OMG!!!!! Tucker just reported that Aaron Zebley, the lawyer who represented Justin Cooper, Hillary’s IT guy, is serving as Mueller’s right hand man investigating Trump collusion! This shit is getting ridiculous.

OMG!!!!! Tucker just reported that Aaron Zebley, the lawyer who represented Justin Cooper, Hillary’s IT guy, is serving as Mueller’s right hand man investigating Trump collusion! This shit is getting ridiculous.

Lordy! The corruption is disgusting!

What was Mueller thinking getting all these corrupt people to go after Trump? He is either the most incompetent prosecutor ever and didn't realize this would all blow up in his face or he is part of the Trump plan and knew the ig and doj were snooping so he gathered all the players that got Hillary off knowing the ig would figure it all out. Meanwhile he done goofed up the manafort and Flynn issues where they will likely be able to get charges dropped

I swear something is going on.

Mueller is going 100% out of his way to make this investigation look as corrupt and biased as possible. A "smart" former FBI director does not make such a blatant error if he's being serious.

And as a cherry on top of this lunacy, Trump has never said a WORD about Mueller. Why.

They are destroying evidence.

Good News Everyone.

That means Mueller's Servers can be hacked!

The password is either "Password" or "FuckTrump2018"

Yea he’s trying to get fired and then congress will impeach

This was the plan all along

Too bad NSA has told trump the plan all along

Sarah Carter just on Hannity says there's another guy, Ohr, on this team who met with Fusion and Steele, before and after election. ! she says this is even bigger than Struzk. Ohr has been demoted.

Only logical conclusion. It's unthinkable that someone with Mueller's experience could be so sloppy in constructing such a conflicted team.

I mean, I know we say "they're not sending their best", but damn...

Arrogance. The deep state has never been held accountable for their actions, they think they're invincible.

That would be my best guess also. They would know where to look.

Yes and all Americans should be up in arms over this because our Justice Department has gone rogue.They have become independent and above the law. Mueller has padded his team with lawyers who may have helped HRC cover her crimes.

I'm not a huge fan of this theory. There are more than 12 defense lawyers in the world and Hillary won't have a problem finding one when (hopefully) needed.

The only thing I can think of is when the Hillary investigation starts, no one can work for Hillary as they're all conflicted by working for the Mueller investigation.

No. the reason is because he had no choice. it is such a clear cut case that trump is innocent and obama and hillary acted illegaly to try and frame trump, therefore only a politicized shill would go along with it.

having objective people on the investigation would totally jeopardize the cover up and witch hunt.

All this fucking bias and they got NOTHING on Trump.

This makes a lot of sense. Trying to bait Trump would be the ideal play for them. They also see Trump as someone who is easily triggered and therefore easy to manipulate. If Mueller's teamnis corrupt and they're doing nothing related to Russia, they had to figure Trump would lash out and fire him.

Except our President is a master tactician. And he seems to have a really good tem surrounding him right now. So Mueller is busting Trump associates for jaywalking to make it look like he's doing something.


I actually just saw something tying it together. Rodgers is head dude at NSA and was one of the obama leftovers. Trump actually let him stay. He was also the same guy who visited Trump at Trump Towers last year. The next day Trump moved his HQ to one of his golf clubs. Establishment was not happy about him doing that.

So that is why people suspect NSA is on our side.

Not only that, but to have SUCH biased investigators turn up nothing in a year.

The proof is in the fucking pudding.

Donald is innocent. And everyone will be able to see that.

This ⬆ Can't bait Trump!

Wow. This triggered after just one year?

I'm going to bookmark your profile to see how you're doing after the next seven.

You poor, poor thing.

I think we're past our guy theories with latest revelations.

I think it's arrogance. Look at Strzok. The man's job was catching spies for crying out loud. Yet he was so arrogant as to use his work phone to text his mistress anti-Trump stuff while working on Clinton or Trump investigations? He knew there were records of those texts. He knew that his work phone wasn't private. They were all used to being untouchable, so it didn't matter what they said ornhow biased they were.

There definitely is something off. You don't get to be FBI Director if you are as stupid as Mueller is appearing. I don't think Mueller is on our side, but I do think he's making a play at something. God knows what.

It must suck to lose all the time.

I say, good! We literally have a crony, anti-Trump group leading the "investigation" and they have nothing after months and millions of dollars.

Having your worst enemy be the absolute witness of your innocence is the best move GEOTUS can make.

Mueller is going 100% out of his way to make this investigation look as corrupt and biased as possible.


They're flaunting it and giving us the middle finger.

Lmao if there was any concrete fucking evidence that Trump stole the election with the help of Vlad. We would turn on him in a fucking instant.

Until then you’re just being a dumbass who throws the word “traitor” around like a baseball.

This is a criminal mafia trying to overthrow an election and cover for each other's crimes. This is treason. I hope they end up in prison for a very long time.

This is true. He only ever goes after the little fish, the petty distractions that suit his purpose.

The real big targets, the ones you think he’d be all over, with them he has the patience of a Shaolin monk.

He’s created this perceived persona of a thin-skinned, narcissistic hot head, but when you examine it, he’s nothing of the sort.

It’s a trap. They try goad him and think he is just one taunt away from flipping his lid and falling into impeachment, yet he never does. The shit they say about him and his family would drive anyone crazy, but not Trump. They go after his associates, they go after his reputation, they go after his wealth, and he gives them nothing to latch on to.

They keep coming up with more and more outlandish over the top provocations and the less he reacts, the more they expose their hand.

Absolute genius.

Yeah, I agree. The only way the theory works is that Mueller asked those with privilege or that had actually represented Hillbeast before, of which quite a few have.

Concealing that the investigators that were removed from his team were due to their bias in private messaging, the fact that one of those investigators was the one that worked on pushing to dossier through fisa and that they have a lawyer involved that was also the defense attorney for hilary's it guy.

Yeah, I think it all comes down to hubris. All of these people have operated without accountability for a long time. There was never a need to be careful about politics. In some cases, their bias was the very reason for their career advancement.

It's either that (likely) or Mueller actually is /our guy/ and hired all these people to slowly leak their corruption?

My guess is they are all alligators and crocodiles.

I would think the same. Any good defense atty for those indicted could easily prove their case with the pro HRC bias going on. There HAS to be more...stack with HRC people to prove you aren't witchhunting her and her team? Grabbing all her lawyers so she can't? .....something is off...

That was Paul Combetta u/stonetear. This is the guy who set up the server in her house in Chappaqua. He refused to come meet with congress. Pedes, correct me if I’m wrong.

You’re wrong. Impeachment can literally be for anything. It is a political act not an act of criminal justice. It is important to remember this.

Enough rope.

Same thought crossed my mind, but then I had to ask myself the same question of the people who accepted roles on the team.

They are seemingly oblivious to the fact that their association with this investigation may give the impression that said investigation is compromised. Or the impression of impropriety. How do they not recognize that they appear to have conflicts of interest?

They can't be that stupid. Is it arrogance? Did they receive a lot of advice and legal counsel that told them it shouldn't be a problem whatsoever? Or did they receive warnings and push ahead anyway?

It's a strange situation

That's what I'm thinking.. they're trying to get Trump so they mine as well try with all they got

If this is a tactic to reset the entire fucking investigation and it works I'm going to go berserk.

Lol one year in, a staff filled with nothing but pro-Hillary/anti-Trump establishment lawyers and they still have NOTHING.



Our government and media are corrupt . Trump is anti-establishment and they are doing everything they can to stop him.

Think about it:

The media and both parties said he would destroy the economy and it's booming.

They said jobs overseas are never coming back, but they are.

They said 3% GDP growth was impossible, but that's what is happening now.

They said ISIS couldn't be stopped, but Trump defeated tuem.

The media and politicians who said these things aren't idiots. They know that Trump's plans would work, but our government has been MAKING THE ECONOMY BAD AND LETTING ISIS THRIVE TO INSTILL FEAR!

You have to either admit past administrations are corrupt and want our economy weak and ISIS strong or you have to admit that past administrations were extremely stupid and Trump is a genius.

The fact that all this corruption and conflict of interest is hitting the main stream media leads me to believe that this investigation is theoretically over. Wrap it up, Mueller. You're done.

We have the most vetted President in US history ready for a Second Term.

You're right!

At this point, if you removed all of the proven corrupt people from the investigation, Team Mueller would shrink to Bob Mueller and his dog. And both of them are suspected of corrupt actions.

You may be right...

Or the swamp has always been so corrupt and nasty that he still thinks he can get away with the same old slimy tactics

Thank you Tucker and OP! I tried to get this out there the other night but couldn’t get any traction


You know, that does make the most sense out of any of the theories I've heard so far. They think Trump is stupid and impulsive to the point of zero self-control. They thought FOR SURE he would blow his top on this.


Comey did comment on creating the situation to cause the special counsel. Sure, they wanted to cause a second firing it all makes sense now. Mueller's choices for attorneys, Comey's comments, everything.


Also Trump's comments about personal financial stuff being a line not to be crossed. Trump wanted to make it seem like that would trigger him. He knew the play and instead of him being baited he let them get baited into going even more out of line. He's a masterbaiter.

The Mueller team has no credibility. Time to close up shop.

These people who keep surfacing. Mueller's team of thugs.

Mueller could have just picked a non-partisan team from the get go. His credibility is trashed; firing his picks now makes him look even less credible. DOJ will not replace Mueller either, for the same reason - the new special counsel would have no credibility.

Mueller is like Wile E. Coyote as he realizes he's been baited into running straight of the cliff. Same face too.

Seems incestuous.

Yeah, the more this stuff comes out the more it seems that something odd is going down. Mueller is a big Lurch, but I don' t think he is this stupid.

No theories matter at this point. Unless something big happens now, the American people won't even have faith in the Independent investigators EVER AGAIN. We have lost faith in the FBI, this is huge and sad. Who investigates the FBI? Who investigates the President? Who investigates the IRS? We can't trust these people... So, who can you turn to?

This is probably the most shrewd comment here

Why the fuck would NSA tell Trump? Aren’t they apart of the swamp?

They were all used to being untouchable

I keep coming back to that. Old habits die hard

He is luring Trump into shutting the investigation down, it will do more political damage than legal damage Mueller has planned.



Poor snowflake, go fap to Hillary

Occam's razor. He is dirty as fuck and they were trying to bury Trump through internal graft and collusion. Simple, realistic and sadly likely the reality. It seems to be blowing up in their faces now, however.

What revelations are those?

I don't think he's our guy either, my humanity wishes he was however.

I didn't realize Kevin Spacey was running for Senate. You know House of Cards is fake right?

Or Sessions is investigating the Russian investigation.

Giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

I can’t believe there is no justice in America.


How is Flynn pleading guilty to felony considered nothing?

Let me give you a hint. By having him plead guilty to lying to the FBI he has removed his ability to use Flynn as a credible witness. Any half competent lawyer will shred him on the stand. He has no credibility. These charges show the weakness in Mueller’s investigation, not any sort of strength.

Also, goodbye faggot.