quake, and Unreal Tournament. When I played Halo for the first time I was like "why am I walking in sand?". After CoD and now Overwatch (my current favorite), playing Doom (2016) was so refreshing. It has to be one of the most satisfying shooters I've played in a long time, not because it's necessarily technically amazing, but because it just feels amazing for the music to start pumping while I'm running, jumping, and blasting demons with loads of firepower at extreme speeds and intensity. My 17-year-old brother-in-law (I'm 31) has watched me play and is amazed at how I can keep up with everything, but then proceeds to stomp me in CoD so, I dunno.

The camera would melt, duh

I like how the first upgrade you get to the first gun is either a burst fire shotgun or a grenade launcher. I spent the first half of the game just trick shotting imps with grenades. By the end I was mostly using the fucking triple barreled minigun.

I love that he acts drunk when he's low on power

That's one of the reasons I love it. "Here is this artifact. Bring it back to me and- You destroyed it. Why did you do that."

Actually shooters than also were released on the console over the ages have been running a lot slower because consoles had to aim with a controller and especially near the end of the dreaded PS3/X360 generation developers were scrambling to make games work somewhat decently on 7 year old hardware, so they made everything move slower, bigger gun models to cover up more of the screen and all those little things.

Cute af, just as the game...

There might be a story sure but....

Whenever some exposition and or plot is voiced the doom guy is breaking/pulling apart important machinery. It's a pretty clear, not very subtle clue for the player to not give a fuck for the story( like the doom guy) and rip and tear, rip and tear till its done.

Solid 15-20 hours if you like exploring.

I feel bad for all the people that picked up the burst fire first. That grenade launcher is sooooo good.

"It's taken us hundreds of years to make this argent energy facility..." Fucking stomps and crushes all of it before he's even done talking

I grew up on single player shooters, so I always judge FPS by their single-player merit.

The Half-Life series aside (nothing can touch them with a 10 foot pole) there have been few games in recent years that come close to the sheer fun I had playing DOOM.

F.E.A.R., The Bioshocks, etc. come close, and are fantastic games in their own regards - but man, DOOM gave me an ear-to-ear smile the entire time I was ripping apart demons.

That movie was a lot like WALL-E for me. I LOVED the first 1/2 and just wanted an entire movie like that.

The 2nd half is still good, for what it is. For both movies. But do not compare on so many other levels.

I see this in a lot of movies, shows, and books.

I personally call it "When the world building ends and the plot begins."

In many situations the value of the story drops a lot.

I enjoy content that keeps building on the world.

Like the Harry potter series. While each book did stop the world building at some point individually. You got a sort of reset with each new book, as it started to reveal new pieces of the world for the first 2/3rds of the books again.

This is why Hunger Games fell flat for me in Book 2 and just sucked for Book 3. They only did just enough to establish slight changes in the world, and then were all plot. And that is when i learned I had only enjoyed the concept of the world as it was introduced to me, but found the overall plot much less enjoyable.

That new TV show "The Good Place" does a good job of introducing new aspects of the world in most episodes. So it is a mix of Plot heavy episodes which are hit or miss and world building episodes.

West World is probably one of the better examples of steady paced world building. I wish it had more world building. But it stays interesting cause it is always doing a bunch of plot, and a little world building every few minutes in each episode.

I do find he mystery of the plot interesting. But just like LOST, that can only hold so much interest. The actual story needs to be good on multiple viewings once the mystery is revealed and you already know what is coming and what it all means.

For the most part West World does that. But we really will not know for sure until it is all finished in X years.

The absolute BEST World building stories I have ever seen. That just never stop world building are Ready Player One, Anathem, The Name of The Wind, Wise Man's Fear, and Seveneves.

Each one has it's own flaws. But each one is just revealing new pieces of it's world right up to the final pages. Wise Man's Fear probably being the BEST at this I have ever seen... And even that book has a bunch of glaring flaws and long boring points. So we still have FUCK tons of room for creators to master this style of story telling.

EDIT: Thank you for the gold Kind Stranger!

乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

To be fair, even the writing in DOOM 2016 is pretty good. It exists in service to the ripping and tearing and it knows it.

I played through Doom on Ultra-violence and the end boss was kinda lackluster imo. Still cool as fuck obviously but not as hard as some of the rooms shitfull of beefy monsters.

what game is this?

Wait what? I guess I need to go and play again.


Seriously, using the chainsaw on a Baron of Hell is one of the most satisfying things in that game.

I also don’t like the Funkopop figures, I never really liked their design and feel it takes too much away from the characters. I’m totally okay with that though, I’m really trying to buy less stuff and not collect more things. I think this is a good thing.

This guy knows

It's a death screen not a documentary.

Among if not the best game of 2016.

I liked the fact that they didn't pretend for to to be what it isn't. No lame story, no lame mechanics.

Lots of guns, lots of ammo, speed, monsters, good music and gore. There was no need to reinvent the wheel and it worked.

I wanna reinstall doom now on my ps

You fucking kidding? Punching demons is pretty much the most metal thing of all time.

Doom is faster running, but Titanfall has a lot more veritcality and boosts of speed much faster when using the free running and grappling hook in conjunction. A skilled Titanfall player can probably maintain speeds impossible in doom, but that's very few players

I loved how you had to break three of them, and each time the robot scientist guy got more and more exasperated with you lol

What is this, a rhythm game?

It's funny you say that. I've been playing PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) lately, but decided to fire up Overwatch last night and found myself overwhelmed at how twitchy it felt.

Can't imagine how bad the PUBG -> Doom transition would be.

When you’re at the safe house, run to the top floor and find the mattress!

It's really hard for me to decide between this and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

I spit laugh everytime when Baymax is trying to shush back.

Stomping a demon's face into pieces, WITH HIS OWN LEG, is probably the most metal thing you can do.

It's the perfect blend of early shooters and modern mechanics.

And the visuals and soundtrack are amazing. It's fully aware of itself and how over the top everything is.

Part of that is because it's dynamic, it changes with the flow the fight. And the other part is that it's bad ass.

Goddamn you gotta love Gollum in Lord of the Rings..

This game is fucking sick

Hotline Miami will always be the best soundtrack ever to me. It's not all original but my god is it a beautifully picked set of songs that fit the mood of the game at every little turn

The arcade mode is a good way to keep the fun Going without dragging through a full story mode

It's based off a superhero comic, so it's a bit expected to follow the source material, except when movies based on source material comics go stupid weird IE Wanted

Shotgun is probably the most versatile gun in the game, imo.

I don't even like heavy metal music, but I was blasting it while playing the game. Fits perfectly.

Lol. Doomguy in D1 runs faster than the highway speed limit.


The IDTech engine runs surprisingly efficient as well.

Check the maps, there's probably a grey area that you haven't been to and can't get into because its blocked by a wall. There is usually a lever near by to open the wall/room.

I have to admit I've had to google most locations of the levers though.

There's plenty of backstory in the logs for those who want to find it, I love how they just let you kill everything if that's all you want to do.

Is doom faster than titanfall? I know playing just about anything after titanfall feels like slogging through mud

Hey I just want to thank you and the guy above you for not giving any spoilers. Started my first run on ultra-violence, it's hard as hell (heh) and I still haven't beat it but I'm getting through it, pretty excited

I hate them as well

Shotgun was my go to for most of the game. Just love blasting things with it.

Later levels definitely require more firepower though.

You dont want it broken then stop telling me where they are..

Berserk mode initiated.

Pound it.

He killed them. He killed them all.