Olly. If you vote this up, it will show up on Google Images when people Google search Game Of Thrones Olly.

Olly. If you vote this up, it will show up on Google Images when people Google search Game Of Thrones Olly.

Thanks for the spoiler asshole.

Well done, front page spoiler.


OK, so we'll just spoil that for everyone who isn't up to date on the show.

But then people won't get the satisfaction of seeing him die for the first time!

Fuck olly

No fuck /sub/fuckolly they've betrayed /sub/all more than Olly ever did. Poor form guys.

holy fucking spoiler on the front page, but i'm more happy than upset.

Something told me to stay off reddit before I watched tonight.

Every Australian woke up to this shit. fuck this sub.

Fuck you guys. Assholes.

Jon Targaryen, First of his name, Original Poster, King of the Spoilers, High Septic, Ruiner of Plotlines, Cunt.


Seriously thanks for the spoiler you stupid fucks, so glad that this pointless asinine pathetic attempt at a joke had to be run even deeper into the ground and spoil the next episode for me. Fuck this sub.



Just wanted to tell you jack asses thanks for spoiling the episode for me so that you can have your stupid lowest common denominator joke run an inch deeper into the ground. Fuck this sub. You're all a bunch of Ollys.

Seriously. Not cool. I really didn't think I had to brace myself for GOT spoilers in the top posts of /sub/all. Especially just outright spoilers.

Fuck you all whoever keeps posting this shit and ruining it for everyone else!!!

So at first I didn't know why "Fuck Olly" was all over the frontage. But now I know, Game Of Thrones spoilers.

Well... fuck you guys. But I do agree, Fuck Olly.

Wow, good going, seriously, the fans of Game of Thrones are horrible with spoilers.

For it to hit the front page so quickly was pretty shit.

I'm glad I'm not invested, but for someone who was... Listen, spoilers happen. Fine. But to do it before anyone actually had tint to watch the whole thing (the OP of the first post I saw specifically mentioned he skipped to the end) was just bullshit.

I don't watch nor care about GoT but I'm really pissed off that such a dick move has been allowed to fly... at least NSFW post it so it's thumbnail is hidden to most.

woke up to? its 4pm here lol

How dare you do anything before watching Game of Thrones? You have to watch every episode as soon as it comes out or it's your fault that the front page of a popular website spoils the show.

I don't even watch this show, but what a shit argument.

Nice work even the fucking thumbnail is a spoiler. No warning or anything. OP is a dick and so are all the people that upvoted it without a tag.

Seriously how in the fuck are you idiots going to make a subreddit as a form of backlash and then literally practice the exact same shit that you're lashing out at?

For fucks sake I didn't even see the original spoiler, but god damn it if I haven't seen it now, in picture form, IN THE FIRST FIVE POSTS ON THE TOP OF /sub/all.

Fucking delete this shit already, you're perpetuating the problem.

Looks like Google are just as bad.

Looks like .

This is literally the exact same thing, you're right. I'll never forgive that time Olly spoiled a death on reddit, or that time /sub/fuckolly betrayed the Lord Commander.

it's on the front page of fucking /sub/all

Hey dickhead, its called time zones

The episodes come out at about 3AM Monday morning for me and i have a job. Should i have to exile myself from reddit for a day because one subreddit can't get its shit together? Even /sub/gameofthrones manages to not spoil stuff

I'm in the UK and woke up to it, super annoying

The fucking of Olly will live in my heart for eternity. Fuck Olly.

I was hoping Melisandre would resurrect Olly... So Jon could hang him again!

fuck you for spoilling shit at least he didn't spoil it to john unsubscriving this fucking subreddit of shit

I don't watch the episodes as they air. I watch them a couple days later when I have time. I have literally never been spoiled by Reddit before because every other GoT sub has the fucking decency to tag spoilers and not allow spoilers in the title. Fuck /sub/fuckolly, it's fucking disgraceful.

I've never seen a spoiler on the front page. Probably because every other sub at least has the decency to use NSFW tags to prevent exactly this happening. Shitty mods is the only explanation.

I mean, it's Game of Thrones. You should just stay off the internet until you've seen that weeks episode.

Here's one: OP could tag spoilers like every other show and movie post manages to. There's nothing wrong with posting - but not having any consideration for literally everyone else is poor.

Yeah.. I know I have to avoid the GoT subreddit, but I didn't expect this to pop up on my frontpage. Didn't have to chance to watch yet

No, OP should use the fucking spoiler tag properly. Even the thumbnail is a spoiler.

I was browsing all on my phone. I didn't. Have a chance to avoid the spoiler

It's a given to avoid reddit during game of thrones airing. I wouldn't go on reddit until I watched the ep.

Sometimes I like to go to movie premiers and then as I leave I shout spoilers to everybody in line for the next showing. Like seriously, it's not my fault they were too stupid to not watch the movie the instant it was released. I'll even spam spoilers to my friends that I know are thoughtless enough to check their text messages before having seen the movie. On one HP opening night I even kicked in a stall door to tell some kid who was too dumb to hold it that Snape killed Dumbledore.

Most subs seem to have anti spoiler policies in place bc it's something reddit as a community seems to desire (I mean it's kinda nice that users would actively pursue at least some of the best interests of it's user base). But I guess this sub adopted the "well all the other websites are doing it" mentality.

Olly is pretttttyyyyyy pretttttyyyyyy pretttttyyyyyy pretty dead

Yeah fuck the mods here. Its dumb cos its going to be mostly their own subscribers that are being spoiled here.

but fuck it, this place is basically redundant now

Fuck, as an Australian I should have known better than to browse reddit.

I'm not even mad

such a karma try-hard lol

It's on /sub/all

You're a retard, it was the first thing I saw when I loaded reddit today and every other episode hasn't had blatant spoilers high on /sub/all after it airs. Should I have used my psychic powers and known it was gonna happen today? Try being less braindead, fuckwit.

several posts from this sub have been on the front page of /sub/all since this morning.

I already watched it idiot

I just looked at your profile and you've literally spent the last 40 minutes going around spamming spoilers everywhere. Probably shouldn't tell people to get a life when it's pretty clear you're a giant loser lmao.

A lot of people have things like jobs and school, and can't watch Game of Thrones at 9am.

It's a good show.

I just opened up /sub/all and it was literally the top thread, his death had like no impact, i was like yeah ok i knew it was gonna happen already